29 November 2008

A pass...

Turkey Day was Thursday and we actually had a group ride...shocking. There were 6 of us, but it beat my usual Thanksgiving cross bike solo ride. We did the regular Thursday Elon loop at a leisurely pace. The headwind on Airbase was pleasant. Rich and Maria turned off to head abck into the Fort and the rest of us soldiered on. 2.5 hours and 45 miles before eating dinner was good for me.
Friday, Mandrus and I were the only intrepid souls out on what was a perfect day. Warm, little wind and bright sun. We did a meandering loop of LR and came back into the Fort. Instead of turning on Hartville Guard, we continued around and did the remainder of the loop. Good ride and good conversation. It's a shame the old boy is moving away. I'll miss him.
I got just shy of 3 hours and right at 50 miles...another leisurely ride.

The H.O. and the M.T.s were out of the house last night, so I got some good sleep. The weather was supposed to be bad this morning, and it is...48 and steady rain. I took a pass...
Casey sent me a few texts in an attempt to shame me into riding with her in the soup. No thanks! My 38 years have taught me that there's a fine line between hard and not smart.

Of course, I'll probably ride tomorrow...rain or shine...

26 November 2008

Where's Smokey?

So Doog and I went out last night for a trail ride, but it got cut short by about a mile of trail. At MM6, I started smelling smoke. By MM7, it was getting heavy and was making the trail a bit harder to see through the lights. We decided to turn around shortly after MM7 just in case the woods were actually on fire. As Doog, pointed out, we'd have surely seen the fire before riding into it. I'm pretty hardcore when it comes to riding, but the idea of being found as a charred corpse, still clinging to my bars didn't seem like a romantic/epic way to die.
It was good ride last night though. We never went really hard except for the little climb out after the log crossing. I just like going hard there...
The funny part was the temperature change. It was pretty toasty until we crossed a particular firebreak on the way in. In was like the temp dropped 5-10 degrees at that exact moment...kinda odd!
Anyway, it was a fun night in the dark, dark woods...

We're riding tomorrow (Turkey Day) @ 9 from the Gate
Friday - 9am from the Gate
Sat- 9am fromt he gate, weather permitting. If you are a masochist, Bond is doing a 90+ mile ride around Lake Wateree, leaving his house @ 8:30.
Sun- 9am @ Outspokin'. Some will be doing 3 hours, some will take the turn and do 5 or so.

See you guys out there...

23 November 2008

I had a good weekend of riding...did you?

HTFU! Eddy is disappointed in you!

Saturday worked out just as I predicted in my last post. I left the house in 29 degrees @ 9am. A quick trip out and around Weston Lake and back in took 2.5 hours. It was 35 when I got home @ 11:30. I didn't see another living soul out on a bike, not that I really expected to...
Casey gets Hard(wo)man points, as she went out later and did 3.5 hours on her road bike...SOLO! She still aspires to the Office of President of Truly Hard, but she's earned her place in The Cabinet.

I spoke to Il Prof last night about the temps and whether he knew if there would be anyone with the fortitude to show on Sunday. He intimated that he knew that very few, if any were planning on riding and that he wasn't too excited about the prospect of riding for 3 hours in the cold. I told him I understood and changed the wheels on my cross bike to my urban assault set-up.

It was a balmy 35 when I woke up and 39 when I left the house @ 9. I can say with some authority that if people didn't bother to ride today, they don't like to ride at all. It was perfect this morning. Big, warm sun...no wind...no traffic at all...no idiot runners out and about. Hell, I got hot at one point on my ride.
I did a giant loop around Columbia, through the Northside, up to Greystone, back down to the river and into downtown. I hit 4 parking garages, cruised up to campus, swung by Il Prof's house to harass him as I rode past and then home. 2 more hours of riding on an idyllic day.

21 November 2008


Hmmm...supposed to be ass-biting cold tomorrow...32-35 degrees at the start...

I wonder who'll get out of bed in the morning? I know I'll be on the bike...but which bike? I'm thinking I may just get in the woods. It's all fine and well to talk about the road ride, but to be honest, I really don't enjoy standing at the gate @ 0900, with my hoo-ha in my hand, waiting...

Unless I get some emails, I'm riding the cross bike on the trail...maybe I'll run into some of the shit-talkers in town...(doubtful)

Heat up the Vagisil people...it's gonna be cold for the next 3 or 4 months. Remember what Eddy said... "To be strong in summer, you must be hard in winter!"

I'll be out for Dean's Sunday road ride...

19 November 2008

Dark and cold...

Last night was the first of many night trail rides. Doog and I met and did an out and back on the Palmetto Trail. It was a pretty uneventful ride, other than the fact that I just do not have my night trail vision honed yet...and I forgot my helmet light.
We did a slight variation that included a bit of hike-n-bike, which is normally fine, but the Army decided to re-cut one of the firebreaks. They basically scraped all of the sand off and left the silty red clay that lies beneath. I got a bit of the glop on my shoes and bike. Poor Doog looked like he rode into it at high speed. I've seen less mud on a cross bike following a SuperPrestige race.

We rode back in, dragging mud and debris. 2 hours on the bike...

Start of ride- 41 degrees
End of ride- 36 degrees
Wind- North @ 10 (cold)
Hardness factor- 8

The Rev said it was BigRing...so it was...

17 November 2008


Il Prof's ride went off yesterday...w/o him. It seems he traveled to D.C. for a conference and missed out on the fun.
The weather was nippy, but perfect. Big sun and blue sky stuff.
Of course, we sat around and waited for the folks who can't seem to get their shit together. It's a 9 o'clock ride people...it's not early! My vote is to leave their asses next week. The kicker was the fact that after we wanted for them, they turned off and headed home...weaksauce!!!
The remaining bunch loped off to Eastover at a easy/moderate pace. As should happen, the pace quickened on Chaingang. This is where the excitement on the ride happened. As we were lining up for the town limit sign, Dr. LP stood up to sprint and blew his chain off the outside and came out of his pedal. Did I mention I was about 12 inches off his wheel? He kept it upright and neither of us were forced to eat tarmac @ 50kmh+...thankfully!
Upon stopping, the damage was evident. More than a few teeth on his S-Works chainring had some new character. Those rings have been problematic...add one more to the list. Time for some new rings my friend.
The ride home was a rolling paceline affair, into the stiff breeze that developed.
All in all, it was a good ride with a good group. Right @ 3 hours and 90km on the bike. I definitely felt Saturday in my legs...
After the ride, I fabbed up a mounting and hung a cabinet for the H.O.
Special thanks to Doog, who hoisted one end of the 54" long unit while I tapped it with 3" deck screws. A dozen 3" deck screws says that bitch won't come off the wall...EVER!!!

15 November 2008

First time in the woods

Since the weather was so lovely this morning, Doog and I hit the Palmetto Trail for a little cross bike action. I dug out my old Ksyriums and popped on the fatties and we met @ 9.
We skipped the first section of trail on the way out, and should have on the way back...it sucks!
Anyway, 100 yards in, there's a pine tree laying across the trail at a 30 degree angle. Normally, I'd hop it, but it was damp and I really didn't want to eat shit...I got off...it won't happen again as I'll be out there with the chainsaw shortly.
There are quite a few trees down. Only one or two will be chopped. One will have a bridge built over it. The others are easily cleared with a well-placed bunnyhop.
We went to MM8 and turned back. I'd forgotten about proper tire pressures for the trail. On the way out, to much air...let a little out. On the way back...too little, but not by much.
Doog missed a bunnyhop over one of the aforementioned trees and dismounted...less than gracefully. The Russian judge was not impressed.
I had forgotten the all over work that one gets riding a stiff-ass cross bike on singletrack. My hands, arms and back were all less than happy with me at the end of the ride. Even so, it was a good ride. I remember why it makes me strong in the Spring! Anytime any of the cool kids want to join us for the ride, they are welcome. I have no issues leaving them out there.

Ride tomorrow...Outjokin'...9a.m.

14 November 2008

Sad and Glad

No ToG next year...


Williams Wheels has the new 38mm and 58mm deep full carbon clinchers available. I Loves my 50s...!!! Follow the linky on the right to their site!

13 November 2008

Gotta get back to it

Doog and I went out on the cross bikes tonight for a quick spin. I can tell I've been sick and off the bike for a week. The ride went quickly, but I had heavy legs and just felt really flat.
We'll be in the woods on Saturday...if it's not raining sideways. Drizzle, sprinkle, light showers...I'll ride in all of these. A "cow pissing on a flat rock" type of downpour...not so much.
Ride with Dean Sunday morning from Outjokin'...I'm guessing 9 a.m.

Here's a thought you should keep with you...
Think about the parallels between today's American society and the Roman Empire when you read the following quote.

The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance. -- Cicero , 55 BC

11 November 2008


I <3 having the flu...

...that is all...

09 November 2008

No riding..or...why I love toddlers

I was supposed to meet a bunch of the guys for the Saturday morning ride and had every intention of going, even though it was EARLY on Saturday. I felt a bit blocky on Friday night, but thought little of it and went to bed early. I slept soundly from 10pm until exactly 1:12am when I woke up in a cold sweat and horrible stomach pains. I tossed and turned for three hours and finally decided that the ride wasn't going to happen. I texted Doog @ 5:10am to bail, turned off my alarm and tried to go back to bed. I was awake until 7:15am, then finally nodded off again...then the kids woke up...at 7:25! My entire day was spent in, or very close to, the bed.
I consumed nothing but toast on Saturday.
This morning, Doog and I went to the Swap in Charlotte. I felt (and still feel) really puny this morning @ 6, but I perservered and drove to Lowe's Motor Speedway with a pocket full o'cash.
Turnout was light this year, in both attendance and vendors. The only real reason to go anymore is the hit the HealthNet booth and get screaming deals on stuff.
I bought a polo shirt and a computer...$30 total...and that was it. I could have bought more, but exercised self-control (shocking, I know!).
The vendors that were there ether had junk or really nice stuff. The junk was cheap, but I have a bunch of junk. The guys selling the nice stuff were proud of it and obviously didn't know that it could all be had on Ebay for less.
We blew through in a bit over an hour and headed back to Columbia. A stop a Five Guys ended the morning. The way my stomach has been for the past two days, this was a questionable decision at best, but I figured a greasy cheesburger would either settle my stomach or kill me. It was a push.
I still feel puny and I'm very tired...! #2 has been a bit sick, so it makes sense to reason that I have whatever he has...thanks buddy, daddy loves you!
Planning on riding Tuesday night @ 6, in the Fort...bring lights.

07 November 2008


7:30 SHARP at the gate...no waiting
We're meeting Bond and some others out at Percival/Wildcat to do the 601 loop. You'll be back in time for the game...

06 November 2008

Oh shit...

11/5/08 - "He’s right, I am older. I raced with Sean Kelly, Stephen Roche, Miguel Indurain and Greg Lemond, of all people. I have been around a long time and I don’t know who the hell Linus Gerdemann is, but I know that when I rolled up in 1992, I started winning races. And when I roll up in 2009, I am gonna be winning races. He better hope he doesn’t get in a breakaway with me because I can still ride hard,” said Armstrong in response to Gerdemann’s questioning his return to cycling.

Linus Gerdemann, keep your mouth shut son...! Don't you know that angering Lance brings pain for EVERYONE!!!

I guess Lance re-upped membership in the 'Card Carrying Badass Club'...

05 November 2008

The itch...

Yesterday afternoon, it was still drizzly and generally pretty shitty outside, but in the late afternoon, 'The Itch' became overwhelming. We were supposed to do a loop of the Fort, but my road bikes are clean, so the Salsa got the call up from the bullpen.
Doog was here @ 6 and we headed out through a light mist. We did a modified loop through USC and downtown, out North Main (throw up your gang signs now..., stack them if you wish) and down to the river trail. We did get harassed by a homie driving his grandmother's Caddy on North Main. Normally, I'd yell back, but at night, in that 'hood, that's a good way to get jacked or shot or both. I may start carrying my .25 on these rides...
The runner population on the trail was light, but the sheer stupidity of the runners that were out made up for it. Two runners do not need the entire 12 foot width of trail, period! And when you see superbright headlights coming your way, make an effort to share the trail. I know it's hard to deviate from your path when traveling a blistering 5 mph on your run, but damn...have some common sense!!!
We did pretty much all of the trails, on both sides of the river, looped through the inner part of Cayce and came back up through campus. The drizzle picked up at the end of the ride, but it still was barely strong enough to get the roads wet.
I ended with 1:45 on the cross bike...in the dark...in the wet. Yes, I'm harder than you!

As an aside, does anyone know the process to emigrate to New Zealand...it may be time to bug out of the U.S. !!

03 November 2008

Big miles = big fun

2 day...200km...2 good rides...
Saturday we did Roubaix and it was really good. Thank you to the people who showed up! I really appreciate it. I wanted to do a ride that was fun and a bit random and that's exactly what we got.
Several folks from town came out as well as Bond, JC and Timberlake from the N.E.
We had three flats the whole day and I will only attribute one to the dirt sections. The other two were caused by other things, including a big pothole.
There were no complaints and no crashes. SoPro did decide to try her drifting skills on one section. I think she's ready for D1.
A few folks were conspicuous in the absence (Coco, Mula, BP...are you listening?)...
Lang gets the 1st Annual Columbia-Roubaix 'Hardman' Award. He rode his new cross bike WITH 34c knobbies!!!
It was a good time and I was tired when I got home. Of course, I did ride on the front for 95% of the time...
Sunday, we met for Il Prof's ride and had another good group. We did another 100km that included Double Elon (the correct way) and a run out to the old cricket store.
Again, it was a good ride, albeit a bit quicker in sections than it really should have been for November 2nd.
My back is suffering zero ill effects from two long days, so I'm happy...tired, but happy!