29 February 2008


Doogie and I met for a loop of the Fort last night. I think he may be right about our meeting time. 5:15 seems to be the witching hour for dumbasses in automobiles. I only had one near miss on the way to the Fort last night...of course, it was some Heathwood mommy in battlewagon, pulling out of King's Grant. Yeah, go ahead, pull out and hit me...you won't be living in your $500k house for long. It'd be like The Jefferson's up in that bitch. The H.O., the management trainees and I would be "movin' on up".
We finally reached the safety of the Army Base and did a easy big loop. It was sunny and quite pleasant until the sun retreated behind the trees. Down in the valleys, it was kinda chilly.
Nice 90-ish minutes on the bike...
I rode the new Michelin Pro3Race tires too. First impressions? They are pretty nice. Probably on par with GP4000S tires. They roll well and have good ride quality. They are THIN though. The casing is baloney skin. They are also pretty damn narrow. Crit tires, these are not...
They'll be good tires for around here though...unless I start to get flats...than I'll shitmouth them at every turn. :) I think I'll go back to Vittoria once I wear these out though...

Saturday's ride will be @ 9, like normal. Set your flipping clock Doug...
Sunday...? We'll figure something out...
Both days are supposed to be sunny and nice...get on your bikes people!

I finally caught up with my friend Becky the other night. She's about to be single again (shithead husband...don't ask) and she's most definitely a Cougar. She's one of the few real "guy's chicks" that I've ever known. If anyone is in SE Pennsylania, I'll hook it up...

26 February 2008

Ton o'bricks

Man, sometimes news just hits hard. In my newly rekindled friendship with one of my best friends from high school, I found out that one of the girls in our class died of cancer not long ago. Normally, I wouldn't be so melancholy, but this girl was IT when we were in school. Thankfully, I didn't just admire her from afar...she was a friend. I spent some serious quality time with her during our senior year. She had some health issues during and after college, but this news just made me a bit sad. I understand she had a young son as well. Normally, I blather on about nonsense, but in this case, I really don't know what to say...

May God bless and keep you L.E. !

25 February 2008

Rock Racing

Way hotter chicks than Toyota-United...

24 February 2008

Crap weather...good riding

The weather was shite this weekend. Saturday was wet and drizzly. At least the trifecta didn't complete itself...by being cold. A lot of folks went to Greeville to the training series and a few were out of town, so the group ride was thin. We rolled out thru Lower Richland, up Elon and out to the GMart. It seems NID forgot to set his alarm, yet caught us out there.
We rolled home the normal way and the ride was without incident until Doogie got rear-ended by Joel. Neither went down and Doog's $1000 rear wheel was okay...no harm, no foul.
I ended with 55 miles and 3 hours on the bike.
Ths morning, Doog, TVH, Il Professore and I went across the river and did the Sandy Run/Gaston loop. No rain this morning, but it was 50 degrees, cloudy and just generally shitty outside. I guess it could have been worse, but now that I'm home, warm and have had a nap, I can say, without equivocation, it was shitty. I did feel better on the bike this morning. Less twingy-ness in the back. I may be coming back around...hopefully.
Another 3 hours and 50 miles this morning...

I got a few emails over the weekend, from folks I was good friends with in high school. Time to move again...kidding! It's funny how you fall out of touch with people over the course of twenty years. They were talking about a reunion. I've always said that I wouldn't piss on my high school if it was on fire, and I stand by that statement. I would, however, like to see about two dozen folks from back then. These people were my good, true friends. The rest...meh! I'm sure some of the d-bags from school are successful and happy, but it warms my black little heart to know that some of the uber-cool kids are fat and complete fuckups.

And on that uplifting note...my new RoL wheels are pretty damn nice. They are stiff, roll smoothly and ride pretty damn well. They'll do the intended job just fine! Follow the linky on the right to their site. Feel free to call Sean, the man what own the joint, and talk to him. He knows his shit!


22 February 2008

Weekend rides

A lot of folks are going to Greenville, but the regular group ride will be leaving at normal time. 9 a.m. @ the Gate. The weather is supposed to be gone early in the morning, and WU says 60 degrees by 10...

TVH and I just spoke and we are thinking 10 a.m.
I'd almost like to go do a ride across the river. I'll send out an email with specifics...

21 February 2008

Longer days

Last night, Doogie and I met @ 5:15 for a loop of the Fort. It was kind of nice to ride in the late afternoon/evening and not be forced to leave the house in the dark. Hell, I didn't turn on my light until we were almost out of the base.

We did an pretty easy big loop with no efforts and no drama. It felt good to get my legs going around and it stretched out my back. I feel better today than I have in weeks.

Saturday looks like rain, so the ride may be called. I spoke to TVH this morning, and Sunday looks like it will be a beautiful day, so plan on riding in the morning. We talked about 10 a.m., but nothing is concrete yet. I'll post something on here...
Rob/Casey- I don't have contact info for you. Leave a comment or send an email. The email link is on the profile page.


17 February 2008

Welcome back...

Saturday was my first ride in 12 days due to my back issues. I figure, if you're going to the pool, jump in the deep end.
We did the normal Eastover loop and, thankfully, it was a controlled pace for most of the ride. Once we hit the first climb on Old Leesburg, my HR skyrocketed. Considering it hadn't been above 80 for 12 days, 170 felt like I was having an infarction.
The ride split up because some wanted to do their 'training', so the vast majority of us just let them go. The four who split off weren't really missed and the remaining group rode tempo back to the Fort. It was a fairly uneventful ride. I didn't feel all that bad, but could tell I'd been hurt and missed quite a few days. No heroics from The Kid on this day. Still ended with 55 miles in just under 3 hours. Pretty much what I needed for my first ride back.
We'd planned to have a group this morning, but Doogie came up sick and the Rob/Casey duo were no shows. NID and I met and went out for a nice, slightly less than tempo/slightly more than spin ride through the cloudy Columbia morning. We ended up with 2 hours and right at 40 miles. And wouldn't you know it, as my luck always runs this way, the sun came out and it got warm right when I got home... :(-
The back feels good, but definitely tired. My abs are tired from taking a good bit of the strain. My legs are protesting like two of the Chicago 8. Time to get back on the ab/yoga workout routine.

Oh, I almost forgot...
The organizers of the Giro and Tour are a bunch a bitches for excluding Astana. Personally, I think they are afraid that Astana will win one, or both, of the Grand Tours from which they've been excluded.
The officials at the Tour of Cali are bitches too. The Rock Racing guys have paid their debt, aren't under investigation and all hold legal licenses from their respective countries. They should have been allowed to race.
I'm now rooting for Astana and Rock Racing...screw the system!

14 February 2008


So I'm looking for a set of wheels...

Why is it that when you are flush with cash, you can't buy what you really want,
But when you are dead-ass broke, 12 sets of the flipping things are on Ebay?


12 February 2008

So long, farewell...

I decided to clear some inventory out of the ManHole(tm) and made a little jingle.

Powertap...gone to Ohio
SS KHS mountain bike...gone to South Dakota
Ultegra R/D...gone to Wisconsin
Thomson Post...gone to NY
Marzocchi fork...gone to South Korea, then the dude flaked because shipping was $75. You live in Korea, dumbass. Did you think I could put a stamp on the thing and my mail carrier would pick it up? I made a second chance offer to the guy would bid $1 less on Ebay, but haven't heard back yet.

I gotta box the SS up tonight and ship it in the morning. Luckily, my back is feeling better by the day. I'm still staying off until Saturday though. Another visit to the Chiro is in the works for the end of the week as well.

And a little rant...
I know my kids are cute and full of life, but that doesn't give carte blanche for people to touch them. I was at Office Depot getting some packing tape and while I was in line, some scary, old, stank-breath woman took upon herself to reach out and touch #2. Lady, seriously, don't touch my kid. I didn't ask to poke him with your dirty finger, so keep it in your pocket. I know I can be a huge asshole from time to time, but in this case, it was warranted. I simply pulled #2 away and got a look like I had stolen the old bitch's welfare check. I don't go around poking at other people's kids, so I flatly refuse to let strangers grope mine. If I know you and am okay with it, grab 'em, hug 'em, tickle 'em...etc...ad nauseum. If I don't know, keep your hands to yourself, or you may pull back a fucking stump!

End of rant...

10 February 2008


So I met Doog this morning for a 2 hour spin through the flats. There are mixed feelings and emotions after the ride. My back is definitely still bunged up, but it's all muscular now. The left side of my lower back felt like s-h-i-t for most of the ride. It burned, it pulled, it twinged and a couples of times, spasmed. I could barely get off the bike to take a break naturel.
Two hours is definitely the outside of the envelope right now.

When I got home, I got the bike up the stairs and in the house, but it was a stuggle...and we're talking about a 16 pound bike here. I was bent into an odd s-curve for about 15 minutes. After a brutally hot shower, I started to straighten up. Here's the odd part...! 30 minutes after my shower, I was standing completely straight with little to no pain. I could feel that I rode, but no pain accompanied the feeling.

As I sit here and write this, my back feels pretty good. I lifted the kids in the car to go to Lowe's without issue for the first time in a week. I'm thinking I may take off until next Saturday, just to let everything heal up. Of course, I may wake up tomorrow and be paralyzed for the nipples down. We'll see...

My fitness is definitely going to take hit, but I've come to the realization that Silence/Lotto isn't tracking my fitness level and injury progress. It's February, BFD...I'll be fine by the time the group rides start.

09 February 2008

Sunday ride

9 @ the gate
We'll see what happens...I may need someone to tow me home if my back flares...

07 February 2008

Still crippled...albeit less...

That's the new team steed for Rock Racing. There has been much talk about how ugly the bike is, but let's make one thing perfectly clear...IT'S A FULL F'ING CAMPAGNOLO RECORD DEROSA!!!!!!!!!!!

If you say you wouldn't ride it, you aren't just lying to me and everyone else, you're lying to yourself.

The back is feeling better, just really stiff. I'm trying to get through it without the assistance of modern pharmaceutical science, but I'm getting weak. Hell, I tried to get the kid's pediatrician to give me a cortisone shot today. I will be taking a cyclobenzaprine before bed tonight. It's must be good for a cyclist...it's got 'cyclo' right in the name.

I likely won't be out this weekend, but I'm cool with it. Maybe a forced break for 10 days or so will actually help me out. Come July, burnout may stay away...
Maggie Backstedt is harder than you...nothing like riding the turbo with a broken, 3 day post-surgical repair collarbone.

05 February 2008

Dammit, Dammit, Dammit...

So I have a good weekend, get to ride my bike, run around with the H.O. and enjoy the two days.
I wake up yesterday and I can't stand up straight. I look like Ichabod Crane...literally. I'm hunched over and a bit bent sideways which adds up to being 5'2".
I've been to the Chiro 2x already...

I guess I will be off the bike for a few days...

I can't pick up the kids, the H.O. is assisting me about as much as a helper monkey with broken hands and I'm out of Hydrocodone!

I'm going to go let forth a stream of expletives that would make a Tourette's sufferer blush....

03 February 2008


Good weather was a thing of beauty this weekend. It wasn't what you would call 'warm' when we pulled out either morning, but it was sunny and the winds were calm.

Saturday, a larger than average group met for a spin down Leesburg to Congress and across to the flats. Instead of doing some steady tempo work in the flats, we turned and went back up Horrell Hill and into Fort Jackson and wasted a tailwind on Airbase. It was a bit easier ride than usual, but it was nice to have the missing pieces of the group back around. I ended up with 80km and 2:45 saddle time.
Before the ride, I drank a Full Throttle (sugar-free) instead of my usual morning Diet Coke. I was okay until I got to the gate...then the liquid crack hit my bloodstream. I don't know exactly what they put in that stuff, but it made me a bit jittery. I felt great for the first 90 minutes of the ride and then my stomach soured. I'll try it one more time and if I get the same results, it's back to Diet Coke before rides.

Sunday, the usual suspects met @ 9 and did 3 hours through Lower Richland and the Swamp. It was a good, steady, recovery/spin ride. Another day with 80km and 3 hours. I felt like s-h-i-t though. #2 was up most of the night. I don't know what his deal was, but he wasn't happy.

Overall, a good weekend of riding...

Time for the SuperBowl....I'm ambivalent, as I really don't like either team...

02 February 2008

Sunday ride

9 a.m. @ the gate...
3 hours
50+ miles
Moderate pace
No whining