30 January 2010


Granted, Zipp beam bikes...hell, ALL beam bikes were/are really stupid, but whoever did THIS should be struck down in his skinny jeans as he stands in whatever hipster-douchebag coffee shop he frequents. I mean, for fuck's sake...

I didn't go out today as I'm not being watched by any pro teams, but I did decide to do a little exploring out in Ridgeway. Hackathorne sent me a map of a dirt ride out there, so I decided to check it out. No time like the tail end of a winter storm that dropped ice all over the place to go explore a bunch of unmarked dirt roads. As I was beginning my search, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a lone lunatic out of the corner of my eye, heading North out of Ridgeway. The only person that even threatened to ride today was MDro, and the general shape of the lone rider was remarkably similar to his, so I turned to check it out. As I rolled closer, I noticed the silver Salsa 29er...it was the crazy person himself. We spoke for a minute a I let him get back to his solo lunacy. In case anyone is interested, he wasn't out for a spin to get away from the house for 30 minutes! He ended with 5 hours, 120km (on knobbies!) and more spent KJ and TSS points than should be allowed on a 31 degree, freezing rain day! Fine line between hard and crazy...he was definitely tripping over that fucker today!

Anyway, the dirt roads out there are great and it would be VERY easy to put together a ride that hit all of them, and looped back to a central meet spot. Hell, one had a creek crossing! I would have driven across, but the water was bumper high on the truck, and moving pretty quickly. Seeing as #1 MT was with me, I decided to practice some discretion. Getting the truck swamped in a fast flowing, barely above freezing stream, in the middle of nowhere just smacks of bad parenting! Look for maps of some loops/routes very soon!

Cross Worlds tomorrow on Sporza or Universal Sports...12 noon. The cross was snowy, icy, muddy today for the Junior and u23 races. Tire choice and pressures will be very important tomorrow!

Turbo ride in the a.m. Too cold for my old bones outside...

29 January 2010

It's Friday...

...you ain't got no job, and you ain't got shit to do!

So I tried to ride last night. I say tried simply because I made it 28 minutes before the back tire on the cross bike decided to evac all of it's air. Fortunately, I was down on the canal trail, so I rode it as far as possible, which turns out was about 600 more meters. I stopped at a bench and started the quick change process. Over the years, through working in shops and riding, I've become quite adept at changing tubes. I had the wheel out and the tire stripped off in about 30 seconds. Upon putting the new tube back into the tire, it quickly became apparent that there was an issue. The brand new, just out of the box, tube that was in my flat kit had a fucking hole in it. QC @ whatever backwater Chinese plant Specialized procures their tubes from is lackluster at best! I wish I'd held onto the damn tube, so I could go down to the shop and demand a replacement!
So as I'm standing there, calling the H.O. for pickup, the entire Harrell's Thursday Night Race ride goes by, completely lined out in a single file paceline...on 29ers...on the river trail...you guys are CORE!
No one so much as slowed down to see if a fellow cyclist was in need of anything. Yeah, sure, I know I'm a prick sometimes, but I ALWAYS check on someone who is stopped on a bike to make sure they're okay. It's just good cycling juju! The cycling Gods will smite them at some point in the future, that I'm sure of!
Anyway, I hiked my happy ass about 2 miles to the ultra-creepy River Drive parking area to wait on my extraction. Walking that distance is uber-stiff, carbon soled MTB shoes is NOT something I would recommend. My feet hurt like a BITCH!
Back on the horse this morning...
90 minutes on the cross bike. Not a bad ride, but didn't have a lot of gas. Just sort of spun around and fought the wind. Figured out the cross course @ Hammond Academy too. Right at 7:30 per lap and spectators will be able to see about 75% of the course! Time to start looking for dates...
Weather looks like a wash out for tomorrow...turbo here I come! The entire corporation was supposed to load up and go to the NC mountains this weekend, but the impending winter storm and the threat of 12"+ of snow made it seems like a poor choice and bad parenting! The way my luck runs, we'd get stuck on I-40 for a couple of days...in my truck!

Oh, and cross Worlds 2013 will be in Louisville! I'm there like stink on a Phish fan! They have three years to learn how to make proper frites!

Gotta jet...peace!

28 January 2010


Bond is doing a TT series starting in the Spring. There are three dates on the calendar:
- 3 April
-22 May
-14 August
The loop is a rolling 20k. There are 20k and 40k options and the races will be chip timed...meaning that splits will be available and results are immediate.
The races on all dates begin @ 0900.
The location is White Oak, SC, a bit North of Columbia, SC and less than an hour South of Charlotte, NC., just off of I-77.
The course will be completed closed to vehicular traffic and controlled by the police. You may even see yours truly zipping about on the scooter!
Edit: Here's the flyer!

Work has also commenced on a Columbia cyclocross series for the late fall. Locations have been scouted and the balls are about to start rolling. Stay tuned and shout at me if you want to help out.

The TNCWC is on again for this year. Time changes on 14 March this year, so the first crit will be Tuesday, 16 March. I will do a better job this year of keeping the course clean and will be re-painting the markings on the road. I'm also going to make an effort to keep track of the finishes, so we can crown a TNCWC champion this year.


26 January 2010

Saw this yesterday....

...need it in poster-size...I may have to do just that. Hello? Is this Kinko's?

24 January 2010

Weekend and some vids...

Saturday- We had a really good group and a really good ride. Nice steady pace with a few portions requiring some effort, which actually didn't feel too bad considering I've been on the road bike less than a dozen times since Thanksgiving. The weather was supposed to be decent, but we rode in 45 degrees and overcast skies...at least the rain held off.
Sunday- This morning I hadn't planned to ride, but needed to get the hell out of the house, so I kitted up and went out on the cross bike. I had no plan other than to explore a little bit. The first area I wanted to roam in was a complete bust, so I moved on. I rolled through the Hampton neighborhoods and ended up at the Hammond Academy sports practice complex. At first blush, there wasn't much there...and then it was as if the cross Gods shined a light from above and led me to the backside of the facility. What looked like little more than some double track access roads turned out to be the school's cross country practice course...and the absolute PERFECT place to do a cyclocross race. The course is full-on, Euro-style. Big descent, a chippy little climb out, a few slick turns, a short drop into a mudhole and a sand pit. This WILL happen next winter!!!!!! Emails and phone calls are going to be made, strings pulled, juice used, palms greased...whatever!

Here are a couple of vids to keep you occupied:
TDU Stage 6 highlights:

Hoogerheide Cross final lap:

Off day tomorrow...yoga! I rode 5 this week...Peace!

23 January 2010

22 January 2010

20 January 2010

TDU Stage 2 highlights

I went out last night for a road ride and it was a bit of an adventure...
First, a 911 Cab rolled up next to me in the neighborhood. I expected some dumbass to start jawing at me about riding on the road, or some other jibberish. The trigger was cocked on my F YOU gun. Thankfully, it was my old friend, former hammer and current legal counsel, Rob Ransom. We yapped for a while rolling through the hood. He took off and I caught him at the light. I tried to pace him. I say tried simply because there is NO draft behind a Porsche 911 Cab!
Once out in the Fort, I settled down into what I thought was a nice, SST pace. Well, I'll admit I'm a big pussy when it comes to the dark. Didn't like it when I was little, don't like it now as I'm tipping 40! Once I got to the end of Dixie and made the turn onto Wildcat, I saw little, red, beady eyes standing in the middle of the road, about 100m ahead of me. Don't know the eyes belonged to and wasn't hanging around to find out. Might have been a dog, a coyote or a chupacabra...who knows...I hit the GAS! I, literally, went as hard as I could all the way back to Hilton Field. It amounted to a 15 minute effort at, or above, threshold. I can say, with some degree of certainty, that I was blue-dotting and over-riding the light. My crazy, little kid imagination, and the thought of some mutant, Army experiment chasing me was all the motivation I needed! Once back into the relative civilization of the middle part of the base, I throttled back to SST and did the beer loop. I ended with right @ 2 hours in the dark, one really good effort and somehow lost a waterbottle...weird.
This morning, I got on the bike and had NO legs. I guess I went harder than I thought last night. I did a nice 90 minute spin out through West Columbia, trying to push the garbage out of my legs. It really didn't work! I'm stiff, sore and dehydrated today. Instead of relaxing once I got home, I went out and raked the front yard....for an hour! Cross-training bitches! At least it looks like respectable people live here again!

The H.O. is taking off tomorrow and Friday to get the house ready for her sister's baby shower on Saturday. Nothing like cleaning up and cooking for a bunch of people who won't appreciate it. I have a few projects to complete before Saturday as well, so it'll give me time. I'm clearing the fuck out on Saturday. A long ride, regardless of weather, and then I'm going to channel my inner redneck and take #1 MT to the Monster Truck show @ 2pm. It should be an exciting day...

Saturday...9am at the gate. Sunday, don't know, but guessing 9am @ OSB for Il Prof's ride.


17 January 2010

A quiet weekend...kinda...

The MTs were out @ the spa this weekend, so it was relatively quiet and subdued around here. If I could have gotten rid of the H.O., it would have truly wonderous. She's in 'project mode', which is fine and well...if she would stick to a project start to finish. Things get started around here, reach about 75% completion and then another project kicks off.
This weekend's main project was re-finishing the floors. My participation was not required, so I bailed the F out yesterday. Of course, being gone longer than management expects sometimes brings negative consequences, seeing as the H.O. said that I had things to do....
A bunch of us met @ the Fort at 9. Once we got out, Mrs. Kaiser, NGS and I split off to go a bit shorter. We ended with a nice 2:30 on the bike.
Following my little spin, I tackled the boxes of furniture that somehow made their way from India to our house. I just don't know how it happens! Anyway, I retired to the ManHole(tm) and built two of the heaviest mahogany end tables know to man. One would think that these things were made of some exotic material that was somehow differently affected by gravity. The box said the gross weight was 20kg, which is 45 pounds in old money. I think the stated weight was slightly pessimistic! These tables were followed by a couple of bar stools whose materials were obviously culled from the same off-planet mine.
I spent a solid two hours doing hard labor. It should count as cross-training!
The lovely scent of polyurethane is now permeating the house. I was awoken at 0430 with a blistering headache because of it.
It was raining pretty good this morning, but I needed fresh, clean air, so I saddled up and went out on the road. I knew that the off and on rain, the wet road and the winds would knock down the plans to ride @ 2, so I just went solo.
I made the smart play and headed southwest, into the teeth of the wind. I got to Gaston, refilled the bottle and turned for home...in the rain. Fortunately, it was warm and the tailwind was RIPPING! Little effort was required to stay well above 40kmh for the entire trip home. It was glorious! Two more hours on the bike this morning were followed by an hour of cleaning the thing!
I wish I could do the Bond, ML(tha)King, day-off-for-no-good-reason ride tomorrow, but the H.O. works for a subsidiary of Southern Farm Bureau, thus, I'm am working too! Hope you guys have fun rolling around in the 65 degree sunshine...dicks! ;)

2010 TDU starts this weeks. Here's TeamSky and Hendy kicking everyone's ass in the prelude. Watch for Lance in the break...he's wearing WHITE shoes...gonna be a weird year!

Hope everyone had a good weekend...Peace!

14 January 2010

Rest week

I've ridden once this week and don't feel at all guilty about it! As I wrote last week, I had a slip-up and fell over last Friday, whacking my knee on the bars. Well, after pushing hard on the turbo over the weekend, my knee and Vastus Medialis were swollen and VERY sore, so I chose to go easy this week. And in this case, easy means only riding once so far...for 90 minutes. I'll ride tomorrow and over the weekend, so I'll still end up with 4 days, but the plan is not to make any sort of efforts. I'm good at sticking to those sort of plans!
I may even dig the Ridley out of the ManHole(tm) tomorrow!

Velosnooze did an article about the Mavic factory in France. They skipped an entire topic in the article...why do Mavic products suck so bad lately? I mean, pretty much everyone in town (or the World!) has broken spokes on their Ksyriums, and Mavic even recalled R-Sys wheels. I really feel bad for Garmin this year, as they switched from Zipp to Mavic. I'm betting Millar didn't negotiate the deal. Anyone remember his rear Mavic disc coming apart? Mavic probably gave Mr. Dandy a case of ascots to seal the deal. If I was DZ or the other team leaders, I'd be stocking up on Lightweights, or just strip the decals off the old Zipps and stock up on Mavic stickers!

Oh, and they didn't even mention the battle that was waged between Velonews and Mavic when a front R-Sys exploded in a race while a VN editor was in the middle of a turn. And the wheel in question was a post-recall wheel. A recall can't overcome a poor design...so Mavic blamed VN!
I guess ad revenue is important @ VN these days (rollseyes).

And a final thought...Pat Robertson is possibly the biggest asswipe on the planet...and that's saying something!

13 January 2010


That's right, somehow, I've cobbled together 701 posts of this dumb little pill party! I've been accused of running off at the mouth, but in this case, would it be considered running off at the fingers?
Anyway, I'm going to make an effort to be somewhat more entertaining and informative this year. More links, more videos and more pics.
So here we go...

2010 Dutch Cross Championships summary...(subtitle: Don't bitch about the weather here!)

I'm planning a Roubaix-esque ride again for the near future. I realize that people are on training programs, but God forbid that a bike ride should be fun and interesting. I have several loops ranging from 45 miles and 8 sections all the way up to 111 miles and 22 sections. I'll send out an email and post here when the time is nigh.

If anyone knows someone looking for a house, the H.O. and I are about to stick a sign in the yard of ours. It's been totally re-done and will need nothing upon move-in.

I did the HoP last night, just to spin my legs. It was really nice outside. 45 degrees feels balmy after banging around in the low-30s. It's supposed to be 60 tomorrow and Friday...I guess I'll be riding as it's supposed to be shitty again this weekend. It's kind of a rest week anyway...

Tine to go order some Defeet DeCompressor socks...

10 January 2010

Enough cold already!

Here's the last 20-ish minutes of the Belgian National Cross championship. Nys came from waaay back to pull the leaders in and then just rode away. Card carrying BadAss!
The weather looked pleasant too...

Speaking of, it's been blue cold here for the past several mornings. Sure, it's not Duluth cold, but I'm not taking my thinned blood out in 25 degrees and breezy. Sorry, there's a fine line between hard and stupid. Plus, I can make it a balmy 50 down in the ManHole(tm) in just 90 short minutes with the heat running at full steam...and there's zero wind!
Saturday, I rode the turbo for the last 70km or so of the 08 Ronde. Nothing special as my knee was STIFF, but I tried to stay @ 80-85%.
This morning, it was 22 outside, so it was into the cave again for another go round with the turbo. The media was the last 50km of the 08 Fleche. I felt a bit better today, so I actually wore the HRM. 60' @ 90-ish% will, in fact, make the room you are in VERY warm. About 20 minutes in, I had a bad patch...weird, but rode through it and felt better after. You know you went hard when the sweat causes the dried mud on the bike to re-liquify and drip off.

Oooh, looky, it's nap time! Peace!

09 January 2010

Dr. Fucknut gets 5 years


5 years is a gift for what was tantamount to attempted murder. When coupled with the fact that he'd done it before, he should have gotten up and dance a fucking jig for the sentence that he was given.
He'll probably serve 6-9 months, but that's fine because he'll be put in the poor house by the civil suit. If I was admitted to the Bar in Cali, I'd take the case pro-bono...and bury the guy.
Don't drop the soap!

Ride content:
Muddy/Frozen roots are SLICK when it's 30 degrees outside. I slipped a gear on a section that I've cleared, literally, 50 times in the past and whacked the ever-living shit out of my knee. Not so much the knee, as the vastus medialis muscle that lives just above the knee. I sort of just stopped and fell over, a la Arte Johnson on "Laugh-In". Fortunately, my big ass was along for the ride and protected me from any further damage by taking the fall. It's like a big, fleshy Secret Service Agent.
The remaining 60 minutes of the ride sucked. Windy, cold and pain do not exactly drive one on to ride hard after a crash.
It's 24 outside right now...not going out in that crap. TeamSky isn't tracking my progress...
The heat is running down in the ManHole(tm) and it should be a balmy 50 or so by the time I limp down there to ride.

06 January 2010

A few things...

Thanks to everyone for the kind words about losing my dog. It isn't something that I really want to go through again anytime soon.

From the World of the pro-dog, Team Sky presented the other day. Pretty first class operation!
The kits are simple and clean...very old school Euro. The bikes, well, they're Pinarello Dogmas, so it's sort of hard to go wrong. And the team cars, Jaguar Estates...cool!
Sure, I'm a Lance homer, but this set-up makes 'The Shack' kits and bikes look like crap. Then again, they are riding Treks, so there you go...only so many ribbons you can put on a pig!

I found this pic of Boonen on Pez...in the Belge champ kit, riding a Merckx! WTF? Could it get any more Belgian? That should be framed, hung over the fireplace and admired while sipping a Chimay!

I'm waiting on the spring campaign like a gay kid waits on the Miss America Pageant!

As far as riding goes, I've been on the trainer twice since Saturday's big fun. Sunday I just spun out some stiffness for an hour.
Last night, I rode @ SST for 60 minutes and it didn't suck...weird! This morning, I did an hour of yoga and then some core work. That was followed up by the HoP+ loop tonight in the dark. It really wasn't all that cold. My little piggies were chilly, but that was it. I gotta figure out some better shoecovers that will fit over MTB shoes. Plus, I'll need to protect my new white Diadoras that are in transit. :)

Not much left in the tank, so I'm out! Peace!

04 January 2010

RIP Robin Hood 1992-2010

Robin Hood,

Writing this note pains me beyond measure.

Today was a hard, hard day. Today, you went to a far better place, where all of your aches and pains have ceased. Your sight has been returned to perfect and you can once again hear the food bag open from miles away. You can bark, roll, jump and chase what needs to be chased.

I called the rescue in late 2000, and told them that I wanted an older male Jack Russell as a companion for our female. A week later, we rode up to ‘look’ at you. The first time I saw your big brown face, you greeted me with a smile and wagging tail. I sat on the ground to watch you run and play with Bella. After a short time, you sidled over and plopped down on my lap. That was it for me. You’d come to the rescue from less than favorable circumstances. That day, I promised that you would never have another bad day.

When you came to us, you were already 8…old by some standards, but you were in your prime, full of life, energy and mischief. You and Bella became partners in crime, which was quite amusing to watch at times.

Life changed around here when the boys came along, but you took it all in stride. It seemed that you just knew that these crying little pink things were new members of your pack and it was your job to watch over them. You were patient when they pulled on you and chased you, yet ever vigilant and fierce when it came time to protect them.

You slowed down over the years, but still had the same spirit and smile. When it came time for you to cross into that better place, you looked at me. It was a look that I won’t ever forget. To the end, YOU comforted ME.

You passed at the ripe old age of 17. It is said that a man is lucky if he has one good dog during his lifetime. I was insanely lucky and blessed to be your person.

I buried you in your favorite spot in the flower bed, right against the stone wall. The spot where you slept away lazy afternoons in the sun. That big, warm sun will shine on you forever. You will be in my heart for the rest of my days.

Rest well old man…rest well! I Love You!

02 January 2010

2010's first update

January 1- Supposed to meet a couple of folks to ride @ 1pm. For some reason, I simply cannot bring myself to wait around for half the day to go ride, so I chose out @ 0930. It was cloudy, breezy and a bit foggy. I headed out on the cross bike and did my HoP+ loop. I was feeling a bit chipper, so I went out into W.Cola and hit some of the muddy dirt roads.
As it usually happens, I was the absolute furthest point from the house, and the low fog became drizzle, then a steady light to steady rain. Did I mention it was 45 degrees? I got out of the SCE&G owned woods, and rode somewhere between SST and FTP for the 45 minutes it took me to make it home. The pace kept me toasty warm and and the wet roads cleaned the mud off the Salsa, so there was an upside...
I feel confident that no one rode @ 1 either!
January 2- NGS and I headed out to Lex to take part in the Ian Foyster Memorial Day after New Years Day Ride. It was ASS-BITING cold this morning...30F with 20mph winds out of the NW. Unfortunately, the cold and the dirt kept a lot of folks away. Pity for them...
8 intrepid souls rolled out in the brisk morning sun. 10 minutes into the ride, everyone was warm and laughs were becoming de rigeur. We all rode together...no egos...no testosterone...just a bunch of dudes having a good time on their bikes. It was so nice and should be done more...by everyone!
Shortly after halfway, a moment of inattention on a rocky downhill section brought our pal KK to grief. He hit the ground on his left knee/hip and stopped abruptly. The scuff on the front of knee wasn't so bad. The HOLE on the side was HAGGARD! For reference, it's about the size of a large peanut M&M. Nasty. He soldiered on though, adrenaline flowing through his veins. I'm willing to bet that MFer hurts right now though!
3 hours after rolling out, all 8 rolled in together. We chatted, took a couple of group pictures, and then took our cold, hungry and tired asses home. Our average speed wasn't at all high, but our average fun level was through the roof!

Gonna be COLD next week...I hear the quiet whispering of the trainer in the distance...bastard!