31 October 2008

30 October 2008

Somehow, the map got screwed up...
Here's the loop...

29 October 2008

What the...?

So a Tuesday NIGHT ride draws a good crowd? Last night, Doog and I planned on meeting at 6 for a lazy loop of the Fort. Coco, Mulo, NID and Nut showed and we had an even half dozen. We started off slow enough, but I think Mulo's hot latin blood was running a bit thick, due to the 'cold'...it was 50 degrees...! He looked like he was wearing every article of clothing he owned and was rocking the 'Arkansas shoe covers'...(duct tape)!
About 3/4 of the way out Dixie, Mulo decided to warm himself and lit the fuse. From this point on, it was full gas for the rest of the loop. I sat up and let a gap open before the top of Dixie, thinking (incorrectly) that they'd sit up after the turn. I wanted to chase a gap and push a little bit. Well, they didn't sit up, went hard up the wall and I was forced to chase HARD. I was plenty warm after that though! How many times have you guys seen me big ring up the wall? Not GD many!!!
The pace stayed high and we all stayed together for the rest of the ride.
Doog and NID turned for home and the rest of us rode the the neighborhood. Mulo got attacked by a pile a yard debris on the side of the road...don't ride in the front, in the dark, if you can't see...
It was a good ride...fast...a bit hard and not terribly cold.

28 October 2008

(Cue Monster Truck Announcer Voice...)

WHAT?: 1st edition of Columbia-Roubaix
WHEN?: Saturday, November 1st 8:30am
WHERE?: Ft. Jackson Traffic Circle
HOW?: Road bikes...
WHO?: YOU!!!!

56 miles of fun, fun, fun with 10, yes, 10 sections of dirt. A couple sections are short...a couple, not so much. None are horribly difficult or treacherous! None will hurt you or your bike! Leave the carbon wheels at home though...I'm not to blame for poor equipment choices. If you don't want to ride the dirt sections, please stay in your warm bed! The weather is supposed to be perfect, so BE THERE!!!

Please comment with questions or concerns...

26 October 2008

Weekend rides

So Saturday, Doog and I loaded up and went out to the N.E. to do an 'easy' ride with Bond, Eric C. and Timberlake (yes, Justin, that's your new nickname!). It was wet, and that was the highlight of my ride. While the company and the terrain were fabulous (we did a short loop around Lake Wateree), I was cycling's equivalent of a cicada shell. I didn't feel great when we took off, but figured I'd get better as we went. Wrong answer...
It was one of those days that should have been utterly enjoyable, but in reality, sucked a mile a ditch water. I bonked! It wasn't a call-the-wife-to-come-and-find-me kind of bonk, but I was probably 30 minutes from it.
I got home and drank a gallon of Gatorade and ate pretty much everything in the kitchen that wasn't a cabinet or appliance. Another gallon of water and 1/2 the baked spaghetti I made and I felt human again. Of course, I didn't sleep Saturday night as I was up to use the bathroom every 2 hours...but I was hydrated.
Il Prof's ride went off this morning @ it's normal time. We had a big group with PV out in force. The weather was perfect, the group was good and the route was considerably lees circuitous than last week. I felt almost normal, but could feel the lingering effects of Saturday's deathmarch.
It was nice to put a couple of long days back to back, bonk notwithstanding. The Cannondale rides great. Smooth, stiff and stable. I think the Ridley may actually be a bit harder edged/twitchy...weird...

Ride Tuesday night @ the gate 6:00 SHARP. Lights if you have them!!!

24 October 2008

It's alive...alive...

CAAD9...Ultegra SL...
Deda bars...Thomson post and stem

EDIT: 17.5 pounds as pictured...rides GREAT!!!

22 October 2008

(screaming loudly)

Aaaaaahhhhh! I need to ride...
The H.O. has been out of town since Sunday night and I haven't so much as looked at my bikes. Thankfully, the M.T.s have been good and relatively quiet. Well, except for #2 falling off the side of the sofa. Fortunately, his face broke the fall. Nothing gets your attention quicker than a crying, bleeding 18 month old. A bloody nose and busted lip was the damage. 15 minutes of blubbering and he was back to his normal self. Thank God the H.O. wasn't here. We'd have been sitting in the ER. #1 must have been involved somehow, as he quickly offered the "I didn't do it" defense.
Depending on what time the boss decides to return home, I'm going to make an effort to go to the Statehouse tonight and do some plyos. A ride tomorrow is a definite. Looks like rain on Saturday, so Il Prof's ride may be the weekend excursion. Hopefully, the new bike will be here tomorrow (so says UPS), so I'll build it and shake it down on Sunday.

From this point forward, LL will be known as "Bond" on the blog. If you have to ask why, then you don't get it...

19 October 2008


Il Prof's ride went off at it's normal time with a good group, which included some old faces that we haven't seen for a while and a couple of new faces. It was good to see Ward again after a few years. Needless to say, he was on a new bike and it was niiice. Nothing says lovin' like a Colnago Extreme Power and Campag Record.
Anyway, we did a circuitous route (being kind) through Lower Richland and back through the first part of Double Homey to Bluff. About 1/2 way down Bluff, some asshole in a hurry to get to church passed us close and almost caused a head-on collision with an oncoming car. The front of the line checked up and the accordian began to play. The tune ended with Crusty touching wheels with the new guy and going down in the middle of Bluff Road. Fortunately, he wasn't hurt and scrambled off the road before getting pancaked. Nothing broken, but the old boy got some rash on his knee, hip, elbow, hand and HEAD! When I crash, I usually cuss AFTER I hit the ground. Crusty, being an old Pro-Dog, got the perfunctory MFer out on the way down!!! Impressive!
While he got his wits about him, I changed his flat...the second of the day (Il Prof...buy some new tires!).
The two new guys rode off together and the rest of us pedaled home at a snail's pace.
I guess I was tired or whatever, but it seemed like a LONG three hour ride this morning.

No rides for me until Thursday. The H.O. is going out of town tomorrow and not returning until Wednesday night. I love the M.T.s, but single-parenting is hard freaking work!

18 October 2008


I'm glad I got out this morning, even though it looked like a wholly shitty day. Doogie rolled over and we left @ 9:15 on the cross bikes for an urban assault type of ride. We did the normal cruise up through campus and out through the north side (insert gang sign here) and dropped into the river trail. I made the mistake of following on the very wet gravel/mud road that leads to the locks. I had a very Belgian appearance after this short section.
We rode the river trail all the way to the end and who did we see running? Crusty, Mrs. DK and Deb. Crusty looked extremely ghey in his skintight long sleeve shirt.
We went up past Governor's Hill and through the Vista. Then across to the fairgrounds and out to Heathwood. A big, very windy, loop followed as we rode back to the stadium. Doogie found a cellphone and the guy actually called it. We returned to his tailgate at the stadium (good karma for all) and rode back to the house.
I lightened the good Doctor's pocket by $200 for a set of wheels. A bargain if I do say so myself...!
The H.O. and #1 are out and about, so #2 and I are getting some QT...well, he's playing and I'm on the intarweb, but the house is quiet.
Looks like 8:30 in the morning for Il Prof's ride...be there! It's a good ride.

Oh, and I bought another bike...more to follow...

16 October 2008

Is it too late...?

I'm guessing, at this point in the process, it's too late to come up with another Presidential candidate. They both suck. One hasn't a clue and the other is a first rate panderer. I don't know which is scarier...the folks who think everything will magically turnaround if Obama is elected, or the ignorant, right wing crazies who think the course we're on is a good one. After watching the news, I'm beginning to think the right to vote should be restricted again. The amount of painfully stupid people in this country is astounding.
Personally, I think we should dump the whole lot of 'em in Washington and start over. Or, it could be like jury duty...
If you pass a written test and your IQ is over 100, you serve a term in Congress. Keep it fresh...
I'm willing to bet, with the number of old folks on The Hill, it smells like an old folks home. Moth balls, urine, hairspray and bad perfume from the drug store.

Well, in three weeks we'll know which side of the hill the poo is going to flow down. It makes no difference who is elected, really, since we're all at the bottom of the hill!

No ride for me tonight. The H.O. is in Indianapolis on business...a Latino Insurance Marketing seminar...whatever! All I know is that the 'Latinos' around here get insurance so they can get a license and then let it lapse. No sense marketing to folks who don't buy the product.

I'll see you guys for the weekend rides...

15 October 2008


Damn, I'm in a good freaking mood this morning. I think it has something to do with riding and the weather.
Last night, Doog, Mulo and I met for a loop of the Fort. It was 75 degrees, not a lick of wind and the sun was descending, giving the sky a surreal orange glow. With the sun as a backdrop, and view afforded by the elevation on Tank Hill, Columbia almost looks like a city.
We had a good ride...pretty much just pedaled around. Nothing hard or fast, just a ride...and a lot of laughs. Mulo is a funny immigrant.
We ended up with about 90 minutes on the bike and just shy of 30 miles. Not a bad evening ride...

Don't forget, The Big Stampede is coming up soon. A good way to burn a November morning and get some bike stuff.

12 October 2008


Well, I guess the time off the bike gives perspective. Yesterday was a pretty crappy day outside, so I got on the cross bike and did a big loop around town, including one effort that made me feel a bit sick. Even so, it was fun. I didn't mind being wet, dirty or getting pushed around by the wind.
I did feel the fact that I've lost a bit of fitness and the wheels I put on the cross bike are PIGS. Mavic MA3 hoops built on Ritchey hubs with straight gauge spokes. 2000 grams of love. When you add the fat tires, you're right at 3000 grams for the wheelset. That's 6-1/2 pounds of rolling thunder.
This morning, the group was a good size and we headed out into the 20 mph wind that didn't seem to be blowing in, or out, of any particular direction. We made a roundabout loop through the swamp, around to the GMart and back in. Although Sunday is supposed to be Il Prof's steady, not too hard group ride, this one was a bit different. There were sections that were positively fast and painful. The group stayed together, for the most part, and we had a really good ride. Ben, Crusty, Kevn and I got away on Shop and Ben led me out for the sprint. He said I should of come around him faster!!! When it's the middle of October and the leadout is 55kph in a head/cross wind, you do what you can to come around!
Again, I liked being on the bike. We did @ 85km in 2:40...and putzed around for a good thirty minutes after we stopped at the store. The Ridley felt smooth and efficient.

Ride Tuesday night @ 6. Ft. Jackson traffic circle.

09 October 2008


The Columbia-Roubaix ride will go off as scheduled on Saturday, November 1 @ 8:30am.
Emails have been sent out to everyone. I realize some won't show because there's dirt involved and others will be absent because of their excessive alcohol consumption the night before.
I will be in attendance at both events...
I'm working on the loop as well. It will still be 90-ish km, but it just needed some fine tuning.

08 October 2008


Who would have reported Palmetto Velo's blog to Blogger/Google as being 'spam'? Hmmm, I wonder...
It was a good effort by someone who has their knickers in a twist about what we are doing, but in was wholly ineffective. The blog will be back up and running shortly. If anyone has an issue, feel free to contact me, Marc or Sam. We'll be glad to talk to you about it...

Runnin' on...

...runnin' on empty...
Good gravy! I was a hollow shell last night. Doogie, SoPro and I did a long loop of the Fort and struggled, mightily. Note to self...eat something in the afternoon!
We met at 6 and went out and around. There were scads of folks out riding last night. I was really surprised. Of course, it wasn't dark yet and the weather was perfect. We'll see where they are when it's 40 degrees and dark.
Anywho, it was fun ride and we only needed the lights for the last 30 minutes or so. SoPro wants a cross frame now...I think the girl likes the dirt...

The Roubaix ride might be moved back to Sunday the 2nd. I know some folks go to church on Sunday, but it may be necessary as Crusty is planning a Halloween party for the Friday before. If folks can't pull off a Sunday, I may just push back to Saturday the 8th. We'll see...

I don't know if I'll ride Thursday or not...

Movie review-
Very good! Very funny! Cool action scenes! Worth watching!
I watched it instead of the Presidential 'Pander-fest'...are we planning on becoming Socialist? If we're handing out money to everyone, I need a couple Gs to build up a race bike...

06 October 2008

Listen up...

What: Columbia-Roubaix
90-ish km of fun through Lower Richland County
Including 7 dirt sections and a couple of choppy tarmac bits
When: Saturday November 1 @ 8:30am
Where: Fort Jackson Traffic Circle
Who: The more the merrier, but you MUST be willing to ride the dirt sections. If you aren't, STAY HOME!
Why: Because you may actually have a good time!
How: Road bikes

The ride will be a no-drop ride, but the dirt sections are every man, or woman, for him/herself. We'll ride 32-35kmh between sections. I figure 3-3.5 hours to do the whole ride.
The dirt sections are in good shape. A couple are smoother than some of the paved roads in Hopkins. There are NO hike-a-bike sections, nor are there any sections that will damage your bike.
I wouldn't take us down any questionable sections because I'd never hear the end of it!!!

Emails will be going out later today and in the week leading up to the ride. Mark your calendars!

05 October 2008


Saturday met us with cool temps. I love this time of year other than the fact that I can't figure out how to dress. 55 at the start...75 at the end...
We started out through the Fort and picked up Casey and Rob K on Marion. Trez and Poindexter met us at the gate on Wildcat. We did a kind of modified loop out through the flat and into the Swamp. After the stop @ the GMart, I decided to test out a couple of the dirt sections, and most of the group decided to follow. I was shocked! Of course, those who didn't follow used lame-o excuses that held no water.
The first section was really smooth and fast. Doogie and I stayed together, ahead of the rest, at @40kmh for the stretch. The second was a wee bit rougher and I think the group was shocked that I dove into the dirt corner as fast as I did.
We did 2x Homey and rode in together. It was a quality Saturday ride. 75km and 2:45 on the bike.
Sunday's "Il Prof" ride went off, even though both he and TVH were out of town. It was faster than usual, but another good ride. We pieced together a route that included bits of about 6 other rides. We stayed together and had another really good ride. 85km and 2:45 ride time. No stop at the GMart...and I brought money today...shocking!

I can tell I've been lazy for the last three weeks...time to start riding again. I'm tired and my legs are soooore right now.

We're riding road on Tuesday night inside the Fort. Meet @ 6 at the circle. You will likely need lights.

04 October 2008

A new feature

Riding beside Casey today, I noticed that her shifter housings were really long...too long actually!
When I queried, "Those housing housings are long, who built that bike?"

Her answer brings us to our new feature...

"I don't know who built it, I just ride it!"

There you go...!
Ride tomorrow, Sunday........
8:30am @ Outjokin'

02 October 2008

It's coming...

The 1st Annual Columbia-Roubaix road ride. I've hashed out three versions of the route. The shortest is 92km with 6 (or so) dirt sections. The longest is 108km with 10 dirt sections. The dirt sections are all hard-packed and none are longer than 2km.

Version 1 (108km) 10 dirt sections....
Version 2 (105km) 12 dirt sections...more dirt!!
Version 3 (92km) 7 dirt sections...This is a final map for this ride and will likely be the ride that is done. All of the dirt sections are smooth-ish/hardpack.

At some point, I will sit down and figure out the length of each dirt section...

Feel free to give me feedback and ideas on when this should occur. Doogie and I will likely do V.3 in the very near future. Watch the blog for updates and/or new/modified routes.

No ride for me tonight. I'm going to continue my 2 Weeks of Sloth World Tour. I'll be out Saturday morning.
And from the 'News that you can use' file...HealthNet (or whatever they'll be called next year) will be riding Kuota framesets...very interesting...more to follow...!