31 December 2011

Later 2011...

2011 was a bit up and down around here.
A pretty serious set of surgeries for me. Another bambino. A good trip to Philly. Some quality rides, and some rides that aren't worth even talking about.

I thought I'd end the year on a high note...on here at least.

Best race commentary of the year? It ain't Phil and Paul...

Now for a few pictures I like...

If you use the term 'back in the day', yet do not know who this guy is without a caption, STOP FUCKING SAYING BACK IN THE DAY!!!

If there was any more awesome in this photo, the Earth would spin off it's axis! See also : the caption for picture #1...

Yeah...not much needs to be said here, eh? Well, other than 'Douchebag'...

If you've ever wondered how they paint the roads at the Grand Tours, here is the proper technique!

She is a pro mountain biker. Her name is not important at this time.

The World according to cycling fans.

Possibly the finest piece of correspondence left at a house by a cyclist. I think I will do this the next time I get right-hooked in the neighborhood!

And finally, my resolution for 2012!

Peace and love folks! Thanks for stopping by my little pill party. See y'all next year!


29 December 2011

Cool, or sacrilege?

The Mavic shoes went to Canada yesterday. What a colossal pain the ass to send something to a location that's closer than most of the continental US of A. No more shipping to Canada. Shipping is a PITA. Canadian buyers are a PITA. Don't get me wrong, I have a few friends from Canuckistan who are simply wonderful folks.
Canadian Ebay buyers want the World, but only want to pay for a bag of dirt...

Oh, and it's gonna be around 50 at the start of the NYD 100(ish)K ride. Temps will ride to the low 60s, and the winds will be out of the SSW, which means a tailwind home. Ergo, you have no excuse(s) NOT to come out and ride!

27 December 2011

New Years Day 100(ish)K

When: New Years Day...duh! Sunday, January 1st @ 0900

Where: Colonial Center in Columbia

Who: Whoever. Everyone is welcome. Average speed will be 30-33kmh. That's 18-20mph for our Metric Challenged friends. :)

Why: Uh, because? Start your year off with some good miles, in the sunshine. Be careful though...you may have fun!

How: Road bikes, or CX bikes with skinnies.

Here's the loop.

Good roads/terrain, low traffic, smooth pavement...what's not to like?

Remember the old Toby Porter Lake Loop? Yeah? Let's get another ride like that going!!!

26 December 2011

Breaking News

TotalCyclist Spring Divacamp dates have been announced...

When: April 4-9, 2012
Where: Beaufort, SC
Who: Women only...sorry guys!
Why: Because it will help women become better riders.

Spread the word to ladies you know who ride. There will be a small racing component to this Spring camp as well.
It's giant fun for campers, and staff alike!!

25 December 2011

Ho, Ho, Hoe?

Looks like Mrs. Claus has been watching what she eats, and/or hitting the gym! Of course, Santa IS a rich, old dude...

I ain't saying...

I actually got some stuff that I needed/wanted this Christmas. I know it's not about what you get, but every so often it's nice to open a present and not get a fucking flannel shirt.
Junior Management was treated well by Nigel (our resident 'Elf of the Shelf") and Santa. It must be said though, that Nigel is obviously a Democrat, because his idea of good behavior is a bit more liberal than my own! :) Kidding! I have pretty good kids, and they deserved it!

We've completely three of the four stops on the Christmas Tour 2011. Last one is tomorrow, then I'm DONE! Back on the bike Tuesday...and it's supposed to rain! I guess I'll be getting wet and dirty!

Rode solo yesterday for a couple of hours. Nice little spin with a couple of efforts for fun. 65km was plenty!
We're also batting around the idea of doing a "New Years Day 100k" ride. If anyone is interested, let me know. I'll post more info in the next day or so, once we figure out specifics.

And on a serious note, please keep Justin Bristol in your thoughts. He woke up this morning, Christmas Day, to his house burning around him. Positive tip : he, his family, and pets all got out alive. Negative tip : EVERYTHING else is gone!
JB is a broke-ass college kid, a hard worker, a good rider, and a damn nice guy.
As you hit your knees tonight, say a word to whoever you choose, for Justin and his family.


22 December 2011

Oh, how I love Brown Santa...

Diadora ProRacer 3 kicks to replace the old Diadora ProRacers. Fit like GD slippers...
Special thanks to RealCyclist.com for the bro-deal. I don't know why I stray from brands that work for me. I've wandered from the path of Diadora a few times in the past 15 years, but always get the ship pointed in the correct direction so that I arrive back in Italy.
The PR3s did win two Grand Tours last year under Cuddles Evans and JJ Cobo, so I know it's not the shoes holding me back.
They also match the Ridley perfectly...which is always a plus...

Same thing with the MadAlchemy embro. My little brown jar was running dangerously low, so I veered off the path, attracted by the marketing dazzle of DZNuts InHeat embro. Upon using the InHeat, and coming home with cold legs more than once, I took that hard turn, and got back on the correct path. Thankfully, I found out how average the InHeat was BEFORE the aforementioned little brown jar ran completely dry.
I'll probably continue to use the InHeat, but only one warm-ish, and/or wet days, as a layer of protection. Now granted, I have only used the "medium"...maybe the "hot" is the way to go, but I'm not dropping more cash on stuff that might work.
I know the MadAlchemy WORKS, period. No need to go further...

What is beauty?

THIS is beauty...

4ème Manche de CDM cyclo-cross from Petitesreines on Vimeo.

Good ride last Tuesday night. Turnout was a bit thin, but the threat of rain sometimes keep folks in the house. The fact that Christmas is looming in the distance, like an approaching train, could have had something to do with it as well.
Either way, it was big fun. I got a solid 2:15 on the bike, had a couple of little efforts, and a bunch of smiles. You know, how riding should be...

Rain is threatening again tonight, but I don't care. It's gonna be 70+ degrees today...on December 22nd. I think I can deal with being damp...

3 sleeps until Santa...

20 December 2011

How do they ride with balls that big?

I guess that's why they wear baggy shorts!
Watch the video, be impressed, share with friends....


Size 11.5 (46 Euro) Mavic Zxelliums
Can't get my cleat position set up correctly, so they gotta go. Worn ONCE on the trainer.

19 December 2011

Fun, part deux?

Excuse me, Mr. Nys? You seem to have something stuck in your teeth! What a crazy race yesterday...
Here's the last lap...sorry, as usual, can't embed from Sporza. Wankers...

Namen Last Lap

Anybody have a wet-nap...or a Karcher?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, you simply CANNOT trust cats! First it was sucking the breath out of newborns, now this?

No attempt at humor here. Just a completely BADASS old picture of the Stelvio. Unreal!

Now onto the show...

Good rides this weekend. Big fun, and some actual work. Shocking, I know...

Saturday met us with warm temps, and there were no "invitation only" rides, so we actually had a group. The Saturday ride is a 'paceline' affair, so it was nice to have more than four people in the rotation. It's amazing just how quickly a group working together can cover distance if no one surges, or 'attacks'. Hopefully attendance will continue to be high, as I think everyone got a little bit of work in during the course of the ride. The meat of the ride averaged right at 35kmh for the better part of 90 minutes, which ain't bad for December!

Sunday, the normal bunch rolled out into LexCal. It was 10+ degrees colder, and the effects of Saturday were likely present in some legs. I know the folks in attendance on Sunday felt it. No matter, as it was a HUGE blue sky, light wind, and warm sun. 45 degrees, schmorety-five degrees.
We mixed it up by doing what has become to 'go-to' ride backwards. Normally, we end with Fish Hatchery, as it's a nice 40kmh+ run back towards Columbia. Upon rolling out the opposite way, the realization came, pretty quickly, as to just WHY we always haul ass coming back. FH is a long, 2% false-flat drag all the way out. Not a leg breaker, per se, but a leg softener for sure.
That being said, the run from Gaston to Old Pine Plain is WAAAAY easier in the opposite.
That enthusiasm was then tempered by the climb out on Pine Plain.
The loop is definitely harder counter-clockwise.
Another 90km in the books...

Once home, and sufficiently beaten down, The H.O. made me go shopping. It must have been the haze of riding, or the lack of calories, but I somehow found myself at the mall in Irmo...a week before Christmas. I think there may have been a promise of nudity involved, but I can't be sure. I was swimmy headed. Proof of this swimmy-headed-ness? I tried to go to Starbucks...in the mall...right next to where Santa was set-up. Go ahead, laugh and call me a dumbass...I'll wait...

Upon the fruition of that beating, we headed to Lexington for Round Two.
Four generations of The Corporation loaded into "The Notorious GMC", and rolled to Saluda Shoals for the Christmas lights. If you have kids, or old folks, it's well worth the $10.
PRO-TIP: It opens @ 6. Get there and lined up by 5:45 at the latest. We left the Park @ 6:45 or so, and the line to get in was easily a mile, or more, long...in EACH direction!!

Today is the first day of Christmas break for Junior Management, so you know where I'll be...

6 days until Santa hits the door...


16 December 2011


Rolled out with the WeCola night ride last night, including a special appearance by the local branch of the CycleSmart GR CX team, namely the two J's. J1 was worried that the ride would develop into a swordfight, but I assured him that the opportunity to simply rise above would be available. I also reinforced the ideal that those who deem it necessary to constantly whip out their swords usually carry little more than butter knives.
Anyway, we had big fun rolling around last night for a couple of hours. Plans are being made to night ride the Palmetto Trail on The Fort in the coming weeks, so if you're so inclined, please feel free to join us. CX or mountain bikes, makes little difference to me. Just be ready to enjoy yourself...

Boone-Roubaix registration opened today, for the low-low price of $25!! Yes, I said TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS!! I had my finger on the trigger, and made the mistake of calling the H.O. for the go ahead, as one with three children is sometimes wont to do. Unfortunately, the best laid plans of this man were thwarted almost immediately as I was reminded that #2 son's 5th birthday is that day. I tried to sell the trip to Boone to watch daddy race his bicycle would be a great present. As usual, she wasn't buying...dammit!!

The World according to Bikeys...

I suddenly have the need to go buy a Jamis TT bike. Don't know why....weird...

Don't forget...

Saturday 0900 @ Brennan for 45 miles, including some paceline work.
Sunday 0900 @ Laurens and Greene for a jaunt into Calhoun County.
Everyone is welcome...


13 December 2011


Sorry...completely not cycling related, but made me laugh really hard!

Gavia? Alpe d'Huez? Yeah, you wish! That shit is SICK!

All aboard the Pain Train. Mr. Merckx will be your Conductor, while Mr. de Vlaeminck will be the Engineer. Also, check the equipment! These guys were fucking hammers, and didn't need 11 speeds, electronic shifting, or Zipps!

Screw a Garmin! I'm just gonna follow whatever vein on Hoogerland's leg that'll get me home. Let's just call it HPS...the Hoogerland Positioning System!

Good 2 hours in the dark tonight. Nothing quite like riding around, in the dark, in 55 degrees...two weeks before Christmas! It was also nice to see tonight. Funny how new contacts will do that for you. I truly need to get some clear Oakleys though, as the Tifosi glasses have the optical quality of drugstore reading glasses smeared with vaseline.

Oh, as an aside, if you felt an earthquake-like shudder today, just before lunch, it was merely my credit rating falling to Earth after Christmas shopping for the children. Two things in my life suck money out of my pocket these days...bike stuff, and my three progeny...not necessarily in that order.
Now I just need to shop for the H.O. I'm sure that'll be inexpensive...

Ride and Smile!

11 December 2011

High speed...high drag...

If idle hands are the Devil's Workshop, then I'll be sitting on a puffy cloud, maybe not IN the "Upper Room", but somewhere close.
Between riding, parenting, decorating the house, go to Lowes because the 50' strand of LED lights was 18" too short, and dealing with the acquisition of a new family hauler, I really haven't had a chance to take a breath.
First the riding...
Saturday : Nearly 3 hours with IP, TVH, and Dr. LP
Sunday: 2 hours solo, though I did leave with the group. The aforementioned decorating, Lowes trip, and family hauler precluded my doing the planned 4 to 5 hour loop. It's okay, as the 2 solo hours in the wind was just about all I wanted to deal with today anyway.

Upon my return to Service Course, I hung all the lights with care, even those I had to go buy in the middle of the job. Wouldn't be a project w/o a trip to Lowes.

I then spent a small, albeit important (to no one but me), amount of time cleaning the new family hauler. Sure, the $7/hr making dude at the stealership washed it, but it wasn't up to my spec, so my OCD took over and cleaned it properly.

And now, The Beast...

Does this angle make my butt look big?

Yeah, it's a full-size, extended wheelbase SUV. I just cannot bring myself to drive a minivan. Well, that's not true. I'll DRIVE one, but if I'm buying a vehicle, a minivan it will not be...
We've had three minivans, but they were all company cars, meaning they were FREE.

Yeah, the mileage won't be great, but then again, I have a wife, three kids under 7, a dog, a bunch of bikes, and other crap that needs to accompany us on trips, so the BIG SUV fit the bill. Can't do all of that shit in a Prius. Well, you probably could, but it would take more than one.

Gotta figure out a name for it now...

08 December 2011


You want one...don't lie...

Great pic of shapely female triathletes...too bad they all probably crashed into a pile in the first corner.

Found this old pic of Cipo. No words...just NONE!

Good 2 hour ride Tuesday night. No great impetus, just rolled around. I did cut through The Country Club, aka The Strom. As the USC chil'rens are studying hard for exams, the fields were dark, and 'closed'...whatever...
A little CX practice was in order...not that I'm racing anytime soon. It's just nice to fart around once in a while. The problem? USC evidently put down a metric ass-ton (slightly less than the English standard) of sand to help the bermuda grass grow a bit. It was also evident that the sprinklers had been on for the better part of the day. Some of the field was blistering fast. Parts were full Euro CX sand pit, and in the dark, at speed, the sand came upon me quickly.
Turning on wet sand is no problem, if you have the proper rubber. Clement LAS file treads ain't it...

Saturday 0900 from Brennen
Sunday 0900 from 5 Points

Come on out, you may enjoy it...

06 December 2011

Global warming

I guess the warm weather has led race organizers in California to get creative with their CX course design...

Gives a new definition for the term 'barrier'!

Yeah, dollar bill handups are good...

05 December 2011

Quiet Monday

Yeah right...
Actually, around these parts, Monday IS an enjoyable respite from the lunacy. It's only the little man and myself and these quiets mornings...

Hot links:

WTF? Kits Folks who are putting a team together should peruse this site, for no other reason than see what happens when Adobe Illustrator (or in some cases, MS Paint) goes bad. If it's a good idea in your head, sometimes, it ain't...

I like Parlees, and a really dislike Prius(es), or Prii, or whatever you call multiples of the not-so-Earth friendly car, so this video leaves me conflicted.

The video also raises questions...

If it reads your thoughts, do you ALWAYS have to be thinking about riding? Will you ride off the road if you have brain fade? Will the bike take you to the local nudie bar if you think about boobs? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

Vaughters was on @tourchats will Neil and Dan last night. He took everyone on a tour of his house. What I did NOT see was the steamer trunk where he keeps The Gimp.

Okay enough...

Saturday was a good ride, albeit a bit chilly fresh. We rolled around LR for a while, and then spun back into the Fort. Il Prof and I peeled off, while Coco stayed out for another hour. And that's why he's a CAT1, racing for TeamGlobalBike. Normally, I'd stay out for the extra hour in the sunshine, but I knew what hell awaited me upon my return to Service Course. Christmas tree shopping...and I'll leave it at that...

Later in the evening, my plan was to change out the chain on the Ridley, seeing as it had been on the bike since I built it in April. This led to the discovery that my 39 chainring was shot, so it got changed as well. Since I was swapping out half of the drivetrain, everything got cleaned as well. It's amazing how smooth a bike shifts with new, clean bits.

Sunday, our little band of merry men rolled off into Lex/Cal for a 3+ hour jaunt. I actually made the effort to stay on the front with the aforementioned CAT1 for the majority of the ride. Again, it was another beautiful day in South Cack-a-lacky. Big sun, light wind and good ride partners...

Blah, blah, blah...get on with your Monday! :)

01 December 2011


You know, I give Mark Cavendish a lot of stick, both here, and on the Twitters, for no other reason than he's of diminutive stature. I don't know the guy, but think that I would like him as a person. He seems pretty real and down to Earth, and is likely a good guy.

Yeah, getting the MBE is a pretty big deal....

No more night group rides for me. It seems that when the temps go down, so does the attendance. The ride was thin tonight...like runway model, can't eat more than a watercress salad and a Tic-Tac thin. Those who chose the brave the numbing 47 degree temps, stood around and yapped about the route, the length of the ride, and whatever else came up to delay throwing a leg over the top tube.
I took all I could, then rolled out solo.
I had no plans to ride remotely hard until I got to the tennis center of 12th. St. I rode around the K-Rail, and into the darkness. Note to self...DON'T EVER GO THAT WAY AGAIN!!!!

Why you ask?
A) It's very dark.
B) It's full of noises that completely mess with the inner eight year old.
C) The road is supposedly haunted. (see "B")
D) is for DEER.
E) Did I mention the haunted thing?

I was PINNED at somewhere North of 95% for the better part of ten minutes. It really stung, and I don't mean in a good way. My brain, as small and addled as it is, was in full overload. The combination of the pain, fear, and imagination gone wild was nearly more than I could handle. I didn't like it...
I'm coming down from it now, and really struggling to get my thoughts together and keep my eyes open.

Anyway, from now on, my Tuesday and Thursday rides will be solo affairs, or done with select company.

Namaste...(see below)