30 December 2008

Week o'riding

Sunday- 3:15 100km
Tuesday- 3:00 85km
Wednesday- 2:30 in the woods on the cross bike 45km (equiv. to road km ?)
Thursday- 1:17 35km...a clusterfuck all the way around this morning...don't ask. The Cycling Gods didn't want Doog and I on the bike today, PERIOD!!!
Friday- off...laying low...
Saturday- 3:00 85km

Check back for updates

28 December 2008

Crusty's back....and the Sunday ride


Sunday ride report

I sent out an email about a week ago, thinking that some folks might want to do something different...I guess I was wrong. Mick, Timberlake and I met @ CC this morning, only to ride up the hill and join the assembled group at OutJokin'. I wanted to go to Calhoun County, but the best laid plans...you know the rest...! People just do not know what they're missing by not riding over on that side of the river. Doog and I will be over there a couple times this week.
It was a good ride nonetheless. We had a decent group of 8, including another guest appearance by Ben Jones. Timberlake and I rode on the front for pretty much the entire way. Nose in the breeze makes you strong like bull...! No great news to report from the ride itself. Old Tuesday across to the Swamp and back in. I ended up with right at 3 hours of ride time and just shy of 60 miles once I factor in the commuting from Point A to B to C back to B and finally returning to A...did you follow that? I think I lost myself...! :)
Doog and I are riding @ 9 in the morning from the gate. 2-ish hours...easy spin...

Don't forget, this coming Sunday, January 4th, is Toby Porter's New Year's Day ride. The ride leaves the Peak DMV @ 10am, SHARP!!!!!!! 60-ish miles of fun around Lake Murray. It's a good time! Ya'll come!

2009 NYDR

26 December 2008


Today, I woke up in Chesterfield, ate brekkie and went for a ride...alone!
I rode for 2:45...alone!
I rode 90km...alone!
I rode 4500' vertical...alone!
I rode tempo for more than half of the ride...alone!
I rode in 45 degrees and rain for more than half the ride...alone!
I got chased by 9 dogs and outran them all...alone!
I got back to the house with a big, wet, cold, dirty, shit eating grin on my face!

I am, in fact, harder than you!

24 December 2008

Merry Christmas

Screw all that PC crap! Merry Christmas!

Meat, Mick and I met this morning for a quick jaunt through the flats. I did some SST work and felt pretty good. Not great, but the form is definitely on the upswing after being sick for a week.
Ended up with 70km in right at 2:15.
We're going to Lexington tonight and Chesterfield tomorrow afternoon. I'll be on the bike Friday for at least 3 hours. I just cannot stand the H.O.'s father, so I'll be killing two birds with one stone! I'll get some quality miles in great terrain and get away from his neuroses for a while.
Don't know about Saturday. I'll likely come home Friday afternoon, so I plan to be out.
Sunday, we're planning to ride from Cycle Center @ 9. 60-ish miles through Calhoun County and back in up through Gaston and South Congaree (just in case anyone needs to score some crank).
It''ll be a tempo-ish sort of affair, but we'll all stick together. Everyone is welcome, but there will be no whining on this ride! There seems to be too much of it for this time of year! Eat your brekkie, put on your big boy/girl pants and come out to ride.

I hope everyone has a joyous and safe holiday! Peace!

23 December 2008

It's just not built for that...

I rode the 29er this morning, but I just wasn't motivated to go ride in the woods. Instead, I did my urban assault loop...on the 29x2.3 tires. Wow, do those tires ride like complete shit on the tarmac.
It was cold and windy and I was rolling slow.
It took me a full 30 minutes longer to do the loop on the 29er than it does on the cross rig. I had a bit of an epiphany...not a full on, single ray of sunshine on a dark day, ate the whole chocolate cake moment of clarity, but just a sliver of sun or chunk of cake.
I really don't like mountain bikes. I don't like the position. I don't like fact that they handle like ill-steering dumptrucks. I don't like the complete lack of speed when riding.
Granted, I felt pretty empty this morning, but I just didn't enjoy my ride.
To be fair, I LOVE riding my cross bike in the woods, in bad weather, in the cold, on dirt roads...pretty much anywhere. If I was forced to own one, single bike, I'd build up a super-swank cross rig because it can do everything. I guess I'm just a roadie at heart.
I'll give the 29er another chance...next time in the woods, where it belongs, cause it just ain't built for the road.

22 December 2008

You don't know Jack...

I was just reading another 'cycling' blog...not important which, as I feel that the owner of said blog now owes me 5 minutes of my life and I wouldn't saddle you nice folks with the same waste of time.
He was talking about GOOD tubulars and actually had the balls to utter the word "Tufo". Talk about a head scratcher. I know Tufo tubs are light and they have a high thread count, but that doesn't help the fact they they are prone to failure and ride...well, like complete shit.
If you want a good tubs, either go German or Italian. Conti, Vittoria and Deda makes absolutely the BEST tubs under the sun. There's a reason pro teams ride re-labeled Vittorias, and it ain't vanity.
If anyone ever utters the "Tufo" in your general direction, laugh at them, aloud, and simply turn and walk away.
I may not know much, but I know that the only use that a Tufo tub excels at is keeping my 6 foot fence gate closed in high wind.

21 December 2008

I don't feel bad...

...but I can tell I have a head cold.
I was supposed to go out and ride with Bond and the NE crew Saturday morning, but I woke up @ 4:15am in a cold sweat and could feel the old sinuses draining down the back of my throat. Sometimes, discretion is the better part of valor, so I bailed. Doog and Coco went out and repped PV by dropping everyone but JB. Bond didn't ride either, as he was a bit sickly and was driving the porcelin bus all Friday night and into Saturday. Treze got shelled like a boiled peanut and hitch-hiked back to Bond's house. Who the hell picks up a guy in lycra, in Ridgeway, and drives them home? Wonder how the old boy renumerated his chauffer?
This morning, Doog, Coco, Meat and I went out for an easy 2+ hour spin in the wet and wind. It was really a nice morning to ride. I'd rather go out in the crap @ 9 than piss my whole day away waiting for the weather to clear. I just can't understand waiting until 10, or after, to go ride.
I feel much better today and fortunately, my cold hasn't migrated south, into my chest. I could breathe just fine and the legs felt pretty good. I'm a bit ahead of where I need to be, but hopefully, it'll pay divedends.
The H.O. is off for the next two weeks, so a good block of training is staring me in the face. Time to start doing some structured stuff...oh joy!

I just noticed, after Coco asked me, the SoPro's link disappeared. I deleted another link and someone three got wacked. SoPro's link is back up. Sorry for any confusion. I didn't kill it on purpose...

17 December 2008

Pine Straw

That would be a good description of my riding style last night...as I was all over the trail. I felt really good on the bike, but my already limited mental abilities went on walkabout.
The ride started off with a resounding THUD, as I caught a downed tree with my front wheel and just couldn't pull it out. The bike went right...I went left. Fortunately, the wet pinestraw provided a soft cushion for my not-so-gradual stop. No injuries, but a good bit of laughter!
From that point, I was pretty worthless. I felt good on the bike, but my admittedly limited mental abilities went on walkabout. I just couldn't concentrate on what I was doing. I must have ridden off the trail, dead into the woods, at LEAST 6 times. Poor Doog...he just followed into the thicket.
I may have been a tad overdressed and overheated, which may, or may not, have contributed to my brainfade. A longsleeve, fleece lined jersey WITH a base layer is, in fact, a bit much for 65 degrees. Oh, and knee warmers...

We went all the way out to MM8 and turned back.

Other than crashing, riding like a mentally challenged orangutan, running out of lights (battery went dead) and flatting my front tire 4 blocks from home, it was a pretty good ride. Sure as hell beat the trainer!

As an aside...
Doogie, don't blame your compact gearing for losing the bridge sprint! You have a 50 big ring...I have a 48 and I still showed you clean wheels...and I wasn't even in the 12.

14 December 2008

what a difference...

...a day makes!
Saturday wasn't necessarily a BAD day on the bike, but things just kind didn't go in my favor. The H.O.'s Christmas Party was Friday night, and as is tradition at these things, I ate waaay too much heavy food and, at minimum, one too many desserts. Saturday morning met me with heavier legs, a bloat and general malaise.
I felt okay on the bike, but there was no snap. On Old Leesburg, my pedal stroke felt really weird and I realized that my cleat had moved. After a week with the new shoes, the bolts obviously needed to be re-torqued. I stopped and tightened everything up, but the group had other plans. Lets just say that I chased all the way to the end...alone.
The rest of the ride was uneventful and I starting feeling better the longer we were out.
Coco had a mech and brought his C'dale to the house for a repair. I knocked it out in short order, of course...
Sunday was a crap day weather-wise, but I felt pretty good on the bike today. We left with Il Prof's group from OutJokin' and headed out through W.Cola towards Calhoun County. Too much fiddling about and people blowing on the second bump on 321, in combo with wind and pissing rain, led Doog, Coco and I to up the tempo on the run out to Gaston. We weren't going to wait and get wet(ter) and cold(er), so we turned right and headed across to Hwy6, then made our way down 6, back into Columbia.
We had a great tempo section of the ride, took equal pulls and stayed between 35 and 45 kmh for the hour or so before we got back into town. That may be our new loop to get some hard wok in...
8 hours on the bike makes a good rest week...

10 December 2008

Ahhh...the weather...

The weather is just plain wacky around here right now. I'm sure the tree-hugging, Love your Mother, do-gooders will blame global warming, and to be honest, I'm fine with that...! Go drive your hybrids and shut up!

Nothing says lovin' like riding, at night, in the pissy rain, in a SS jersey and shorts.
Doog and I did a very easy urban loop last night. Pretty much just spinning around and yapping at each other. My legs were shit after the weekend, so I just needed to get them going around and spin out some garbage...and I did just that.

The H.O. is sick, so I'm on the VitaminC, Zinc, stay the hell away from her program. I slept on the pull-out last night in an effort to separate my self from the Harbor Seal-like coughing/barking that was coming from the bedroom. I actually slept for once. It's funny, when I'm sick or the MTs are sick, she's up my ass, and their little asses, with advice and medicine, yet she'll just lay around, coughing, snotty and miserable. If you don't want to do anything to either hurry the illness along, or eradicate it altogether, keep how bad you feel to yourself!

I think I'm gonna stay off the bike until Saturday...
Saturday 9am @ the Gate
Sunday ?? as of now...I'm sure Il Prof will throw something together.

Oh, and the Palmetto Solo New Years ride is on again...
NYDR 2009

07 December 2008

Weekend and a passing...

First...my Great Uncle Tinker died last week. He was the Sheriff in his county for almost 50 years. This pic was taken in May of 1949. He was a hell of guy, a man's man and a certified badass! (Have you ever been shot?) Godspeed Tink!
42 degrees and FOG. Maybe 100 yards of visibility. VERY damp the whole ride. We did a big convoluted loop of Lower Richland and came back in reverse Thursday night. Coco, Doog and I pulled the group around for 3+ hours. It's getting easier and easier to tell who has been on the bike and who has been using it for a clothes rack. 3:05 ride time...95km and some good tempo riding. I felt really good. The carbon wheels ride very well on the Cannondale. I also proved my theory on riding them everyday... (don't do it...it's not good for you!)
Of course, as it always happens, the fog lifted as soon as I got home.
As an aside, if you don't show up, don't go around telling people that you did, but you missed the group because you were late. The group NEVER leaves on time. We left @ 9:15 Saturday and rolled out slow...! If people were late, they could have caught on with little effort. Show up or shut up!

32 degrees and bright sun with a little bit of wind. We did the first 1:45 of Il Prof's 5+ hour deathmarch. The vast majority went on to do the long way while Coco and I turned and headed for home through the hills and dales of LR. The wind was noticeably stronger on the way home.
Certain folks were MIA today...some expected, some not so...
3:30 ride time...100km of slow turnover...just what I needed.

Overall, a good weekend of riding! Back feels good, legs feel good, new shoes are great...!

Time to hang Christmas lights...

03 December 2008

Darkness everybody, darkness...

DH and I did a road loop last night in the dark. I can say with certainty that 42 degrees in the dark in colder than 42 degrees in the sunshine. I think part of the issue was the fact that my feet were really cold. I rode my new Diadoras last night. They are light, stiff and fit very well. They are also ventilated better than my old shoes. I had on the white, oh-so-Euro shoecovers, but they were of little help. Looks like heavier covers are called for with these shoes in cold temps! Of course, I'll get white ones...like you had to ask...!

We did a modified loop in and out of the Fort and ended up with right at 90 minutes on the bike. This week will be a bit of an easy week. My back is starting to feel good again and the legs are coming around, so it's better not to push it. The spin last night was just the ticket.

I may take Thursday off as we're planning to do 3 hours on Saturday and 5 on Sunday. I think an easy week with 10 hours on the bike is good enough. :) Or I may do another road loop and have 12-ish hours for the week.

Saturday- 9a.m. @ the Gate
Sunday- 9a.m. @ Outjokin' for Dean's ride. He'll be sending an email shortly...

01 December 2008

Yes, we did...

...no, not that dumbass Obama stuff!!!

Doogie and I waited for the break in the rain yesterday and rode in the wet, cold, pretty damn miserable weather. We decided to do the urban assault loop backwards. It was wet and the roads were providing less than optimal traction for cross tires, so there were exactly zero efforts made yesterday.
We did almost die at one point though. Doog pointed out a break in the trees down near the canal locks and queried, "I wonder where that goes...?". It was more than likely a rhetorical question, but I turned down the hill and headed for the break anyway. About 25 meters into the nearly cleared open area, the dirt turned to deep, deep mud. I rode into the heart of it and just stopped. I almost went over the bars. I would estimate the depth at @ 6 inches. We slogged out of the muck and while I stomped my feet and banged the Salsa on the ground, Doog headed for the canal to wash his bike.
After our excursion, we headed back up into downtown, made a slight detour to harass Dr. LP at his 'house of the month' and then headed back.
It was a pretty dreary day, but a good ride was had nonetheless.

29 November 2008

A pass...

Turkey Day was Thursday and we actually had a group ride...shocking. There were 6 of us, but it beat my usual Thanksgiving cross bike solo ride. We did the regular Thursday Elon loop at a leisurely pace. The headwind on Airbase was pleasant. Rich and Maria turned off to head abck into the Fort and the rest of us soldiered on. 2.5 hours and 45 miles before eating dinner was good for me.
Friday, Mandrus and I were the only intrepid souls out on what was a perfect day. Warm, little wind and bright sun. We did a meandering loop of LR and came back into the Fort. Instead of turning on Hartville Guard, we continued around and did the remainder of the loop. Good ride and good conversation. It's a shame the old boy is moving away. I'll miss him.
I got just shy of 3 hours and right at 50 miles...another leisurely ride.

The H.O. and the M.T.s were out of the house last night, so I got some good sleep. The weather was supposed to be bad this morning, and it is...48 and steady rain. I took a pass...
Casey sent me a few texts in an attempt to shame me into riding with her in the soup. No thanks! My 38 years have taught me that there's a fine line between hard and not smart.

Of course, I'll probably ride tomorrow...rain or shine...

26 November 2008

Where's Smokey?

So Doog and I went out last night for a trail ride, but it got cut short by about a mile of trail. At MM6, I started smelling smoke. By MM7, it was getting heavy and was making the trail a bit harder to see through the lights. We decided to turn around shortly after MM7 just in case the woods were actually on fire. As Doog, pointed out, we'd have surely seen the fire before riding into it. I'm pretty hardcore when it comes to riding, but the idea of being found as a charred corpse, still clinging to my bars didn't seem like a romantic/epic way to die.
It was good ride last night though. We never went really hard except for the little climb out after the log crossing. I just like going hard there...
The funny part was the temperature change. It was pretty toasty until we crossed a particular firebreak on the way in. In was like the temp dropped 5-10 degrees at that exact moment...kinda odd!
Anyway, it was a fun night in the dark, dark woods...

We're riding tomorrow (Turkey Day) @ 9 from the Gate
Friday - 9am from the Gate
Sat- 9am fromt he gate, weather permitting. If you are a masochist, Bond is doing a 90+ mile ride around Lake Wateree, leaving his house @ 8:30.
Sun- 9am @ Outspokin'. Some will be doing 3 hours, some will take the turn and do 5 or so.

See you guys out there...

23 November 2008

I had a good weekend of riding...did you?

HTFU! Eddy is disappointed in you!

Saturday worked out just as I predicted in my last post. I left the house in 29 degrees @ 9am. A quick trip out and around Weston Lake and back in took 2.5 hours. It was 35 when I got home @ 11:30. I didn't see another living soul out on a bike, not that I really expected to...
Casey gets Hard(wo)man points, as she went out later and did 3.5 hours on her road bike...SOLO! She still aspires to the Office of President of Truly Hard, but she's earned her place in The Cabinet.

I spoke to Il Prof last night about the temps and whether he knew if there would be anyone with the fortitude to show on Sunday. He intimated that he knew that very few, if any were planning on riding and that he wasn't too excited about the prospect of riding for 3 hours in the cold. I told him I understood and changed the wheels on my cross bike to my urban assault set-up.

It was a balmy 35 when I woke up and 39 when I left the house @ 9. I can say with some authority that if people didn't bother to ride today, they don't like to ride at all. It was perfect this morning. Big, warm sun...no wind...no traffic at all...no idiot runners out and about. Hell, I got hot at one point on my ride.
I did a giant loop around Columbia, through the Northside, up to Greystone, back down to the river and into downtown. I hit 4 parking garages, cruised up to campus, swung by Il Prof's house to harass him as I rode past and then home. 2 more hours of riding on an idyllic day.

21 November 2008


Hmmm...supposed to be ass-biting cold tomorrow...32-35 degrees at the start...

I wonder who'll get out of bed in the morning? I know I'll be on the bike...but which bike? I'm thinking I may just get in the woods. It's all fine and well to talk about the road ride, but to be honest, I really don't enjoy standing at the gate @ 0900, with my hoo-ha in my hand, waiting...

Unless I get some emails, I'm riding the cross bike on the trail...maybe I'll run into some of the shit-talkers in town...(doubtful)

Heat up the Vagisil people...it's gonna be cold for the next 3 or 4 months. Remember what Eddy said... "To be strong in summer, you must be hard in winter!"

I'll be out for Dean's Sunday road ride...

19 November 2008

Dark and cold...

Last night was the first of many night trail rides. Doog and I met and did an out and back on the Palmetto Trail. It was a pretty uneventful ride, other than the fact that I just do not have my night trail vision honed yet...and I forgot my helmet light.
We did a slight variation that included a bit of hike-n-bike, which is normally fine, but the Army decided to re-cut one of the firebreaks. They basically scraped all of the sand off and left the silty red clay that lies beneath. I got a bit of the glop on my shoes and bike. Poor Doog looked like he rode into it at high speed. I've seen less mud on a cross bike following a SuperPrestige race.

We rode back in, dragging mud and debris. 2 hours on the bike...

Start of ride- 41 degrees
End of ride- 36 degrees
Wind- North @ 10 (cold)
Hardness factor- 8

The Rev said it was BigRing...so it was...

17 November 2008


Il Prof's ride went off yesterday...w/o him. It seems he traveled to D.C. for a conference and missed out on the fun.
The weather was nippy, but perfect. Big sun and blue sky stuff.
Of course, we sat around and waited for the folks who can't seem to get their shit together. It's a 9 o'clock ride people...it's not early! My vote is to leave their asses next week. The kicker was the fact that after we wanted for them, they turned off and headed home...weaksauce!!!
The remaining bunch loped off to Eastover at a easy/moderate pace. As should happen, the pace quickened on Chaingang. This is where the excitement on the ride happened. As we were lining up for the town limit sign, Dr. LP stood up to sprint and blew his chain off the outside and came out of his pedal. Did I mention I was about 12 inches off his wheel? He kept it upright and neither of us were forced to eat tarmac @ 50kmh+...thankfully!
Upon stopping, the damage was evident. More than a few teeth on his S-Works chainring had some new character. Those rings have been problematic...add one more to the list. Time for some new rings my friend.
The ride home was a rolling paceline affair, into the stiff breeze that developed.
All in all, it was a good ride with a good group. Right @ 3 hours and 90km on the bike. I definitely felt Saturday in my legs...
After the ride, I fabbed up a mounting and hung a cabinet for the H.O.
Special thanks to Doog, who hoisted one end of the 54" long unit while I tapped it with 3" deck screws. A dozen 3" deck screws says that bitch won't come off the wall...EVER!!!

15 November 2008

First time in the woods

Since the weather was so lovely this morning, Doog and I hit the Palmetto Trail for a little cross bike action. I dug out my old Ksyriums and popped on the fatties and we met @ 9.
We skipped the first section of trail on the way out, and should have on the way back...it sucks!
Anyway, 100 yards in, there's a pine tree laying across the trail at a 30 degree angle. Normally, I'd hop it, but it was damp and I really didn't want to eat shit...I got off...it won't happen again as I'll be out there with the chainsaw shortly.
There are quite a few trees down. Only one or two will be chopped. One will have a bridge built over it. The others are easily cleared with a well-placed bunnyhop.
We went to MM8 and turned back. I'd forgotten about proper tire pressures for the trail. On the way out, to much air...let a little out. On the way back...too little, but not by much.
Doog missed a bunnyhop over one of the aforementioned trees and dismounted...less than gracefully. The Russian judge was not impressed.
I had forgotten the all over work that one gets riding a stiff-ass cross bike on singletrack. My hands, arms and back were all less than happy with me at the end of the ride. Even so, it was a good ride. I remember why it makes me strong in the Spring! Anytime any of the cool kids want to join us for the ride, they are welcome. I have no issues leaving them out there.

Ride tomorrow...Outjokin'...9a.m.

14 November 2008

Sad and Glad

No ToG next year...


Williams Wheels has the new 38mm and 58mm deep full carbon clinchers available. I Loves my 50s...!!! Follow the linky on the right to their site!

13 November 2008

Gotta get back to it

Doog and I went out on the cross bikes tonight for a quick spin. I can tell I've been sick and off the bike for a week. The ride went quickly, but I had heavy legs and just felt really flat.
We'll be in the woods on Saturday...if it's not raining sideways. Drizzle, sprinkle, light showers...I'll ride in all of these. A "cow pissing on a flat rock" type of downpour...not so much.
Ride with Dean Sunday morning from Outjokin'...I'm guessing 9 a.m.

Here's a thought you should keep with you...
Think about the parallels between today's American society and the Roman Empire when you read the following quote.

The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance. -- Cicero , 55 BC

11 November 2008


I <3 having the flu...

...that is all...

09 November 2008

No riding..or...why I love toddlers

I was supposed to meet a bunch of the guys for the Saturday morning ride and had every intention of going, even though it was EARLY on Saturday. I felt a bit blocky on Friday night, but thought little of it and went to bed early. I slept soundly from 10pm until exactly 1:12am when I woke up in a cold sweat and horrible stomach pains. I tossed and turned for three hours and finally decided that the ride wasn't going to happen. I texted Doog @ 5:10am to bail, turned off my alarm and tried to go back to bed. I was awake until 7:15am, then finally nodded off again...then the kids woke up...at 7:25! My entire day was spent in, or very close to, the bed.
I consumed nothing but toast on Saturday.
This morning, Doog and I went to the Swap in Charlotte. I felt (and still feel) really puny this morning @ 6, but I perservered and drove to Lowe's Motor Speedway with a pocket full o'cash.
Turnout was light this year, in both attendance and vendors. The only real reason to go anymore is the hit the HealthNet booth and get screaming deals on stuff.
I bought a polo shirt and a computer...$30 total...and that was it. I could have bought more, but exercised self-control (shocking, I know!).
The vendors that were there ether had junk or really nice stuff. The junk was cheap, but I have a bunch of junk. The guys selling the nice stuff were proud of it and obviously didn't know that it could all be had on Ebay for less.
We blew through in a bit over an hour and headed back to Columbia. A stop a Five Guys ended the morning. The way my stomach has been for the past two days, this was a questionable decision at best, but I figured a greasy cheesburger would either settle my stomach or kill me. It was a push.
I still feel puny and I'm very tired...! #2 has been a bit sick, so it makes sense to reason that I have whatever he has...thanks buddy, daddy loves you!
Planning on riding Tuesday night @ 6, in the Fort...bring lights.

07 November 2008


7:30 SHARP at the gate...no waiting
We're meeting Bond and some others out at Percival/Wildcat to do the 601 loop. You'll be back in time for the game...

06 November 2008

Oh shit...

11/5/08 - "He’s right, I am older. I raced with Sean Kelly, Stephen Roche, Miguel Indurain and Greg Lemond, of all people. I have been around a long time and I don’t know who the hell Linus Gerdemann is, but I know that when I rolled up in 1992, I started winning races. And when I roll up in 2009, I am gonna be winning races. He better hope he doesn’t get in a breakaway with me because I can still ride hard,” said Armstrong in response to Gerdemann’s questioning his return to cycling.

Linus Gerdemann, keep your mouth shut son...! Don't you know that angering Lance brings pain for EVERYONE!!!

I guess Lance re-upped membership in the 'Card Carrying Badass Club'...

05 November 2008

The itch...

Yesterday afternoon, it was still drizzly and generally pretty shitty outside, but in the late afternoon, 'The Itch' became overwhelming. We were supposed to do a loop of the Fort, but my road bikes are clean, so the Salsa got the call up from the bullpen.
Doog was here @ 6 and we headed out through a light mist. We did a modified loop through USC and downtown, out North Main (throw up your gang signs now..., stack them if you wish) and down to the river trail. We did get harassed by a homie driving his grandmother's Caddy on North Main. Normally, I'd yell back, but at night, in that 'hood, that's a good way to get jacked or shot or both. I may start carrying my .25 on these rides...
The runner population on the trail was light, but the sheer stupidity of the runners that were out made up for it. Two runners do not need the entire 12 foot width of trail, period! And when you see superbright headlights coming your way, make an effort to share the trail. I know it's hard to deviate from your path when traveling a blistering 5 mph on your run, but damn...have some common sense!!!
We did pretty much all of the trails, on both sides of the river, looped through the inner part of Cayce and came back up through campus. The drizzle picked up at the end of the ride, but it still was barely strong enough to get the roads wet.
I ended with 1:45 on the cross bike...in the dark...in the wet. Yes, I'm harder than you!

As an aside, does anyone know the process to emigrate to New Zealand...it may be time to bug out of the U.S. !!

03 November 2008

Big miles = big fun

2 day...200km...2 good rides...
Saturday we did Roubaix and it was really good. Thank you to the people who showed up! I really appreciate it. I wanted to do a ride that was fun and a bit random and that's exactly what we got.
Several folks from town came out as well as Bond, JC and Timberlake from the N.E.
We had three flats the whole day and I will only attribute one to the dirt sections. The other two were caused by other things, including a big pothole.
There were no complaints and no crashes. SoPro did decide to try her drifting skills on one section. I think she's ready for D1.
A few folks were conspicuous in the absence (Coco, Mula, BP...are you listening?)...
Lang gets the 1st Annual Columbia-Roubaix 'Hardman' Award. He rode his new cross bike WITH 34c knobbies!!!
It was a good time and I was tired when I got home. Of course, I did ride on the front for 95% of the time...
Sunday, we met for Il Prof's ride and had another good group. We did another 100km that included Double Elon (the correct way) and a run out to the old cricket store.
Again, it was a good ride, albeit a bit quicker in sections than it really should have been for November 2nd.
My back is suffering zero ill effects from two long days, so I'm happy...tired, but happy!

31 October 2008

30 October 2008

Somehow, the map got screwed up...
Here's the loop...

29 October 2008

What the...?

So a Tuesday NIGHT ride draws a good crowd? Last night, Doog and I planned on meeting at 6 for a lazy loop of the Fort. Coco, Mulo, NID and Nut showed and we had an even half dozen. We started off slow enough, but I think Mulo's hot latin blood was running a bit thick, due to the 'cold'...it was 50 degrees...! He looked like he was wearing every article of clothing he owned and was rocking the 'Arkansas shoe covers'...(duct tape)!
About 3/4 of the way out Dixie, Mulo decided to warm himself and lit the fuse. From this point on, it was full gas for the rest of the loop. I sat up and let a gap open before the top of Dixie, thinking (incorrectly) that they'd sit up after the turn. I wanted to chase a gap and push a little bit. Well, they didn't sit up, went hard up the wall and I was forced to chase HARD. I was plenty warm after that though! How many times have you guys seen me big ring up the wall? Not GD many!!!
The pace stayed high and we all stayed together for the rest of the ride.
Doog and NID turned for home and the rest of us rode the the neighborhood. Mulo got attacked by a pile a yard debris on the side of the road...don't ride in the front, in the dark, if you can't see...
It was a good ride...fast...a bit hard and not terribly cold.

28 October 2008

(Cue Monster Truck Announcer Voice...)

WHAT?: 1st edition of Columbia-Roubaix
WHEN?: Saturday, November 1st 8:30am
WHERE?: Ft. Jackson Traffic Circle
HOW?: Road bikes...
WHO?: YOU!!!!

56 miles of fun, fun, fun with 10, yes, 10 sections of dirt. A couple sections are short...a couple, not so much. None are horribly difficult or treacherous! None will hurt you or your bike! Leave the carbon wheels at home though...I'm not to blame for poor equipment choices. If you don't want to ride the dirt sections, please stay in your warm bed! The weather is supposed to be perfect, so BE THERE!!!

Please comment with questions or concerns...

26 October 2008

Weekend rides

So Saturday, Doog and I loaded up and went out to the N.E. to do an 'easy' ride with Bond, Eric C. and Timberlake (yes, Justin, that's your new nickname!). It was wet, and that was the highlight of my ride. While the company and the terrain were fabulous (we did a short loop around Lake Wateree), I was cycling's equivalent of a cicada shell. I didn't feel great when we took off, but figured I'd get better as we went. Wrong answer...
It was one of those days that should have been utterly enjoyable, but in reality, sucked a mile a ditch water. I bonked! It wasn't a call-the-wife-to-come-and-find-me kind of bonk, but I was probably 30 minutes from it.
I got home and drank a gallon of Gatorade and ate pretty much everything in the kitchen that wasn't a cabinet or appliance. Another gallon of water and 1/2 the baked spaghetti I made and I felt human again. Of course, I didn't sleep Saturday night as I was up to use the bathroom every 2 hours...but I was hydrated.
Il Prof's ride went off this morning @ it's normal time. We had a big group with PV out in force. The weather was perfect, the group was good and the route was considerably lees circuitous than last week. I felt almost normal, but could feel the lingering effects of Saturday's deathmarch.
It was nice to put a couple of long days back to back, bonk notwithstanding. The Cannondale rides great. Smooth, stiff and stable. I think the Ridley may actually be a bit harder edged/twitchy...weird...

Ride Tuesday night @ the gate 6:00 SHARP. Lights if you have them!!!

24 October 2008

It's alive...alive...

CAAD9...Ultegra SL...
Deda bars...Thomson post and stem

EDIT: 17.5 pounds as pictured...rides GREAT!!!

22 October 2008

(screaming loudly)

Aaaaaahhhhh! I need to ride...
The H.O. has been out of town since Sunday night and I haven't so much as looked at my bikes. Thankfully, the M.T.s have been good and relatively quiet. Well, except for #2 falling off the side of the sofa. Fortunately, his face broke the fall. Nothing gets your attention quicker than a crying, bleeding 18 month old. A bloody nose and busted lip was the damage. 15 minutes of blubbering and he was back to his normal self. Thank God the H.O. wasn't here. We'd have been sitting in the ER. #1 must have been involved somehow, as he quickly offered the "I didn't do it" defense.
Depending on what time the boss decides to return home, I'm going to make an effort to go to the Statehouse tonight and do some plyos. A ride tomorrow is a definite. Looks like rain on Saturday, so Il Prof's ride may be the weekend excursion. Hopefully, the new bike will be here tomorrow (so says UPS), so I'll build it and shake it down on Sunday.

From this point forward, LL will be known as "Bond" on the blog. If you have to ask why, then you don't get it...

19 October 2008


Il Prof's ride went off at it's normal time with a good group, which included some old faces that we haven't seen for a while and a couple of new faces. It was good to see Ward again after a few years. Needless to say, he was on a new bike and it was niiice. Nothing says lovin' like a Colnago Extreme Power and Campag Record.
Anyway, we did a circuitous route (being kind) through Lower Richland and back through the first part of Double Homey to Bluff. About 1/2 way down Bluff, some asshole in a hurry to get to church passed us close and almost caused a head-on collision with an oncoming car. The front of the line checked up and the accordian began to play. The tune ended with Crusty touching wheels with the new guy and going down in the middle of Bluff Road. Fortunately, he wasn't hurt and scrambled off the road before getting pancaked. Nothing broken, but the old boy got some rash on his knee, hip, elbow, hand and HEAD! When I crash, I usually cuss AFTER I hit the ground. Crusty, being an old Pro-Dog, got the perfunctory MFer out on the way down!!! Impressive!
While he got his wits about him, I changed his flat...the second of the day (Il Prof...buy some new tires!).
The two new guys rode off together and the rest of us pedaled home at a snail's pace.
I guess I was tired or whatever, but it seemed like a LONG three hour ride this morning.

No rides for me until Thursday. The H.O. is going out of town tomorrow and not returning until Wednesday night. I love the M.T.s, but single-parenting is hard freaking work!

18 October 2008


I'm glad I got out this morning, even though it looked like a wholly shitty day. Doogie rolled over and we left @ 9:15 on the cross bikes for an urban assault type of ride. We did the normal cruise up through campus and out through the north side (insert gang sign here) and dropped into the river trail. I made the mistake of following on the very wet gravel/mud road that leads to the locks. I had a very Belgian appearance after this short section.
We rode the river trail all the way to the end and who did we see running? Crusty, Mrs. DK and Deb. Crusty looked extremely ghey in his skintight long sleeve shirt.
We went up past Governor's Hill and through the Vista. Then across to the fairgrounds and out to Heathwood. A big, very windy, loop followed as we rode back to the stadium. Doogie found a cellphone and the guy actually called it. We returned to his tailgate at the stadium (good karma for all) and rode back to the house.
I lightened the good Doctor's pocket by $200 for a set of wheels. A bargain if I do say so myself...!
The H.O. and #1 are out and about, so #2 and I are getting some QT...well, he's playing and I'm on the intarweb, but the house is quiet.
Looks like 8:30 in the morning for Il Prof's ride...be there! It's a good ride.

Oh, and I bought another bike...more to follow...

16 October 2008

Is it too late...?

I'm guessing, at this point in the process, it's too late to come up with another Presidential candidate. They both suck. One hasn't a clue and the other is a first rate panderer. I don't know which is scarier...the folks who think everything will magically turnaround if Obama is elected, or the ignorant, right wing crazies who think the course we're on is a good one. After watching the news, I'm beginning to think the right to vote should be restricted again. The amount of painfully stupid people in this country is astounding.
Personally, I think we should dump the whole lot of 'em in Washington and start over. Or, it could be like jury duty...
If you pass a written test and your IQ is over 100, you serve a term in Congress. Keep it fresh...
I'm willing to bet, with the number of old folks on The Hill, it smells like an old folks home. Moth balls, urine, hairspray and bad perfume from the drug store.

Well, in three weeks we'll know which side of the hill the poo is going to flow down. It makes no difference who is elected, really, since we're all at the bottom of the hill!

No ride for me tonight. The H.O. is in Indianapolis on business...a Latino Insurance Marketing seminar...whatever! All I know is that the 'Latinos' around here get insurance so they can get a license and then let it lapse. No sense marketing to folks who don't buy the product.

I'll see you guys for the weekend rides...

15 October 2008


Damn, I'm in a good freaking mood this morning. I think it has something to do with riding and the weather.
Last night, Doog, Mulo and I met for a loop of the Fort. It was 75 degrees, not a lick of wind and the sun was descending, giving the sky a surreal orange glow. With the sun as a backdrop, and view afforded by the elevation on Tank Hill, Columbia almost looks like a city.
We had a good ride...pretty much just pedaled around. Nothing hard or fast, just a ride...and a lot of laughs. Mulo is a funny immigrant.
We ended up with about 90 minutes on the bike and just shy of 30 miles. Not a bad evening ride...

Don't forget, The Big Stampede is coming up soon. A good way to burn a November morning and get some bike stuff.

12 October 2008


Well, I guess the time off the bike gives perspective. Yesterday was a pretty crappy day outside, so I got on the cross bike and did a big loop around town, including one effort that made me feel a bit sick. Even so, it was fun. I didn't mind being wet, dirty or getting pushed around by the wind.
I did feel the fact that I've lost a bit of fitness and the wheels I put on the cross bike are PIGS. Mavic MA3 hoops built on Ritchey hubs with straight gauge spokes. 2000 grams of love. When you add the fat tires, you're right at 3000 grams for the wheelset. That's 6-1/2 pounds of rolling thunder.
This morning, the group was a good size and we headed out into the 20 mph wind that didn't seem to be blowing in, or out, of any particular direction. We made a roundabout loop through the swamp, around to the GMart and back in. Although Sunday is supposed to be Il Prof's steady, not too hard group ride, this one was a bit different. There were sections that were positively fast and painful. The group stayed together, for the most part, and we had a really good ride. Ben, Crusty, Kevn and I got away on Shop and Ben led me out for the sprint. He said I should of come around him faster!!! When it's the middle of October and the leadout is 55kph in a head/cross wind, you do what you can to come around!
Again, I liked being on the bike. We did @ 85km in 2:40...and putzed around for a good thirty minutes after we stopped at the store. The Ridley felt smooth and efficient.

Ride Tuesday night @ 6. Ft. Jackson traffic circle.

09 October 2008


The Columbia-Roubaix ride will go off as scheduled on Saturday, November 1 @ 8:30am.
Emails have been sent out to everyone. I realize some won't show because there's dirt involved and others will be absent because of their excessive alcohol consumption the night before.
I will be in attendance at both events...
I'm working on the loop as well. It will still be 90-ish km, but it just needed some fine tuning.

08 October 2008


Who would have reported Palmetto Velo's blog to Blogger/Google as being 'spam'? Hmmm, I wonder...
It was a good effort by someone who has their knickers in a twist about what we are doing, but in was wholly ineffective. The blog will be back up and running shortly. If anyone has an issue, feel free to contact me, Marc or Sam. We'll be glad to talk to you about it...

Runnin' on...

...runnin' on empty...
Good gravy! I was a hollow shell last night. Doogie, SoPro and I did a long loop of the Fort and struggled, mightily. Note to self...eat something in the afternoon!
We met at 6 and went out and around. There were scads of folks out riding last night. I was really surprised. Of course, it wasn't dark yet and the weather was perfect. We'll see where they are when it's 40 degrees and dark.
Anywho, it was fun ride and we only needed the lights for the last 30 minutes or so. SoPro wants a cross frame now...I think the girl likes the dirt...

The Roubaix ride might be moved back to Sunday the 2nd. I know some folks go to church on Sunday, but it may be necessary as Crusty is planning a Halloween party for the Friday before. If folks can't pull off a Sunday, I may just push back to Saturday the 8th. We'll see...

I don't know if I'll ride Thursday or not...

Movie review-
Very good! Very funny! Cool action scenes! Worth watching!
I watched it instead of the Presidential 'Pander-fest'...are we planning on becoming Socialist? If we're handing out money to everyone, I need a couple Gs to build up a race bike...

06 October 2008

Listen up...

What: Columbia-Roubaix
90-ish km of fun through Lower Richland County
Including 7 dirt sections and a couple of choppy tarmac bits
When: Saturday November 1 @ 8:30am
Where: Fort Jackson Traffic Circle
Who: The more the merrier, but you MUST be willing to ride the dirt sections. If you aren't, STAY HOME!
Why: Because you may actually have a good time!
How: Road bikes

The ride will be a no-drop ride, but the dirt sections are every man, or woman, for him/herself. We'll ride 32-35kmh between sections. I figure 3-3.5 hours to do the whole ride.
The dirt sections are in good shape. A couple are smoother than some of the paved roads in Hopkins. There are NO hike-a-bike sections, nor are there any sections that will damage your bike.
I wouldn't take us down any questionable sections because I'd never hear the end of it!!!

Emails will be going out later today and in the week leading up to the ride. Mark your calendars!

05 October 2008


Saturday met us with cool temps. I love this time of year other than the fact that I can't figure out how to dress. 55 at the start...75 at the end...
We started out through the Fort and picked up Casey and Rob K on Marion. Trez and Poindexter met us at the gate on Wildcat. We did a kind of modified loop out through the flat and into the Swamp. After the stop @ the GMart, I decided to test out a couple of the dirt sections, and most of the group decided to follow. I was shocked! Of course, those who didn't follow used lame-o excuses that held no water.
The first section was really smooth and fast. Doogie and I stayed together, ahead of the rest, at @40kmh for the stretch. The second was a wee bit rougher and I think the group was shocked that I dove into the dirt corner as fast as I did.
We did 2x Homey and rode in together. It was a quality Saturday ride. 75km and 2:45 on the bike.
Sunday's "Il Prof" ride went off, even though both he and TVH were out of town. It was faster than usual, but another good ride. We pieced together a route that included bits of about 6 other rides. We stayed together and had another really good ride. 85km and 2:45 ride time. No stop at the GMart...and I brought money today...shocking!

I can tell I've been lazy for the last three weeks...time to start riding again. I'm tired and my legs are soooore right now.

We're riding road on Tuesday night inside the Fort. Meet @ 6 at the circle. You will likely need lights.

04 October 2008

A new feature

Riding beside Casey today, I noticed that her shifter housings were really long...too long actually!
When I queried, "Those housing housings are long, who built that bike?"

Her answer brings us to our new feature...

"I don't know who built it, I just ride it!"

There you go...!
Ride tomorrow, Sunday........
8:30am @ Outjokin'

02 October 2008

It's coming...

The 1st Annual Columbia-Roubaix road ride. I've hashed out three versions of the route. The shortest is 92km with 6 (or so) dirt sections. The longest is 108km with 10 dirt sections. The dirt sections are all hard-packed and none are longer than 2km.

Version 1 (108km) 10 dirt sections....
Version 2 (105km) 12 dirt sections...more dirt!!
Version 3 (92km) 7 dirt sections...This is a final map for this ride and will likely be the ride that is done. All of the dirt sections are smooth-ish/hardpack.

At some point, I will sit down and figure out the length of each dirt section...

Feel free to give me feedback and ideas on when this should occur. Doogie and I will likely do V.3 in the very near future. Watch the blog for updates and/or new/modified routes.

No ride for me tonight. I'm going to continue my 2 Weeks of Sloth World Tour. I'll be out Saturday morning.
And from the 'News that you can use' file...HealthNet (or whatever they'll be called next year) will be riding Kuota framesets...very interesting...more to follow...!

30 September 2008


What the F happened over at Drunkcyclist? Good Lord! Jonny used to run a blog about bikes, beer and another stuff that ran through his head. It was light and fun.
It seems that Big Jonny is in Law School now and has given everyone and his brother a login. No longer do the contents give smiles, chuckles or even chortles. Now, it's filled with too much political commentary from guys who should probably not be talking about anything beyond an 8th grade level.
Back to the roots boys...it's called Drunkcyclist, not Drunk-leftleaning-whiney-politico!

No ride for me tonight. The H.O. is out of town. I'll be out Thursday for what will likely be the last Thursday ride of the year. Saturdays still leave at 8 a.m., for the time being. Personally, I'm all for just leaving the time at 8, even in the winter. It's not like there's a huge difference in temperature and weather at 9...
Just a thought...

29 September 2008

Back in the saddle...

After 10 days off the bike, I choose to go out Saturday morning and give the cross bike it's post-overhaul/rebuild shakedown. Everything was good, except for the fact that I cut the front brake housing too short...and the stem is slightly off-center. Both problems were rectified immediately after the ride. Not much difference in ride quality from the stock Salsa fork to the Ouzo Pro Cross, but the front of the bike is waaaay lighter now.
I was muy stiff however! I rode about 75 minutes in the wet.
Sunday, a dozen of us met for the Sunday "Tour of LR" that Il Prof has put together over the past several weeks. Once again, we had a great ride. 3 hours and a tick over 90km. Nice and steady...of course, the pace picked up on Chaingang, but it's a must.
I got home and took the H.O. to lunch at the deli around the corner. Good food. We got home and I hit the bed for a nice 2 hour nap. I needed to charge the batteries before going out to the Blue Hairs to pickup the kids. Of course, they were like two feral chimps after two days at Grandma's house.

There's a new outlet to watch cycling on the intarweb too...
They have a lot of highlights, including yesterday's Worlds...

27 September 2008

Paul Newman 1925-2008

Actor, Race car driver, Humanitarian, Man's man...hell of a guy...

24 September 2008

Lance...where to begin?

So by now, everyone has heard that L.A. is coming back with Astana and wants to do some the Tour again...
Let me be the 47,000th person to say...who really cares?
Like I said before, I guess he got tired of banging flat-chested blonde Hollywood starlets (very Freudian of him...) and living in his spacious new Spanish style house (if you call it that) in Austin, and decided to slide right back into his old comfort zone.
I don't malign him the right to come back, but at least surprise us. You want to do the Tour...well, NO SHIT! Never mind the fact that there are already 4 guys on Astana that could get on the podium and have a future in cycling. It's more than just an ego stroke for them.
If Lance really wanted to be considered as one of the all time greats, he needs to do something out of character. Go be a hardman of the North. Screw the Tour and all of that BS. Go back to his roots...the Classics. Go battle Bettini and Boonen. Go win Flanders and Roubaix. Hell, go kick it up over the Cipressa and the Poggio and cross the line in San Remo alone.
I've always been a L.A. homer, but this smacks of a grasp at former glory and faded youth.
Yeah, he's starting a U23 team and wants to be transparent, like Garmin/Chipotle and is going to raise money and awareness for cancer research...very admirable...BUT, and it's a big, Kim Kardashian sized BUT(T), it's all very formulaic.
Somehow, I feel like I'm watching a movie and the 'fix' is in...! It'll get people involved and watching cycling though, and that's a good thing.
The Tour of Cali will be interesting. Lance, Tyler and Floyd back in the same race? 2001 called and said, "Welcome home!..."

22 September 2008

A good day was had by all...

So I skipped the ride yesterday so I could rip out the countertops and still have time to go down to the Vista for the races.
#1 and I got there right as the 3/4 race was getting underway. It started fast and stayed fast until the first break was reeled in. Of course, I'm assuming it started fast and stayed fast because I'd never really seen Doogie's face contorted in such a manner. He didn't look like he was enjoying the first 20 minutes or so.
He rallied for a strong 4th place finish though, in a field that was pretty stacked. Time to Cat up my little friend...! There were some surprises. A few people that I expected to do well got shot out the back @ halfway. Some days you're the windshield and some days you're the bug.
The women's race was thin, but Casey showed clean wheels in the sprint and won. Oh, and she did it on a borrowed bike...with junior gearing!! No excuses about borrowing bikes from that one.
She also sent me an email that she signed with FCS/Metro VW out of Dallas, Tejas.
Good for her!! Casey has busted her ass to move up and shows obvious talent. She'll do well with an actual team and more support.
Anyway, #1 and I stayed through the 2/3 race. The field was stacked with all of the local talent that I have the pleasure of riding and racing against. Everyone was doing well until a small excursion into the flowers occured, causing a split and a few locals to get popped off. Austin and Steve-o were right in the mix until it happened.
The course was really good, with a huge sweeping downhill corner that was being taken at 60-65kmh!! The finish was a nice little uphill grind that caused much pain. Scott did a good job with the organization and the race itself. I hope it becomes a regular event in Columbia.
Of course, it was a bit bittersweet. I really enjoy going to the races, hanging out and watching, but it stirs something inside of me. In the past 3-4 years, I stepped away from racing to take care of the Management Trainees, as a broken collarbone or road rash isn't conducive to childcare.
This winter, it seems there may be a bit of a Columbia contingent going to some cross races and I plan on being a part of it. I think it's time to get back in saddle, which means another bike...oh joy....!!! And the swap is coming....!!!
#1 was great yesterday. He was a real trooper...never a complaint or a whiney moment. He met a bunch of folks and never had a shy moment. I was very proud of the little man!!

Edit- I have a few pics of the races. I'll put together a web album and link it with the next few hours...
Edit#2- here you go...I had to size the pics down, but I have them BIG, if any wants me to email them...

20 September 2008


I woke up this morning, rubbed my eyes and put my bald head right back on the pillow. I felt guilty about bailing for about 15 minutes...until I went back to sleep @ 7:20. I rolled my big ass out of bed @ 9:50. 2.5 extra hours of sleep does a body good. I still feel like crap, but less so...
I may just ride in the morning...or I may not...

19 September 2008


It's official...I need a break from the bike. Not a protracted, 'I give up...this shit sucks' sort of break, but a few days of not looking at the thing. I've ridden a lot in the past month and between riding, working on this old house and running after the M.T.s, I'm just physically whipped. The kicker is the fact that I'm riding well, feel good on the bike and have some fitness.

Last night, the group was about as expected. It's getting dark earlier, so many folks have already bailed on the group rides. We started with 8 last night and the group pretty much stayed together, riding a nice 40kmh rolling paceline the entire way. Kevin decided to surge through and take longer pulls, so I just rolled in behind him and let him dangle on the front. The rest of the group (those who were pulling) fell in line behind me. When Kevin finished with his little showings of power (or lack thereof), the paceline fell right back into place.
We did the shorter loop across Minervaville and turned on Cabin Creek. The sun is getting lower in the sky @ 7 p.m. these days, but we had plenty of light to get home. I had the lights on the front of the bike, but really didn't need them. I just turned them on strobe so Francisco would feel like he was at Salsa Cabana.
I felt like crap. Bad legs do not a fun ride make...

I'll be out Saturday, but not Sunday. I have to demo the kitchen countertops. The granite is being installed Monday morning. Hopefully, it won't take more than an hour or two, but the way projects go in this house, I could be working well into the night. I'll likely venture down to the race on Sunday as well...as a spectator...

17 September 2008


I'm thinking the TNCWC may be wrapping up for the season. We had @ 25 last night, even though it was a perfect night to ride. It was bit breezy up the front stretch, but you really can't complain about riding in 70 degrees.
The race started out and some NOOB kid that no one had ever seen before blasted off the front. His 'break' lasted exactly 1km. He was blown out the back of the group about 2 laps later. He was pretty sketchy and obviously new at the whole 'riding a bike' thing.
Anywho, the pace was over 40kmh for the entire distance. Little groups of twos and threes would get off the front, but quickly be pulled back. There was plenty of horsepower there last night, so nothing was going to stick.
Selix took off with three to go and hung out there until @ 1500m to the line. The group was lined out at this point and he got swallowed up. I don't know who won as I sat up with 1000m to go. I did my work, took some hard pulls and closed more than a few gaps.

I'm thinking we should go two more weeks and call it for the season. It's getting dark pretty early these days.

I rode in with Corbett and tried to get info out of him concerning Landis and HealthNet's new sponsor, but he was tight-lipped. C'mon man, I won't tell anyone... :)
See you guys Thursday...

15 September 2008

Back from the Beach...now I can rest!

Oy Vey! I thought going away was supposed to be restful. 4 days in Litchfield gave me angina. Between the H.O., the management trainees and the BlueHairs, I've had my fill of family for a while.
Thankfully, I did a couple of good rides while I was down there. The was some drama on Friday night though. I locked my bike on the roof of the truckster and left my keys in Columbia!!! A frantic call to Grand Stand Bicycles and I was on my way. I borrowed a pair of ChannelLock pliers and coaxed the nut off the locking skewer.
The group meets @ 7:20 on Saturday in front of Grand Strand Bicycles (owned by Hawley's alum and former Columbia rider, Tim Woolford) and sets off promptly at 7:30. No waiting around for stragglers down there...
It was a meandering and convoluted way to get 60km, but it was a damn good ride. No fiddling around either...it was 35kmh out of the parking lot. Between the early start time (I was up @ 5:45...on vacation) and the lack of warmup, I struggled for the first 10 minutes or so. Once the diesel was warm, it was go time. The "A" group started with about 20.
The ride winds the Murrell's Inlet and into several big neighborhoods and ended up taking on a bit of a figure eight loop. I had no idea where I was or where we were going so I kept my mouth shut, took my pulls and didn't get invovled in the dynamic...until the end. Those guys just don't know how to ride in a paceline. Guys would hit the front and wind it as tight as they could for 60 seconds and pull left. The problem was the fact that rest of the group went left with the guy in front! No one was pulling through in the right line, so I started to...! I think they finally figured it out(kinda). Tim says he's tried to explain it, but he's not making much headway.
The ride was 60km and we were back in the parking lot with an average speed of 34kmh! Overall, a really good, steady, tempo ride with a bunch of really nice guys.
Sunday morning, we met @ 7:30 again, for a ride out of the middle of Myrtle Beach, down through Socastee and back. This ride was about the same speed, but had some stretches of open road, rather than diving into gated communties every 2 miles. There were 15 guys on it and we did another 60km in under two hours. Another good ride with nice dudes!
After both days, I went back to the condo and lounged on the beach, threw the kids around and lazed by the pool. The condo complex had a 'river' style pool that had a current in it. You sat in a floating donut and the current just carried you around the perimeter. Freakin' sweet!!!!!!!!!!! I kind of fell asleep and was jostled awake when I skipped of the side with my elbow. Yeeouch!
I tired and am going to bed. I'll be out tomorrow night, if no rain. I'll ride either way, but the rain will bring out the cross bike.

12 September 2008


Well, it seems that the Thursday night slugfest may be coming to an end soon.
We had a decent sized group last night and did the abbreviated loop down through the flats. The group stayed steady, except for when Dr. LP took longer and harder pulls than everyone else. Go right ahead, if you want to be in the breeze that long.
The group split a couple of times, including my little dig at the same place as last week. I just like that section of road. I think I may be channeling my inner Belgian.
Once back together, we rolled a nice, 40kmh paceline all the way to Old Hopkins. It split again and 5 of us went on to the store together. Sam flatted and we did a turbo change and were back on our way.
All together on Pineview, for safety's sake, as it was getting pretty freaking dark at this point. We had to slow at the 2nd level crossing for a train that was stopped up the tracks...only a few seconds though...
Once going, the pace shot up and the group split again on Shop. The same 5 rolled down and across the bridge to the sprint. Normally, I'd go for this sprint, but it was too dark and there was too much traffic, so I lead it out at 50kmh. It didn't deter a couple of folks, who came close to seeing the front of a 28' box truck. I've seen smarter moves on a group ride...
Next week may skip the Clarkson cut through and just go right and Cabin Creek. Time to find the lights...
We're off to the beach...see you at the TNCWC...

10 September 2008

Interesting happenings

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K...

HealthNet found a new, as yet un-named, sponsor for 2009...not so strange...
It seems they have signed Floyd Landis to the team...

Lance has decided he's bored with having random sex with blond, flat-chested Hollywood starlets and is coming back with Astana for a handful of races next year, including The Tour.

There was no TNCWC last night, as snorkels would have been de rigeur. The sun was out @ 5:30 as I aired up my tires. @ 6, it was getting dark and at 6:15, it was raining like some movie special effect.
The plan is to ride tonight...if it's not raining. I wish my new derailleur would hurry up and get here so I could actually get the Salsa back together!

#1 wanted to go play in the rain, but the thunder and lightning prevented it...at first. At the end of the storm, I put his raincoat and boots on him and let him splash around in the lake that had been created in the front yard. I hadn't seen lightning or heard the crash of thunder for a long while, so I figured there'd be no harm. About 5 minutes into the splash fest, thunder boomed (far away, but nonetheless...) and the boy turned into an olympic class sprinter. He booked it back to the porch! I've never seen a kid move that quickly, much less one in a dinosaur raincoat and matching boots. Funny stuff, I'll tell you what...

08 September 2008

7 of 9

It's funny how people just pack it in during certain times of the year. Saturday was a perfect day and the ride was thin.
Anyway, we did a loop through the flats and back in on Airbase. Airbase was the only windy stretch during the entire ride, and to be honest, it's been worse on Thursday nights. I ended up with right @ 80km and spent almost all of that time with my nose in the wind.
Sunday, the group was actually a group. Again, we did a modified, meandering loop through Lower Richland and came back in on Airbase. It was pretty amazing that the bunch stayed together the entire time, riding 2x2 for 3+ hours at 32-35kmh. It was a very good ride. Another 90km in the books. Since the M.T.s were out at the spa for the weekend, I did get a gooooood nap on Sunday afternoon. You know it's a good one when you wake up confused and wondering what the hell just happened...and you're in your own bed!
I have ridden 7 of the last 9 days...20 hours...575km! I'm really tired. No ride today, just water and ibuprofen.
I'll see you guys at the TNCWC. Light week this week, as we're going to attempt to go to the beach again this weekend...

05 September 2008

another good ride...

I don't know what's going on around here, but some of the rides lately have been, well, great. Last night was another example...
The group was small, as some are over it for the season and others seem to be afraid of coming home at dusk. However, it was a very cohesive ride. After going out through the Fort, we immediately (almost automatically) settled into a 40kph rolling paceline. Instead of doing Elon, which has probably seen us for the last time on Thursday until next year, we turned down Horrell Hill and went across to the flats. The pace picked up on the DH section, but the line still just rolled through.
We cut across to Mineraville and into the Roubaix section, where I pushed a bit on the rough, headwind, false flat section and split the group...sorry...
After a re-grouping, we rolled the paceline all the way home. It was a really good ride and the sunset on Clarkson and Shop was amazing.
It was a big mileage and time week on the bike for me. 14 hours and almost 400km...more than I've seen in a long while. I really want to ride tomorrow, but I'm almost looking forward to the rain...

04 September 2008

The sillyness continues...

...almost every team is switching bikes for next year, even some that would really surprise you...

Silence-Lotto was on Ridley, now on Canyon...
Tinkoff/Katushka was on Colnago, now on Ridley...
Saxo Bank (old CSC) was on Cervelo, now on Specialized...
Rabobank has been on Colnago forever, now on Giant...
Columbia was on Giant, now on Scott...
Rock Racing was on DeRosa, now on Fuji...
Milram was on Colnago, now on Focus...

There will be more, as a few teams are going belly up at the end of the season...where will Cannondale go after HealthNet is gone?

03 September 2008


I actually felt pretty damn good last night @ the TNCWC. My bike, on the other hand, evidently has some W.O.S.* on it and performed like a low-end Trek with 105.
I had shifting issues and just couldn't get it right yesterday, so I deferred to Shrews. He installed a new chain and it got a bit better, but not by much. My chainrings and cassette were both shot, but I was out of time, so I rode it as it stood.
The race started slow and gradually ramped up. Breaks went and came back. There seemed to be a lot of folks who wanted to ride and race, but didn't want to do any work. I must have closed 8 or 10 gaps over the course of the crit. Casey was flying last night, chasing everything that went. She's hard as fucking nails, that one...
About 30 minutes in, I got stuck in the 14 and the bike wouldn't shift up. I had to stop and make an adjustment to my W.O.S.* and I jumped back in the group. After that, the rig shifted, but it took some coaxing to get it to go up the cogs.
Osama Bin Ridin took off and stayed out until 2 to go. When he got pulled back, James from Harrell's nailed it and rolled away solo. I jumped with one to go, thinking that the group might want to pull him back. I got halfway across and looked under my arm for help...there was none.
He stayed out for the win and the group sprinted for second.
It was a good ride, but there are still a few folks that just don't have a clue out there. I threw a couple of flicks and don't feel bad about doing it. Ride with your heads up and settle down...it's a practice crit for cripe sakes...
Overall, I felt good and rode well, but could feel the previous three long days in my legs!
This morning, I switched out my chainrings and cassette and the bike actually shifts now...amazing...! I guess after three years and 20,000-ish miles, shit just wears out...even high $ Dura-Ace. I ordered some new rings and will bite the bullet and order a few cassettes when they become available from PBK.

*- W.O.S.= Worn Out Shit...
No beach this weekend...T.S. Hanna took care of that...
See you guys Thursday...bring blinky lights!

01 September 2008

3 good days

It's really funny how 3 good, long days on the bike will actually make you feel better...well, for me at least!
Saturday I felt like complete ass on the bike after a week of barely riding. Two hours on Tuesday and nothing for the rest of the week. I was blocked up, couldn't breathe, couldn't get my HR up and just generally felt like crap for our 3 hour ride. I rode okay, but it was my base fitness that allowed me to survive, nothing more. We did the normal Eastover loop and ended with right at 3 hours on the bike.
Sunday, I felt better, but not at all like normal. The ride was supposed to be a slower paced affair, but turned into a paceline ride. It wasn't all the fast (35-37kph), but not quite as slow as we originally planned. We did a very modified loop through LR and ended with another 3 hours on the bike.
This morning, we met at TVH's house for a loop through Calhoun County. We took off right on time and headed across the river with considerable cloud cover...which was the weather M.O. for the day. The pace was a good one and we settled in for the run out. Instead of the full 120km, a group decision was made to turn at Big Beaver Creek and shorten the loop to 105km.
I felt really good on the bike. I could breathe, my HR was good and my legs were good. I felt it in my legs, but it was a good hurt.
We stopped at the store in Sandy Run on the way in to refill and TVH kept going, saying we'd catch him. Well, the old man must've been killing it, because we never saw him again and we didn't exactly dilly-dally.
I ended with another 3:30 on the bike. Total for the 3 days was right at 9.5 hours and 270km. The TNCWC will be the 4th and last day of my little mini-block.
We're supposed to go to Litchfield on Thursday, but the weather may have other plans...

31 August 2008

Ha-Ha (think Nelson from The Simpsons)

Tyler Hamilton won the USPRO championship today...
Dude served his time, leave him alone to race!!!!!!!!!!!
I can only imagine what the Rock Racing US Champ jersey will look like!

And before the nattering nay-bobs pipe up about him being a doper...

Dope doesn't turn a donkey into a racehorse!!!!!!!!!

29 August 2008

Pretty fun...

Went to the game last night...
Went down on the field for warm-ups...
Hung out with Duce Staley...
Stayed on the field for introductions...
Stayed longer on the field for 2001...
Remained for kickoff and the first few plays from scrimmage...
...then we headed to the Superbox. Met up with some more old friends...
Talked football with the Governor for a while...
Ate entirely too much free (and very good) food...

As an aside, should there really be a QB controversy? Smelley was waaaaay better...
Carolina 34 NC State 0

27 August 2008

Weekend rides

Saturday- 8 a.m. @ the circle
Sunday- 8 a.m. @ the circle
Monday- 8 a.m. @ TVH's house. We'll be heading across the river and doing a long-ish ride (75-90 miles) through Calhoun and Lexington counties. Shoot me a message if you want directions to get to TVH's.


Well, I've decided a career path. I'm going to be a weatherman. It seems it's the only job you can have and be absolutely wrong...EVERYDAY...and still stay employed.
It was supposed to rain all day, and in copious amounts, yesterday. It rained for about 5 minutes, right when I left the house to ride.
I figured the threat of rain and the beautiful colors on the radar map would would keep people away from the TNCWC, and I was correct. More on that in a moment...
Anyway, I pulled the Salsa out of the ManHole(tm) and headed off into a light drizzle (that stopped 5 minutes later). Down through the ghetto and up to campus, then down across into Granby Mills. I found some trails, looped them together and headed back out. I searched for a way to get to the old bridge that leads to the locks on the river, but the kudzu was just too thick to even see the river, so I hit Bluff and went out to Heathwood Hall. I did three loops of the paved/dirt road back by the waste treatment plant...poo stinky...! The wind was pretty brutal on the uphill/headwind stretches. What took 4 minutes 30 with the tailwind took almost 8 minutes with the headwind. The stretches were almost intervals as the sandy/dirt roads were very wet and soft. 700x38 tires float over that stuff though...! It still felt good to get the HR up for 12 minutes at a time. Everything actually felt like it was working properly. Well, for me...the bike, not so much. That pig's getting overhauled as soon as I get a new rear derailleur. I digress...
By the time I looked at my watch, it was 7, so I headed over to the crit course to see if anyone showed. 7 intrepid souls came out to loop the course for 45 minutes. Crusty took the win from the small group.
I rolled in with Der Kaiser and Crusty and ended up with almost 2 hours on the cross bike.
No ride Thursday for me. I'll be in the SuperBox for the Carolina game...

25 August 2008

back on the upside...

After last week's bout with whatever I had, I felt like complete and utter crap on the bike Saturday morning. I should have known better than to go to Pasta Fresca Friday night and eat a bunch of rich, heavy food after having a bad stomach all week, but the wives were out of town, so Doog and I went to eat. I deviated from my normal meal and got steak and gorgonzola ravioli with cajun alfredo sauce. The meal was excellent, but it laid in my gut like a lump.
We did Double Elon Saturday morning, and fortunately, no one felt the need to light the fire. We averaged a blistering 30.8kph for 2.5 hours. We did wick the pace up on Pineview and Shop and it hurt more than it really should have. I railed the turn onto Shop and didn't sit up. Sorry Mick...! Reed, Scott and I kept it wound tight to the bridge
Sunday met us with cloudy and humid weather, but we still had a really good group. We did Double Elon...again, only to turn left and wind our way over to Chaingang. It's funny how long that road seems when you aren't on the rivet at 50+kph. Maria needed water, so we stopped at the store in Eastover. Once everyone had refueled, Jed got a nice paceline working and we rotated all the way to the end of Airbase @ 35-40kph. It was a good pace that allowed some folks to get some work in and others to spin some garbage out. I spun all of the crap out of my legs and even felt good enough to give Maria a helping hand over the rise. The longer we rode, the better I felt.
We ended with a tad over 3 hours on the bike and 55 miles.
It was a good weekend on the bike.

I just got back from the zoo...
Chasing a 3 year old and a 16 month old is freakin' tiring...

22 August 2008

News you can use...

After a bit of sleuthing (a very small bit that took all of 45 seconds or so), I have discovered the identity of TheRev from 'Church of The Big Ring'.
It seems he and Trek/VW mountain bike pro Jeremiah Bishop are one and the same.
I'm sure I'll get a terse email from TheRev for revealing his secret...I feel like I just outed Clark Kent...

No ride last night as the weather was crap. I really didn't feel like getting caught out in East Bumblef*ck in the rain. Ride Saturday morning...regular time and place...it's supposed to be nice(r)...

Today has been a busy one. Two of my three appointments have shown on time...shocking. The countertop guys and the plumber were here simultaneously, so that killed a bunch of questions and concerns. Yep, were upgrading this place yet again. A leaky faucet in the kitchen has lead to another $2500 jumping from my pocket for granite countertops. No new parts for the Ridley for a while...f*ck!
Now, I'm waiting on TimeWarner...anytime between 1 and 3, which roughly translates into 2:55pm!
The H.O. is out of town and the M.T.s are going to the spa for the night...it'll be nice and quiet around here for once...

21 August 2008

Back on...

The crit course has been repaired and the TNCWC will go again next week at it's normal time...
I'll send out an email as well...
Please pass word along!


20 August 2008

When good rides go bad...

Well, the crit course is all fouled up and more than a few of us flatly refused to do the 180 loop around the front stretch for more than a few reasons. Ergo, we decided to do a road loop out Bluff, up 2X Homey and across to Cabin Creek. All of the horsepower went with the road group and the ride started off fast and only got faster. It was probably better than some of the filler didn't choose to come with us, as they would likely still be out there, but I digress.
Once we reached the open parts of the loop, the pace went from a comfortable 40-42kph to a not so comfy 45kph+.
The run out Cabin Creek was a paceline affair and the line was moving along at such a high rate, we went all the way to the GMart and turned to come back in on Airbase. I was good until this point...good legs, good HR...so-so stomach...here's were our tale takes a turn for the worse.
On the run into the rise, FastLL took a monster pull and the group got lined out. At this point, my stomach was really sour and I was starting to get cold chills...not good! I made it over the rise and my abdomen just knotted itself into a tight little ball. I blew out the back in spectacular fashion and rode the remainder of the ride at a blistering 30kph...and that was a struggle. I had such terrible cramps, I almost called the H.O. to come get me, but it was bedtime for the M.T.s, so I took the most direct route home.
Once home, I spent some quality time in the loo for the rest of the night. I did catch up on some reading though.
Today, I am physically empty. It took all I had to get the M.T.s ready this morning. I'm shaky and starving, but afraid to eat anything more than buttered toast and drink Powerade. I feel as empty as Paris Hilton's head. I haven't felt this bad in many a moon.
See you when I see you...

18 August 2008

Weekend Update...

The usual suspects met Saturday morning for a cruise out through the country. We decided to go out Leesburg to Congress and across to the flats. The run out Leesburg wasn't ball-breaking, but it was definitely quick. Reed and Scott took off at the beginning and we chased for the first 3 big rollers. The gap got to where it looked manageable, so I dropped it in the 12 and ripped across in one of the valleys. I got across, but it really hurt and shot my legs for the next 30 minutes or so. The climb up Congress sucked hard after the effort.
The rest of the ride was a nice, fast tempo affair, albeit shorter than usual. It was no VG ride, but you know...
Sunday morning, the five of us did a modified Eastover loop at a very temperate pace. It was nice. Cloudy, drizzly and cool...surely beats the normal August riding weather.

Good rides!

I'll be at the TNCWC. Thursday looks like a wash...

PS- The Crit course is fucked up...big metal plates all the way across the backstretch....

15 August 2008

Pretty mediocre...thank you...

That's how I felt last night. I was tired, the legs were flat and my heart just wasn't in it. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to ride my bike, but killing it had little appeal.
The ride was big last night...must have been the weather. We did the normal Thursday Elon loop and the pace seemed pretty sedate for the first hour or so. Once we hit Airbase, things changed. FastLL and Der Kaiser hit the front, one after the other and jacked the pace through the roof. Everyone was together until the rise. How I went over 4th and got gapped out is an act I can only blame on my own stupidity. I let the line go by and ended up on the wrong wheel. At this exact moment, FastLL nailed it and the gap was open. I was boxed in and just watched it roll away. I got unboxed and chased my guts out for about a kilometer and then just waited for Corbett and Reed...they got gapped too.
We chased hard and the gap never opened further...it also never closed! The rest of the ride was piano. Some folks jacked it up for the sprint...I wasn't one of them.
I think I'm flat because I've been forced to take off so many days in the past two weeks. No more...
I have 3 weeks until another forced break, so I'll be on the bike. The next break is a beach trip and family photo shoot. The H.O. hired a photographer to take some of those 'big happy family on the beach' pictures. Oh joy...!

Oh, I almost forgot...
We are batting around the idea of a dirt road metric century for the late fall/early winter. Anyone who is interested is welcome. We've decided that the dirt/gravel/whatever sections will be fast, but the paved portions will be at a moderate pace. Let me know...! I'm going to start piecing the route together shortly.
Saturday 8 a.m. @ the gate...

13 August 2008


Cancellara smashed the field in the Men's TT for Gold...
Kristin Armstrong did the same to the Women's field for an American Gold...

As for my toe, it doesn't hurt, but DAAAAMMMNNN is it ugly...

And it's just freaking beautiful outside today...
I like to think I'm relatively accepting of circumstance, but I simply could not live in the Pacific Northwest...
Link together 10 or 12 days of rain like today and I'd jump of the Gervais Street bridge...ugh...

12 August 2008


Yep, that's my toe...
I smashed the poor little fella last night walking around the bed. King size bed frames don't move when small, fleshy objects are run into them. It hurt like a MFer at the time, but is little more than sore right now. Fortunately, I can walk, run, ride, etc.
It's an ugly little bugger though...

11 August 2008

Miss Gale

You kick ass! Don't even, for a moment, feel bad about any results you had at Nationals. One year of riding brought you a 7th, a 12th and a 13th!!! Anyway you slice it, that's great!

10 August 2008


Friday...Beer Ride...truly frightening...I hadn't ridden for 5 days and had really stiff legs, so I bit the bullet and went out. That shizz is just out of control. Too many people with too few skills. Sean and his kid almost killed the group. Peanuthead is right on the very edge of crashing, even when going dead straight. Last time out for me...
Saturday...8 a.m. ride...normal crap. People with too much false pride chasing and wanting to show how fast they are, only to be dragged home. Wanna ride fast? Tuesday @ 6:30 and Thursday @ 6:00. Saturday should be steady with a few fast stretches thrown in. Regroup at the turns.
Anyway, once the pretenders turned off and/or went to the back, the ride settled down into a nice loop. Crusty had some tire issues and there was a prolonged flat change that took up most of the group's spares. At the end, Crusty and I went handlebar to handlebar for the sprint. We both lost...me, the sprint by @ 4 inches, and he, his sunglasses. Nothing like hearing someone shout "SHIT" right beside you at almost 65kph. I was steeling myself for a crash that, thankfully, never happened.
Sunday brought out a bigger than usual group for a slow (nice!) ride through Lower Richland, up Congress and across to Airbase. It was a pleasant ride, filled with good company and good conversation.
Overall, a nice weekend with cooler temps and some much needed miles. I'll miss the TNCWC again Tuesday, as the H.O. has a work function in Greenville. Her work is putting a crimp in my schedule...

09 August 2008

The last three minutes...

The Olympic Committee is serious about no other outlets showing the events...

08 August 2008


Casey is in Cali @ the U23 nationals...

TT - 7th
Crit - 12th

The RR is tomorrow...
Casey...stop listening to the naysayers. Finish your undergrad and GO PRO!!!!!!!!!! Grad school will always be there...

07 August 2008


I hate PETA and pretty much everything they stand for, but...
I Loves me some Amanda Beard...
Great Googly Moogly!

05 August 2008

Look Keo Recall


The gub'ment is recalling certain Keo pedals. Look at yours, if you ride 'em.

Oh, and Svein Tuft is a tough, tough man...


I know he's Canadian, but I'm rooting for him in the Oly RR...

Hotlinks aren't working right...you'll have to copy and paste...sorry...not my fault!

03 August 2008

#1 turns #3

The Saturday ride went off as usual and turned fast. I don't know why the Saturday ride, which used to be a nice, low-tempo, low pressure ride has turned into a 3+ hour deathmarch. I have no issue with speeding up here and there, but it may be time to have a conversation about the pace of the ride.
Anyway, we did a bit shorter, albeit harder, loop and I was home in plenty of time to run some errands and get the house ready for #1's birthday party.
Of course, festivities were supposed to kick off at 1, but the H.O.'s parents are a pair of complete shit for brains and they showed up 90 minutes late. Then they blew in and acted like they owned the place and are super grandparents. Yeah, if super means that you see your only grandkids once every 6 or 8 weeks...but I digress...
I had the grill fired up and the meat was done when they came in. Sorry to rush you two dumbasses, but it's time to get this show on the road...
We ate expertly grilled burgers, dogs and andouille sausages, potato salad, slaw and chips, then the boy ripped into the myriad presents that were laid out on the table.
Right now, he's cavorting about in his newly acquired 'Doctor' get up, complete with white jacket and stethoscope...
He cleaned up in the gift department, as usual. Then it was time to damage the cake. The H.O. took a cake decorating class (two actually) a few years ago and has become quite good at making all sorts of cakes. The boy wanted a fire truck cake, so that's what he got...and it was goooood. All of the heavy food made me feel horrible though...too much meat and cake icing...
The H.O.'s parents stayed far beyond their welcome, so the management trainees got to bed waaaay late.
I was supposed to ride with Il Prof and TVH this morning, but just couldn't drag my big ass out of the sack. I slept until 9!! I guess I needed the sleep more than the miles.
The H.O. is out of town until Wednesday, so I'm single dad until then. I'll probably bring the boys out to the TNCWC so they can watch.

01 August 2008

It was a dark and stormy night...

The weather was great when I left the house. We rolled out on time and as the group headed up thru the Fort, the sky got darker and darker. By the time we hit the end of HG, it was flying monkey dark. The wind was howling and the storm looked a bit ominous.
It was decided that we would just haul ass down across to the flats and try to stay in front of the weather. and that's what we did...
We blew by the ever famous Peanut and the MORON tagged onto the back of the group. When we made the turn onto Minervaville, he chose not to turn his head and, literally, rode directly into Ransom. Ransom has been riding since he was a zygote, so he stayed upright and the Peanut hit the ground like a pro soccer player taking a flop. The acting job was just as good too. Nothing more than some lost skin and some lady-like whimpering...
Once we figured out that he was okay, we took off again. The numbers dwindled down to a final 6 and we took turns abusing eash other until the end of the ride. The run up Clarkson was into the headwind and was quite hard. LL said he was dead from the Charlotte TT, but he seemed to be pulling through with little trouble. He even went so far as to sit out a few turns...then attack us...
The rest of the ride was a paceline affair. Mandrus lead out the sprint to the bridge and I came around Beano and Crusty FTW. It was a hard-ish ride, but really steady..not a lot of slowing down or mucking about. And I never got wet! It started to rain about 10 minutes after I got home...Reed likely didn't make it to his house...
See you guys tomorrow morning...