31 August 2007

A week of no riding

Well, I didn't ride last night either. Rain blew through @ 5:30 and sucked any motivation that I may have had cleanly out of my body. My bike is clean and it's almost September. If it was the middle of March, I would have ridden, at least a loop of the Fort.
I'm planning on meeting Dean @ 6 tonight to spin around and then meet the Beer Ride...(say a prayer for me!) I haven't ridden since Saturday and to be honest, I'm a bit itchy, but not enough to really care.
However, I will be out in the morning, come hell or high water. It won't be another 2 hour ride either, like last Saturday. I want 3+ steady hours tomorrow and Sunday and then a short spin Monday. After a week off the bike, riding 5 days the following week should set me right...

#2 is firing up...time for a feeding...

See you in the morning!

29 August 2007

No crit for you

There was no crit for the kid last night. #1's school had Open House and my attendance was mandatory, or so said the H.O.! That being said, it was a HUGE waste of time. He's been going to school there all summer, we know all of the other parents and all of the teachers. We were there a grand total of 15 minutes..., but I suppose it's part of being a good parent. There were a couple of parents who were conspicuous by their absence, but I've had some ideas about their child-rearing skills for quite a while.
I wanted to go watch the end of the race, but we went to Yesterday's for a light dinner instead.

I'm thinking about going out tonight for a short ride to loosen up the legs for Thursday. I haven't ridden since Saturday and I'm a bit stiff. The blinky light needs to go on the bike as well. It was almost dark when I rolled in last Thursday. The long loop may have a couple weeks left in it, then we'll have to start doing the shorter, Elon-free version of the ride. Not that my heart will break if we skip the climb up Elon...

I'm still waiting on the rim that I ordered to show up at CC. It's not that the PT needs to be re-built, I just want it to be...

Time to go put the twin jogger together for the H.O.!

See you Thursday...

28 August 2007

So very proud...

Here are some numbers:
#1 Manufactured home sales
#1 (per capita) violent crime
#2 worst schools
#5 fattest
#10 poverty level

And just when you thought things were looking up...

25 August 2007

Saturday and I'm tired...

Today was much harder than it really should have been. We rode tempo for barely two hours and it was work. I guess riding hard on Tuesday and Thursday made the old legs a bit tired.
We did the old Tuesday night ride out through Hopkins and came straight back in. No variations, no options to ride further...
I think everyone was a bit tired as there was zero effort to contest any of the sprints throughout the ride.
Mrs. Der Kaiser came out slathered in some new sunscreen she bought online. The stuff actually looked thicker AFTER the ride than when we started. She kind of favored David Millar during the Tour, when he was painted head to toe in some sticky white stuff to keep the sun off of his delicate British flesh.
If I ride at all tomorrow, it'll likely be alone, on the cross bike, through the woods. I've given up on the Sunday road ride.

24 August 2007

Trailer Park

I've come to the conclusion that we live in a $130/sq.ft. trailer park. I've taken great pains and take great pride in the work that I've done to my 1937 bungalow. It's 99% restored and looks the part. Unfortunately, there are a myriad of rental houses on our street that are owned by people who just don't give a shit what the houses look like, nor do they care who they rent them to.

The H.O., the management trainees and I just got back from dinner. The wiggers that moved in two doors down have a fucking compressor pulled out in the yard and have a clapped out low-rider truck up on jackstands, doing something to the rear end. They actually pulled an extension cord out to run a fan in an effort to keep them cool while performing the task(s) at hand. It reminds me of an old joke..., "How many dipshits does it take to fix a truck?"
Never have I wished for a truck to fall on people more...

Shortly after the spring bloom, a sign is going in the yard and we are outta here. Time to go to Forest Acres, where the people are old and have good sense.

Just what I needed...

We left with quite a large group Thursday and the next time I turned around, there were 10 of us. I guess people decided to turn off...
The ride itself was pretty calm leaving the Fort and going down to Ridge. The pace quickened a bit on the run to Elon, but it was still very controllable. I used Elon as I normally do, a recovery.
Once past Bunky's, the pace picked up again and we settled into a comfortable rolling paceline. The pace stayed abpout the same once on Airbase. Everyone was together going into the bump. I was stuck in the back and watched Der Kaiser and RW just roll away up the bump. It wasn't that they nailed it, they just kept the pace rolling and the guys in the middle let the gap open. The chase formed and everyone took their turns. We caught them about 1/2 way down Airbase and Karl countered his own move...badass! He took Reed and another guy with him. Again, the chase formed and we all did our parts, except for the Les Amis kid, who wanted to be a hero and fouled up the line everytime he went through. Instead of the old "through and over", he'd pull a Trez and just nail it when he came through. He gave a valiant effort, but his attempted heroics did little more than slow us down and piss me off (I was the one getting hung out in the left line).

The group was together at the Stop and we all rolled to the sprint en masse. Again, the Les Amis kid did his usual, only this time, he hung Reed out to dry. He pulled to about 500 meters and pulled over. I just sat up and slowed to his pace, throwing the nice block for RW. Rich came around @ 300 and rode away. A few stragglers gave chase, but he had it by a long shot.

We rode a piano down Double Homey and most of the way down Shop. The light caught us and when it went green, Kevin and Beano took off. Der Kaiser rode by at the head of the overpass and the train started rolling. Rich jumped to the right and I went around to the left. Mandrus caught my wheel and the three of us got a tow to the sprint. When Der Kaiser got to the front two, he sat up. Normally, with a leadout like this, I'd hit the 12 and go, but when I stood, the legs protested and I sat right back down. Then again, the leadout WAS 60kmh all the way over and down the overpass.

Overall, it was a great ride and I felt okay for the whole thing. My trip to the Chiro seems to have straightened me out, literally and figuratively. Pate told me that I should just plan on coming back every 60-90 days for tune-ups from now on. Sounds like a plan...

Saturday morning...8 a.m.

21 August 2007

107 degrees...

The TNCWC went off tonight with a rather large group, considering it was 98 degrees with a heat index of 107 when we started. Thank goodness the humidity was low!
It wasn't a blistering pace, but the pace combined with the heat made for a hard-ish ride. The group stayed together the entire race, except for a few attacks. Each of these was pulled back quickly.
The whole group went into the last lap together and RW threw an attack about 1/2 way down the backstretch. It got pulled back, but the chase spread the group out. I went into the corner sitting 5th, behind Charles and Sundaedae. Charles nailed it with @ 300 to go and flat rode away from us. I sat up, demoralized and coasted across 9th. Considering the fact that I've been at the beach for a week, riding my cross bike, with it's little gears...I'll take a top ten finish.

Edit: I forgot about the crash in turn four on the last lap. As we bombed the corner, taking the proper line through the apex, I noticed a couple of guys way outside. You can take turn four a couple of ways...fast or wide. You cannot, however, take the corner fast AND wide. Two guys went down in a 30+ mph pile. Fortunately, they crashed into the curb and wound up in the grass. SippyNick got up and rode away. The Cycle Center guy wasn't so lucky. He piled his Six13 into the median, but according to Shrews @ CC, there wasn't much damage. The same can't be said for his shoulder. He has the tried and true AC separation. I had a grade four and can tell you, it ain't fun!

There are two kinds of cyclists. Those that have had shoulder injuries, and those that will.

I just ordered an IRD Cadence Aero rim (30mm deep & 460 grams) and some Sapim CX-Ray spokes for a rebuild of the PT. Hopefully, this will make the wheel a bit stiffer and more aero. The Open Pro rim built 2x drive and non-drive with straight 2.0 spokes gets the job done, but I want it to be better. The weight shouldn't change that much either. We'll see...

I'm tired...! As #1 would say, "Night, night...!"

19 August 2007

Home from the beach...want to go back

So the beach trip was a fun, albeit not very restful one. Between the boys, the H.O. and the gray hairs, I didn't get much sleep, nor did I get much peace and quiet. Every morning @ 6:15, the gray hairs would start pounding around the house. Quiet is not a word that is associated with those two old birds.

Anyway, I rode with those guys on Tuesday morning and, even in my suck condition, I drug them around for 2 hours. It did beat riding alone and I got some good PT numbers from the effort. We rode around a 1 mile loop for the better part of 90 minutes. I'd pull @ 24-25 for two or three laps, then they'd each take a pull @ 21. It was a decent interval workout to be honest.
There were no really big efforts or sprints.
Wednesday, I rode the crosser around in the marsh for @ 1:15. I went easy and just enjoyed the ride. The trails through the State Park are about 6 feet wide and crushed shells and packed sand. Parts were very hardpacked and parts were Paris Hilton loose. Nothing like sliding the bike around the corner. Oh, well, that's where handling skills come from. I hit one of the boardwalks at a funny angle and blew out my rear tire at the end of the ride. Instead of just limping home, I stopped for the flat change. Evidently, I disturbed a nest of wasps, and I don't mean the "We're going to the Hamptons this weekend..." type. I got out with two stings on opposite ends of my body. One on the cartilage part of my ear and the other on my left butt cheek. Thankfully, the ear hasn't ballooned to Prince Charles proportions. The hiney cheek is red and swollen and hurts like the proverbial female canine breeder. It would have been a funny sight if anyone had been around. I ran and jumped like some sort of lycra clad, slightly touched in the head, ballerina.
Thursday, I rode the crosser HARD for two hours. I caught one of the guys and rode with him for a while. He was "going hard" @ 21. 21mph is very hard on a cross bike with 1700 gram wheels shod with a 700x40 knobby on front and a 700x35 knobby on the rear. I did two more loops through the marsh and headed home with a hard two hours in the saddle. After I rode, the H.O. announced we were going to Beaufort for lunch. It was hot as dookie in Beaufort. I think I got a bit dehydrated from the combination of the ride and the walking while shopping.
I did see a couple large owls in the marsh, one of which flew right across my face. I think I pooped a little. I also ran over a squirrel. He bobbed when he should have weaved and caught the fury that is my fat ass on a cross bike. I looked back and he was limping into the woods, probably wondering WTF just ran him down.
I awoke Friday with a blistering headache, so there was no ride...

The beach was great. There were actually some good sized waves and the breeze knocked the temps down quite a bit. #1 loves the ocean now. We bought him a little PFD to wear, so now he just floats. Friday was rough though. After the second or third wave smashed him in the head, he proclaimed, "All done!" and didn't get back in...! Smart kid.

If you're looking for a place to go where you can just shut off for a week, Edisto is it. I cannot fathom why people go to Myrtle Beach. If I wanted to be around Mexicans and rednecks, I'd stay in Columbia!

I got up for the 8 a.m. ride and, as usual, no one bothered to show up. Go figure...! It's beginning to be a big waste of time. It may be time to start riding the cross bike on the trails and doing some trail maintenance while I'm out there...
My sweat came from working in the yard this morning. At least it looks like white people live here now! One of the morons from next door rolled his still-drunk ass out of bed to stare at me while I mowed. I gave a motion like I was looking at my watch and then waved. Don't blame me if you can't handle your liquor...

12 August 2007

Ah, the beach...

I rolled out of the sack this morning at 6:45...as usual. I might be at the beach, but schedule remains constant. That's the beauty of going on vacation with the H.O., the kiddos and the Gray hairs.
Sleep did not come easy last night either. I don't sleep well in new places. That, coupled with the storm that blew through here last night, created much restless rolling.

I was on the bike @ 8 a.m. and did 2 hours on the cross bike. Meandering through the marsh on the trails was really nice. I was riding, my HR was up and my legs were going around, but it was strangely relaxing. I had been on the bike for about 90 minutes when I ran into a couple other roadies who are here on vacay. They were going out when I was coming in, so I turned and gave chase. We rode together for a bit and yapped, as guys on bikes tend to do. Tuesday, we are riding together @ 8. I plan on doing some interval work, so they can either sit in, or laugh hardily at my weaksauce. I'll get a workout one way or the other.

I got back to the house, rinsed off and went to the beach for a couple hours. The front was still blowing through, and the emphasis is on blowing. Nothing like a 20 mph wind sandblasting you. #2 was bothered by it. We built a little shelter and he slept like he owned the place. #1 is leery of the water, but he'll warm to it. I accidently dumped him off the body board into the surf. He wasn't happy!

Wildlife sighting: A big buck and a couple does ran across the road in front of me and I saw a myriad of those little, teeny crabs on the trail.

Time to go eat some skrimps...I'll check in later in the week. My wireless connection is very hit or miss. I'm glomming someone else's signal...

11 August 2007

See you bums in a week

Just got back from the Saturday morning ride and it was starting to get hot. Poor Maria moves down here from the frozen North right in the middle of a heat wave. She said she just couldn't get cool...well no shit! It's 92 degress at 10 a.m.
The five of us rolled out around Lower Richland and ended up with 55 miles. Mick rode in from across the river, so he had an easy hour to get home. He'll have a very rare tailwind to finish off his 5 hours on the bike...crazy...

I did a couple of FTP efforts(325w) and a couple efforts around 300w. All were done for 4-5 minutes while I was pulling. I felt pretty good this morning. The week of the bike didn't hurt me a bit, well, except for my right knee. I kicked a soccer ball around with one of the college chicks yesterday, now my knee hurts. I got better as I rode, but it's damn stiff...

I won the sprint on Cabin Creek pretty easily. Francisco said I was lucky because he was about to come around me. Brother, you better pack alunch, 'cause you'll be trying all day...
When I pop off 1250w and really didn't go all out, you aren't coming around! You may think you are, but it ain't happening.

Off to the beach for fun, sun and some QT on the bike...

See you guys next Sunday...maybe...

10 August 2007

8 Tours in 11 years...

So long, we hardly knew you. A special thanks goes out to Astana, Michael Rasmussen and all the other dipshits who got caught doping. You've killed the most successful team in pro cycling. How long 'til the others follow...?
I think Jonathan Vaughters is dickhead, but I'll be rooting for Slipstream. I hope they can turn things around for our sport...

And the heat continues

No ride yesterday as it was 104 with a heat index of 112. The 104 temp was culled from my own little weather station on the front porch of the house. Did I mention it's in the shade?
I was waiting to see a pride of lions lazing about under my big tree in the front yard.

It's supposed to break tonight and be a bit cooler tomorrow. Well, they're calling for it to be 94...
I'm glad we're riding at 8 a.m. now. I can't believe we actually used to go @ 10!
I'll be out in the morning for a nice 3 hour jaunt before I climb into the car and go to the beach for a week. It'll be nice to get out of town for a while.

I plan on rolling out of bed, riding for a couple hours, playing with #1 on the beach for a few hours and then laying around for the rest of the day.

Time to go start my pile of crap...

See you guys in the morning...

07 August 2007

Spontaneous combustion...

...was a definite possibility tonight. The Temp was 101 and the heat index was well over 110. There was no bloody way I was pulling on bike clothes and going to the crit. I'm taking a bit of an easy/recovery week anyway, so it was down to the ManHole(tm) for some quality time on the wind trainer. I just spun for an hour @ 230-ish watts. With the unit cranked all the way down on the tire, 230 watts equated to 21mph. It was nice to just spin freely and watch the 2004 Tour DVD. Even with the fan running and the A/C on full blast, it was still warm down there and sweat flowed like booze at Lindsay Lohan's house.

The cross bike is sorted out and ready to go on vacation. I can't decide whether to take the Ridley or the Ibis to the beach. I'll likely take the Ibis as I just put a $70 Wipperman chain on the Ridley. No sense in pouring sand on a brand new chain...

Ride Thursday if it isn't balls hot. Then again, I hate the trainer so badly, I may just go out in the heat...

05 August 2007


Another good weekend of riding that left me with almost 7 hours on the bike and a bit over 110 miles.
Saturday started out with 9 and quickly turned into 6 as Mrs. Der Kaiser dropped off the back (courtesy her husband and Crusty). Der Kaiser went back for her, as a good husband should. Once the ride turned onto Clarkson, Crusty went to the front and drove the pace, even though Der Kaiser and the Mrs. were within range of catching back on. We never saw them again. If you need to blame someone, it's Crusty's fault.
We went straight across into the Swamp and again, Crusty nailed it on the roughest road we ride. It's the closest thing to cobbles there is around here. Of course, at the end, he turned right and went home while the rest of us soldiered on.
We made the normal stop at the G-Mart and went up the backside of Elon and Old Leesburg to get home. Once on Leesburg, we all just went straight back into town, traffic be damned.
I had to get home to cook for the assembled masses who decided to make their quarterly trip to see our children. Don't get me started...
This morning, we should have had 6 and had 3. Doogie was hungover and feeling pressure from the new wife to stay home and help clean the house. You need to nip that shit in the bud right now, because it isn't going to get any better!
TVH was a no-show and Austin was home studying for Organic Chemistry placement exams. I don't ever hold out much hope for the remainder of the group to show on Sundays.
Il Professore, Maria and I rolled around Lower Richland for a bit over 3 hours. Nothing of much importance happened on the ride. I was a bit over it at the end though.
Thankfully, it was a quiet afternoon at the house. I got a small cat nap and did so much needed bike repair down in the ManHole(tm).

It seems Maria got a job @ OutJokin'...poor gal.

Time for a quick shower and a movie from the DVR...

03 August 2007

Don't drink the Kool-Aid

Or Accelerade for that matter. That stuff just plain sucks. It may work for some people, but it has the complete opposite effect on me. I left the house feeling pretty good, maybe a bit of residual stiffness from Tuesday, but good nonetheless. About 30 minutes into the ride, my stomach started churning. I didn't feel all that bad, was taking pulls and did my easy climb over Elon. Once we started down past Bunky's, I started feeling kind of sick. I had a stomach gas bubble of epic proportions. We turned right onto Airbase and Philip attacked. We chased him down and were all together going down the hill to the bump. Der Kaiser is back and was complaining of tired legs...whatever. He jumped up the bump and took RW with him.

At this point, I felt like a had eaten Pop Rocks and washed them down with a warm Coke. I had good legs and the HR was under control, but the stomach was just plain bad! I sat up and rode about 23-24 mph for the rest of Airbase. Kevin ruptured his rear tire, which lead to a 20 minute repair session. 5 of us waited for him and we rode in together. I'm glad the rest of the group felt the need to wait for us...
The break did allow my stomach to settle out a bit, but I still belched (and worse) for 2 hours when I got home.

I felt good last night, but was completely submarined by Accelerade. No more fancy, engineered drinks for me. I'm going back to water and straight up Gatorade.

As an aside, #1 turned 2 years old yesterday. Where did that time go? One of these days, I'll turn around, and he'll be leaving for college.

Ride Saturday @ 8 a.m. I'll go out with the group, but likely have to turn off early. The H.O. decided to have a party for the boy Saturday. I have to play host and cook burgers and dogs for the assembled masses.