28 July 2009

Why I hate pro football and baseball...

Goddamn it. My Irish is up today. It's bad enough that I can't ride due to a 'procedure' I had to remedy an evil little bastard of a saddle sore, but sports radio and TV has made my ass redder than usual.
Let's start with the NFL...
Goodell reinstated Michael "the dog killer" Vick? WHAT THE FUCK? It's bad enough that he only served 20 months for his part in financing, and participating in, a dog fighting ring, but now, he has the opportunity to get back into football and make millions again!!! If I was the owner of a multi-billion dollar corporation, which most teams are these days, would I want this douchebag to be the first thing people think of when my company is mentioned? Hell no...
Here's how it would go...
"Yeah, I like the Carolina Panthers, but they signed Michael Vick." That would always be the caveat. No thanks, I'll pass!
Vick needs to do whatever college-dropout felons do when they get out of the joint. Muck stalls, clean pools, work at the recycling plant, etc.
I'd like to believe that, deep down, I'm a forgiving person. In this case...NOPE! Fuck YOU Michael Vick!!! I sincerely hope that the very first time you take a five-step drop, that you are pancaked by a 260 pound linebacker traveling at top speed...and BOTH of your knees get blown out!!
You deserve nothing less!

On to Baseball...
I've ranted in the recent past about the steroid-eating d-bags that populate baseball these days, so we won't go there. I will say that keeping Pete Rose out of the Hall is an injustice of epic proportions. Yeah, he gambled...ON HIS OWN TEAM! The guy was so supremely confident in his guys that he bet ON them to win!!! Yeah, he might have sounded a bit like a broken record after he got banned, but he had a right to. The lifetime banning was little more than Bart Giamatti's hard-on for the game of baseball. If Giamatti can see what is going on in baseball now, he spinning in his grave.
Pete Rose played the game the way it should be played, period! Hustle, give everything, swing at the ball...and WIN! Yeah, I'm a homer. I grew up on the Reds in the "Big Red Machine" era.
I was at the game when Pete tied the hit record. I still have the ticket stub!!!
The fact that A-Fraud, ManRam, Bonds, et al are likely going to the Hall is wrong. Baseball is a game of numbers, and theirs are severly skewed and inflated. Hank Aaron is absolutely correct when he says that their numbers should have the big * beside them.
Evidently, Bud Selig is considering Rose for the Hall. If ol' Bud loves the game as much as he claims, They should have a special cermony just for Pete!!!
Hell, half of the guys in the Hall were complete a-holes outside of the game. OUTSIDE the game!!

whew...I'm exhausted....................

26 July 2009

Quickie part 2

Still feel like crap...no ride today...slept A LOT!
Columbia HTC and Cav are faster than everyone! As Team Astana's guy twittered, Cav went "Horizon" on the field...

25 July 2009


No ride today. Sinuses are full of something that appears to be not entirely human.
I slept in until 9:30 (thanks to the H.O.) and then watched Ventoux...crazy stuff right there! I think Lance has shown he's back, even if he didn't win Le Tour.
I know people will poo-poo it and the naysayers will call him a doper, but that's their cross to bear. And he has a message for you...

24 July 2009

Another double day

So Doog shamed me into riding yesterday morning. We did a short (90 minute) cruise through LR and I got home in time to watch the end of the TT. No more than 5 minutes passed after Contador finished and Bond calls me. No hello, no greeting of any kind. He simply says, "I'm calling bullshit..."! I have to say that I agree fully. Contador put the screw down on Cancellara in a flat TT? Really?
I hope the UCI dope testers didn't spill of Contador's piss on themselves, because I'm confident it would burn flesh.
That dude has found whatever new dope is out there, and he's ON IT!!

The Thursday ride went off as usual and it was a really good ride, except for a normal bullshit of people who can't just pull through and over. Hanging people out isn't cool, ever! I don't know what gets into certain little brains. There are guys in the bunch that I'll accept attacks from, but a certain few, who cannot even fathom ever getting clear of the group need to reign it in. In their cases, they deserve to be chased down.

I can say, with a large degree of certainty, that I was outta gas when I got home last night. 110km and 3:45 ride time for the day makes a brother tired. That doesn't equate to a high avg. speed, but one easy ride and a second hard ride make the tank run dry! I have felt pretty mealy all day today as well! I guess it's good for me...

We're riding @ 8 in the morning from the gate.

22 July 2009


Both of the MTs are in 'school' this week, so I took advantage and went out on the bike yesterday morning. Coco and Doog swung by La Casa @ 0915 and we headed out for an easy spin. The plan was to do an hour, but we ended up with 90 minutes. The ride itself was uneventful, except for Coco breaking his rear Ksyrium...again. We rolled across the bridge on shop at 35kmh and the spoke just let go. Considering he's riding a cracked frame, the sound of the spoke breaking was unsettling, to say the least. At least he broke it on our bullshit morning ride than in the middle of the TNCWC!
The TNCWC assemblage was a bit larger than usual last night, but it was to be short lived. The first race lap was slower than the neutral lap, until FK lit the fuse. We went from 30kmh to 50kmh in about 150m. The initial break of 3 was caught, yet the pace didn't slacken until the 21 minute mark. That slackening of pace lasted approximately 17 seconds. The rest of the race was markedly faster than the past few weeks. The wheat was separated from the chaff pretty quickly last night. There was nowhere to hide and the line was single file for pretty much the entire 55 minutes.
I was out of gas (didn't eat/drink enough through the day) at the end and sat up through the last turn. Doog ended up taking the W and there was PV all over the front. Of course, of the 15 or so finishers, 8 were PV...
It was a fast and fun night and everyone stayed rubber-side down.

As for Jens, he's got facial injuries, including a broken cheekbone (yeoouch!), and a grade 3 concussion. Not bad considering how and where he crashed! Get well Jens!

21 July 2009


Zipp owes Mr. Voigt something for this failure...

Original Video- More videos at TinyPic

20 July 2009

Sunday and PV podium

So the MTs were out at the spa for Saturday night/Sunday, so I slept in (a little) and then met Doog for an easy spin through LR. 2 hours...what a freakin' perfect day outside!
Got home, ran some errands and took a nice, much needed, nap before the H.O. returned with the MTs. I also cleaned the nasty, nasty bike.

The weekend races in Asheville were also a boon the podium totals for PV.
Let's start at the top...
Coco - 1st Cat3 crit (and he's moving on to the 2s)
GW - 2nd Cat4 TT
Doog - 3rd Cat3 RR
Jay - 3rd Masters RR and 3rd Masters crit
Bond - 3rd Masters TT

Not a bad weekend for the team...

I just pressure washed the front and side of the house, including 50 feet of wood privacy fence. As much as I hate to say this, I actually LIKE using the pressure washer. It helps with my need for instant gratification. An okay way to spend a rest day too...

TNCWC tomorrow night. Be there...

18 July 2009

End o' the week

No ride Thursday, as it was storming like a beotch in Lower Richland. I sent both MTs to school Friday morning, so Doog and I met and rode. We went pretty easy and I ended with almost 2 hours. Picked up the boys at school and then met Doog, again, for lunch at Yo Burrito.
Pretty much everyone is in Asheville racing today, so I met Doug and we did a nice, steady 2:20 on the bike. Ended with 70km. It was BEAUTIFUL this morning. A light breeze and cooler than usual temps made for a nice ride.

Now for a bit of a rant...

Garmin/Slipstream sucks, period! That are led by a douchebag and, after today's stage, are pretty much the pariah in the peloton. Hincapie was in the break, 8+ minutes up and in the virtual yellow. Astana was riding piano on the front and let the gap go open. AG2R had zero chance of defending the MJ, so Garmin, who had ZERO reason to chase, went to the front and started drilling it. The rift between Columbia and Garmin is the only reason for this. Why on Earth would you chase the break when none of them are going to be threats in the next few days, including Big George? One of their own guys was in the break too!!!! If George hadn't been up the road, DB Vaughters would have never ordered them to chase. As Ron Burgundy would say, "Stay classy JV!"
Hincapie is a consummate professional. If anyone deserves to wear the MJ, even for a day, it's him. And don't, for a moment, think that Lance and Astana were chasing. LA and George have been friends forever, and are to this day.

I want to like Garmin, just because they are an American team, but I just cannot. Vaughters is a smug, self-righteous douchecanoe who thinks that he's bigger than the sport that has given him such a nice life. There are moments that you just shouldn't fuck around with history and tradition. Unfortunately, Vaughters didn't understand that today. He ostensibly robbed a one of the most liked guys (and a patron) in the peloton of a life-long dream.

Go Team Columbia/HTC...!!!!!!!!!!!!

As an aside, the neutral support guy from Mavic who botched Voigt's wheel change should be shit-canned...TONIGHT! That was some amateur hour shit! And then they wouldn't help pace him back up to the break. Hacks!

15 July 2009


Weird night last night. A few attacks went, but it seemed that no one really wanted to work...either in the breaks, or chasing them down. There were parts of the race that were blister-raising fast, but a few times, we went up the hill @ >30kmh.
With 4 to go, FK (formerly Der Kaiser...thank Crusty for the new nickname!), Paul and Crustofferson himself got away. The group kind of just watched them stretch it out. A little chase group of three got 1/2 way across just before 2 to go. I swallowed hard and closed it down in the hopes that someone would counter when we got there, only to be disappointed...
The three escapees stayed away and the rest of us sprinted half-heartedly for the field finish. Crusty and FK played 'Chip and Dale', one trying to give the win and the other not really wanting it. After you? No, after you!
I finished 9th, felt pretty good and had too much left in the tank at the end.
At least the field was little bigger this week.

As an aside, how about Cavendish? The kid is a fucking stud!
And Garmin/Slipstream...shut up with the excuses why Farrar can't beat Cav. It sounds kind of sad and pathetic.

Oh, and here's a GREAT Versus commercial!

12 July 2009

Vive Le Tour

Week one over. More questions than answers. Lance or Contador? Personally, I'm pulling for LA again simply because it would grate the collective ass of the cheese-eating-surrender-monkeys. They've tested him EVERY day of the Tour, including 3 in a 48 hour period. He's at 40+ tests since August of last year...let it go people!
Rest day tomorrow...flat next week...then on to the Alps, which is when the race will truly begin...

I went out Saturday and did what amounted to an 80km solo ride after I was unceremoniously left for dead by my compatriots out in the middle of the Swamp. This was after I was run through a pothole at speed and lost my full bottle to the ditch. Yelling and whistling is of little consequence when heads are down and earbuds are at high volume. After chasing for around 15 at 40kmh+, I settled into a steady 35kmh pace and rode tempo for the next hour.
80km in 2:20...
Once I got home, I had the pleasure of manually digging 24 inch deep holes and planting 8 foot posts in concrete for the H.O.'s new trellis/blind to hide the shitbox rental property next door. The feeling still hasn't returned in my right hand from the post hole diggers.

This morning, a few stragglers showed for the Il Prof ride @ 7:30. We headed out through the Fort and 3 of us made the decision to go short. Crusty yelled at me for letting a 100m gap open, so I closed it @ 55kmh...you're welcome! We rode a light-ish tempo to Backswamp, where RHR, Crusty and I turned off to head home. We took nice, even, 2-ish minute pulls for the rest of the ride. I know riding at 7:30 is early, but it's nice to get home from a good 2-hour ride at 9:30 in the morning. I cleaned my bike and then lazed about for the rest of the day.

After dinner, the H.O., MTs and I went to Lowes to buy a tiller and wheelbarrow. They close @ 8 on Sunday, but evidently, customer service ends at 7:30. They were more concerned with getting the store buttoned up to go home than they were in my $400. I'll be heading to Sears in the morning to pick up my new tiller and choose a big ass wheelbarrow!

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Peace!

08 July 2009


The TNCWC went off last night and was brutal from the gun. Der Kaiser took off and shattered the field on the first lap. There was no backing off the gas for the first 30 minutes. Break...chase...break...chase...shower...rinse...repeat!
The last 25 minutes weren't much different than the first 30. The line was long and thin.
It came down to a field sprint and Coco showed clean wheels to the group for the win. Doogie was 4th and Bond 6th. Another good night for PV!
On the other hand, I wasn't ready for the pace. I felt like shit and didn't bother to warmup. Pay retail? Yes, please! After 30 minutes at vomit threshold, I sat up and spun around. I think the weekend caught up with me. A lot of miles and not a lot of sleep does not make one ride effectively, to say the least!
I think I'm going to take a couple of days off the bike. Motivation is returning, but I'm just plain tired.

07 July 2009

Do Not Pass Go...

Mr. Morales better enjoy visits from RCSD, because he's going to be getting a few more. The complaint was signed this morning!
I'll stay on top of this on principle!!!

06 July 2009

Been a while

Sorry everyone, it's been a little mad around here lately.
Last Thursday, we got seriously harassed by a cager. Unfortunately, it isn't the group's first run in with the fat bastard. This time, he fraked with the wrong person. I may be a pain in the ass, but I have juice around these parts. One of my old college friends happens to be a Prosecutor for Richland County. She got a call!
Action will be taken today... :)- I also worked my own back channels and got a cornucopia of the guy's personal info. Here's his name, address and Phone #, if anyone wants it...
Michael A Morales
521 Harmon Rd
Hopkins, SC 29061-8623
(803) 776-4851
Fuck with the bull...

Saturday, several of us made the trip to NC to ride the Fabulous 4th loop. The day started EARLY...0500 to be exact. The big group rolled out right @ 0800. It seemed that the lead group started a bit slower than usual this year, but the first hour was still quick and people were getting popped off left and right. I got gapped off on a climb when people started dumping gears and dropping chains, but got back on after burning a rather large match. The funny thing was the fact that I felt better after killing it to get across. I sat up after 90 minutes with the front group for the sake of self-preservation. I was in No-Mans Land for the next hour, riding alone. The last hour, I rode with a small group, until my front tire had an explosive decompression near the top of Camp Old Indian. I rode it flat to the water station.
After a quick change, I was on my way. I rode with a couple of folks for the rest of the climbs and then rode away on the decent into Tryon. Ended with 3:39 ride time, including the flat and a two water stops. Not great, but I felt good on the bike, never pushed really hard and wasn't comatose for the rest of my day, which is important when the MTs are involved.
Bond finished first @ 2:58. Doog was fourth @ the same time. It's a great ride that's well organized and loads of fun, even for non-climbers. 110km and 7600ft of climbing!
Sunday, Mandrus, Doug and I went out @ 8. My legs were STIFF. We ended up with 90km in 2:40. I felt better for riding though. 200km this weekend!
Let's just say I'm taking today off the bike. TNCWC tomorrow night. Maybe some folks will show up...Bond says he's coming out...grrreeeeaaaat!

01 July 2009


Blah, blah, blah, blah...
It was hot. No one showed up. A break went away just after halfway. Reed and I bridged. He stuck, I did not. Chase group was laughable. I quit and just rolled around until the end. Toby went with @ 5 to go and stayed away. Coco won (what was left of the) field sprint.

Non sono motivato per guidare la mia bicicletta!

Going to ride tomorrow night to shake down the bike before the 4th of July ride. Saturday is 68 miles and 7600 feet of climbing...oh goody! Then I get to come home and sit around with the H.O.'s parents. Happy 4th of July to me!

And to Thomas Dekker...you're a giant fucking douchebag! Oh, how I wish Bruyneel would release Horner so he could go race the Tour for Lotto and stick it up Astana's collective ass.