31 March 2010

Did they see this guy in Columbia?


If you read last week's race report, you'd have the general framework of what happened last night.
4 got away again and stayed out, until the last lap. The chase group stayed together and actually brought the break back on the last lap...well, except for RW and GW. They diced it out for the win with GW taking it by a tire. 2 in a row! I guess doing intervals @ 0530 makes you strong! Who knew?

I had to jump out @ 10 minutes for an "I'm a dumbass" mechanical. I changed wheels right before I left the house, and in my haste, I obviously didn't tighten the rear skewer enough. Once properly torqued to resist my massive power, it stayed put until the end.
I actually felt okay last night. The back and legs are getting better. I really didn't feel any sort of cramp or pain until 41 minutes. It wasn't enough to stop, so I guess getting Renick'd and doing McKenzie every night is helping. My fitness has taken a hit though. Sitting in and hiding isn't an issue, but taking longs pulls just isn't in the cards right now. Sick 2x and hurt since the end of January doesn't exactly breed speed of any kind!

I have Friday off and am planning to do a 3-ish hour ride...if anyone would like to join me.

30 March 2010

Throwback Tuesday

John Patterson, Greg LeMond, Eric Fetch, Gavin Chilcott, Jonathan Boyer, John Eustice

I Double Dog DARE one of you guys to give Patterson shit about his hair!

29 March 2010

Flanders Recon w/Team Sky

Watch Flecha take off @ 1:20...it's known as 'going horizon'!

28 March 2010

Gent-Wevelgem 2010

Good three days of riding for me...all three included tailwinds on the return trip. NICE!
Friday was my airport loop. Just spun until I turned for home and had the wind with me. Good hard tempo that included 5x2 intervals. It was almost like motorpacing...

Saturday, we headed out and the group split up. Some went on, some didn't...
Il Prof and I got separated from TVH and Mrs. FK, and turned when we shouldn't have. We ASSumed that they went one way, so we went around to backtrack and meet them. Well, our ASSumption was incorrect. Upon turning around, Il Prof overshifted, threw his chain, got a heaping helping of chain suck and sheared the rear derailleur off his Colnago in a less than surgical fashion. The front derailleur was also twisted outside of it's operational parameters. He called for pickup, and once I was sure he was okay, I took off.
I ASSumed that the other two members went the way that I would have, so I put my head down and rode tempo to chase them down. Well, I rode solo for the last 60 minutes at less than a comfortable pace...never saw a soul! But I had the tailwind...!!!!

Sunday, 4 of us rolled out in windy and damp weather. I chose the Salsa with skinnies as my weapon of choice. I'd forgotten how much I like that bike on the road. We fought the headwind out to the flats, made the turn for home and rode with a tailwind for the next hour.

Days like the last three are what I need right now! Off day tomorrow and an appointment with Renick for some more crack and stretch...

See you guys Tuesday! Peace...

27 March 2010

Saturday videos

E3 Harelbeke

THAT'S how you attack from 1500m!

2010 Team Pursuit WC

Oz wins with 3 guys...strong!

26 March 2010

It's Friday...finally...

Has it been a long week for anyone else?
On the upside, my back seems to be coming around, thanks to Dr. Renick....and the McKenzie Protocol exercises suggested to me by Drs. JB and BB.
I was considerably more comfortable on the bike this morning. Of course, part of the comfort was due to the demo Fizik Arione saddle that I'm riding. I felt pretty good, and seemed to fit my anatomy well. Of course, I only did a 90 minute spin this morning, so we'll see how I feel after 3+ hours tomorrow.


Taylor Phinney wins GOLD in WC Pursuit

(Sorry for the bad edit and annoying music...it's all I could fine for now. If I find the whole race, I'll post it.)

Sarah Hammer smashes the field in the Women's Pursuit!

That's all for today...Peace!

23 March 2010

TNCWC #2 (GW strong like bull!)

So the second TNCWC went of tonight with a bit larger group than last week, but still smaller than usual, and smaller than it SHOULD be, but I digress...

The first few laps were the normal ebb and flow, then THE break of 4 went away. They stayed out, as the main bunch just wasn't very cohesive. The power to bring it back was there, but no one really put in a lot of effort. I sure as hell didn't...! At one point, it was with 10 seconds, but that was as close as it got to coming back.
RW attacked on the last lap, but GW brought him back and countered. He ended up winning alone.
Like the title, and Uncle Tanoose said, he's 'strong like bull'! Probably just the work the ceramics and his mechanic... ;)

I felt okay tonight, much to my surprise. The legs felt good, the lungs were fine and the HR was under control. @ 25 minutes, I came out of T4, shifted and went to the drops to make effort to stay hooked onto the group and felt a twinge in my low back. Apologies for sitting up to those behind me, but I'm not dicking up the work I've done to make my aching back better at the TNCWC. Sorry, but that's the hard truth....
And I REALLY need to find a new saddle. The Flite Ti is a bad shape for me and just kills my special no-no place. I can't get comfortable on the thing, so it's going bye-bye. Fizik test saddles, here I come...or if I can find a pre-07 Flite Ti gel, I'll go back that.

Errands in the morning...life doesn't stop...


22 March 2010

I've been wetter...

...but not much. After another bought of stomach issues on Saturday night, I rolled out Sunday into a cloudy, windless, 55 degree morning.
The decision was made to ride the cross bike as I figured no one would show for the standing Il Prof ride.
Out through West Columbia I went....

I didn't feel too great, but could just ride a steady pace without feeling like I was going to yawn in technicolor. I rolled up out of the trails by the river, and hit Old State Road. Old State is dirt all the way from West Columbia to the Eastman Chemical plant out off of I-26...probably 4-5 miles of red clay/sand mix. During the dry season, it's shite...loose, choppy and just generally unpleasant. One would think, that after all the rain we've had this winter that it would be a poor surface on which to ride. One would be wrong! Sure, it's a bumpy ass dirt road, but if you expect that fact, Old State is in good condition to ride at the moment.
I rode out to the end, turned and came back to the farm road cut through that leads to the construction that may, or may not be, the 12th St, extension, at which point the heavens opened up.
The 'official' part of 12th ends at I-77, but I was a good distance South of that point, so I was "forced" to sneak around the gates/barriers to make my way home.
Don't know what they're doing out there, other than playing in the dirt, but it made for a nice little adventure and is a nice loop. The entire length between the large "No Trespassing" signs is rideable and presents quite interesting scenery, which included several different animal tracks and a HUGE series of pipes running across the road that gave me a good spot to practice my cyclocross dismount/mount.
Once I got back on the tarmac at the far end of 12th, it was pouring rain, and continued to do so until I walked into the aptly named mudroom at home. Wet and muddy, there was no reason to even go inside. Clothes came off and went directly into the washer.
It was a good ride and a whole lot of fun. Special thanks to Mad Alchemy for the embrocation. The medium kept my legs and back nice and toasty during the ride, and for most of the day! If you haven't tried/used it, you should!
Off the bike today, but going to get an adjustment and some ART.
See you at TNCWC #2....

21 March 2010

MSR 2010

Friere showed Booen and Petacchi CLEAN wheels. It really wasn't even close. Those rainbow stripes on his sleeves aren't just for decoration!

Good ride yesterday. Steady 75km with the bunch. Felt surprisingly okay. Legs were fine, lungs were okay and my back, even though it was a crooked as a dog's hind leg, didn't protest.

I switched out the saddle again though. The old Flite that I'd gone back to was bent and twist, thus forcing my hips and back into an un-natural position. I also put a little effort into the seatmast, in an effort to make sure the original cut was square and level. Unfortunately, in my haste to build it, my cut was NOT even. One side was about 2-3 mm higher than the other. I put the cutting guide back on and hit it with the sander...it's even now!

I'm feeling a bit empty today. A few days of stomach virus will do that to you. I may go ride anyway. Nothing wrong with just rolling around for a couple of hours. It beats sitting on the couch.


17 March 2010

F YOU Tony Kornheiser!


Follow the link and read the transcript of the show. It's an abomination! Send the link to everyone you know and ask them to email ESPN. He needs to be suspended, or even fired, for this kind of hate speech.

RIP Adam Little!

Adam was struck and killed by a hit and run driver while commuting this morning in Charlotte. The driver, a 24 y.o. woman, was tracked down a short time later and arrested. She's been charged with misdemeanor homicide by vehicle and unrestrained child.
Whoever is investigating this horrific crime needs to pull her mobile phone records and go over them with a fine-toothed comb. What's the bet she was yapping or texting?

Adam was a mere 34 years old and leaves behind a wife and two small kids.

As an aside, the General Assembly of SC is currently debating a bill that would outlaw texting while driving. If you're like me, you've been buzzed by some jerk-nut on the phone or texting. Contact your Representative, whoever he or she may be, and voice your support for this bill.

Anything that keeps us safe on the road is a good thing!


I felt like crap all afternoon and it came to crescendo once I got on the bike. I made it to the crit course, rode 5 warmup laps and decided that the urge to vomit at home was stronger than my urge to vomit on the crit course.
I asked RW if he could keep time, and he obliged...(thanks man!)
The ride home was a slow, nausea/vomit filled affair. It usually takes @ 15 minutes to get to/from the course. It took me 35 minutes last night.
I came home...got sick...too a cold shower...got sick...went to bed...got sick...anyone see a pattern here? I don't know if it was bad food or a little bug, but it was equivalent to getting a cleanse.
Thankfully, the fluid loss has stopped, but I am just wrecked. I'm stiff and sore, my head hurts and I'm so sleepy that typing this is a struggle. I can say with some certainty that I probably won't ride until at least Friday morning. Upside? I've lost 4 pounds since lunchtime yesterday!
Now, on to the show...
The group was small last night...15-20 guys, which is odd for the first TNCWC of the year. From what has made it's way to me, the bunch spent most of the night chasing on person around. And I can say that I agree with RW's take on tactics at the TNCWC. Go and ride as hard as you can. If you have to chase your 'teammate', chase him. It's a practice race for Pete's sake.
I will say that I was guilty of it last year, but I've seen the error of my ways. If I can chase, I will...
Hopefully, turnout will be bigger next week. The TNCWC needs to be big and continue on as it's the only ride in town that truly transcends all of the fractured little groups that have developed.
This is my hope...

How the F did Cav's wheel completely come out of the fork?

15 March 2010

No rides

Never threw a leg over the top tube last weekend, and you know what? I really didn't care.
Saturday morning, I was up early and headed to Blythewood for the road/circuit race. The dirt section was removed (bah!), but the weather conditions were such that the dirt really wasn't needed. It was 55 degrees, but the wind was HOWLING. 10km laps with 2 nice little kicker climbs and a bloc headwind on the finish stretch made it a race for the hardmen.
Fortunately, I was warm and secure in the follow truck, which was actually more fun that it sounds. You get to actually see the races develop and change. 2 of the 3 races I followed were shattered quickly after the start. The juniors blew apart on the first lap and some skinny, unassuming 15 year old soloed for the win. The 35+ field made it to the second lap before shattering and blowing apart. It finished in FOUR separate groups. Brutal! Team OSB did well with a 4th (JC) and a 6th (LL).
The 4s stayed together, but the cream rose to the top @ halfway. A group of almost 50 started...15 finished in the front group. GW took a flyer @ 1500m to go and was caught @ 250m, but still finished in the top 10.
Sunday, the H.O., MTs and I loaded up and went over to watch the 35+ crit in Forest Acres. A smaller field was there, but the horsepower was serious. RW attacked on lap 2, and the race was on. The break changed shape a couple of laps later and ended up being 7 guys...and then the shit hit the fan. John Patterson took a flyer and soloed away for the win. If you don't know who he is, Google him. And did I mentioned he also won the 45+ race that was immediately prior to the 35+ race? Yeah, he's a card carrying Certified Badass! JC and LL repeated their finishes from Saturday with RW bringing home 8th. Another good show!
We bailed shortly thereafter...two days of cold and wind were enough for me.
Tom Sunday promoted both races and did a great job. Good attendance and relatively good weather made for a nice weekend of racing.

On another riding tip, #1 MT rode his 'big boy bike' for the first time. I gave him a push, and he was gone! He never rode a day w/training wheels!

12 March 2010

Single parenting

So the H.O. has been gone since yesterday for some bullshit meeting that her company seems to do once a quarter. They always go to Myrtle Beach, and MB for me is akin to going to WalMart, so I stay here. Plus, it just creates havoc for me and the MTs. It uproots them from their schedules and does nothing but change the location of my responsibilities to them. It's easier to just stay home where everything is located, rather than chase around crap in MB, and get zero sleep in some 'luxury resort'.
I had shit to do anyway. Il Prof's Colnago is finished. A bunch of new parts and an overhaul. If you know the Professor, you have been regaled with the stories of his borderline caustic sweat (he actually sweat THROUGH a DeBernardi steel frame!). Taking parts off his bike takes more care and time than diffusing a bomb. It's actually more like a SuperFund cleanup. I wore coveralls and latex gloves, if that tells you anything. There are places on his Colnago CLX that his sweat has undermined the clearcoat and has caused it to bubble. The amount of dried sweat/salt under his bar tape was epic. I probably should have been wearing some sort of protective mask. Maybe this would have done the job.
Anyway, it's done.
After the lovely sunset last night, I awoke early this fine morning, expecting a pleasant day. The temps were lovely, but the grey sky is becoming downright depressing! Once again, I climbed aboard the Salsa and headed out for a wet and dirty ride. Instead of the usual HoP, I turned down a road that I'd spied several times before, just because...
Well, it went nowhere and was sloppy red clay mud...great...
Once I'd doubled back, I got back on the normal HoP loop. It was very wet on the dirt sections this morning...VERY wet! My new Diadora ProCarbon shoes are now slightly less white. And the Salsa is slightly more orange and brown.
On the ride, some dim-witted douche decided to crowd me. I whistled, he flew the bird and called me female lady parts. I was about a block back when I saw him turn into a parking lot...so I followed. He was considerably less aggressive once out of his douche-grey Taurus. I offered to place the aforementioned Diadora shoe within the confines of his buttocks, but he declined. Who's the female lady part now?
Overall, I had a good ride. You know it's good when you come home with tan lines or dirt lines.
Mine were the latter today!

See you guys at the race tomorrow...

10 March 2010

Looky, looky...

Columbus FOCO tubed Jericho cross frame
55cm w/55.5 top tube
Don't quite know what I'm gonna do with it yet...

I just sent a note to Josh Ogle...the guy who WAS Jericho Frameworks. I'm waiting to see what he has to say about it. It's gonna be a little while until I build it up. Gonna go with an Ouzo Pro cross fork and Deda/Thomson cockpit...other than that, I'm up in the air.

Back to Portland weather

After a few glorious days of warm sunshine, this morning crept up with grey skies, a breeze and spotty rain. The real rain is on the way...according to The Weather Channel. If Stephanie Abrams says it's gonna rain, I'll believe it, 'cause she's HOT!
Anyway, I have consulted with Dr. JB and his PhD physical therapist wife, the lovely Dr. BB, and was given some advice for my back that seems to be working. Dr. BB suggested a regimen of back exercises called 'The McKenzie Protocol'. I've done the routine twice and it actually has taken a bit of the discomfort away. I've also mixed in some leg and hip flexor stretches from the Williams Plan.
I rode last night and felt quite good on the bike. No issues with pushing hard, but I could feel a little pulling in my back, so no all out efforts were attempted. Same thing this morning...
We'll try this and see how it works out. If everything goes to shit, I'll make the trek to Emory and see Emily's neurosurgeon.
Brown Santa is supposed to deliver the new arrow for the quiver today...waiting with baited breath. Il Prof's Colnago is getting is makeover tonight. No dumb handlebar tape this time...just white Lizard Skins DSP.

Don't forget....
Blythewood RR Saturday
Forest Acres Crit Sunday
TNCWC starts next Tuesday (16th) @ 6:30
-We'll adjust times, both race and start, if necessary.

I'll be out at the course in the next couple of days to clean....

07 March 2010

After much consideration...

...I'm thinking that I may need to go see a back surgeon. I've done everything that one can do to end my back pain, but nothing seems to work. It's affecting more than my riding, which in and of itself, is a bit maddening. There isn't a day that passes that I do not have low back and leg pain. The leg pain is a by-product of the back injury as I'm forced to use my legs to muscle through things that the back would normally handle.
I can ride and still hold a high pace if necessary, but the resulting pain has become such that it's just not as much fun as it should be.
I'll still be out on rides, and around, but if the Doctors say they're going to have to cut me...well, then I'll get cut.

That being said, I rode 3 hours on Saturday and 2 hours this morning, which made for four days on after 12 days off.

The Blythewood RR is next weekend. The TNCWC starts back up on the 16th...pass it on. I'll be out at the course at some point this week to clean the corners and paint some lines on the road.

05 March 2010

12 off/2 on

So after 12 days off the bike, most of it with a haggard head/chest cold, I've ridden 2x in the past 24 hours. The action of it is just weird. I think I lost a little bit and still think I have some residual sickness. Long rides tomorrow and Sunday will either sort me out, or I'll be under the bed next week!

Spring is definitely on the way though. On the loop this morning, I chased a half dozen deer down the trail for about 600 meters. Kind of cool...other than the powers that be closed the pass through gate, so the poor animals just ran headlong into the 8 foot fence, more than once. I finally turned around and herded them back up the trail and out into the green spaces off of Old State Road.

Ride tomorrow @ 9 from the gate, and 9 @ OSB on Sunday.

03 March 2010

Somebody 'splain this to me...

The NAHBS just passed, and there was some very cool stuff presented this year, as always. Check the links to galleries on their page. Some seriously drool-worthy rigs, for sure.
There is also a pre-ponderance of bamboo bikes...and I just don't get it. I understand the concept and the execution, but WHY? Is it the 'climb Everest' theory?
Personally, I find them ugly and think they serve no purpose other than an exercise in what materials can be used to manufacture bicycles. Sure, they say bamboo bike are light, stiff and comfortable, but why not just buy a steel or carbon bike. It's not like someone is going to break out their Boo road bike with Di2 on it and mix it up and the local weekly World Championships...unless they are a complete poseur or d-bag. Calfee's offerings look more like conversation pieces than something you'd actually go out and beat on. And some frames presented at the show were just head scratchers! I mean, WTF is that thing? I know it's a project to help frame builders in Ghana, but damn, it looks like something that Jack Skellington would ride.

If the builders would like to contact me, I have a huge stand of bamboo in my backyard. I'll be more than glad to sell it...and for the prices of these frames, I ain't giving it away!

On the hand-built tip, my lovely wife...the H.O., threw down and got me a pretty damn nice early 40th birthday present. A NOS Jericho FOCO tubed cross frame is making it's way to me as we speak. I have a list of 'white whale' frames hanging above my desk and she took it upon herself to locate this frameset and get it for me. It's even the correct color! I knew I kept her around for a reason (other than the fact she's hot!). I'll post pictures when it arrives...

As an aside, I finished and delivered GW's rain/beater/trainer bike today. It turned out quite nice...especially the Mr. T-esque chain.

Ignore the crankset (an SRM is on it now) and the so-so shitty Roval wheels. They suck on so many levels that they defy explanation.

Il Prof's Colnago is next on the docket...

My illness seems to have passed enough to get back on the bike tomorrow night...we'll see...

01 March 2010

Back from BC

Flecha wins HNB...like a boss! The weather was shit for HNB and KBK over the weekend...is this a taste of what is to come for the rest of the Classics? Man, I hope so...! Flanders and Roubaix have been far to kind to the hardmen over the last few years. It's time for a repeat of 1994...

OSB Masters had another good weekend in GV too! Good looking out guys!