31 December 2009

Good Riddance 2009

Well, it's almost over, thank whoever!

For 2010, my resolution is to be a better friend to those who truly are friends. The rest will be re-classified as acqauintances and treated accordingly. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and that sleeve is getting rolled up.

As for a laugh to end the year, I give you this...The Ellpitigo !! Feel free to file it under WTF!

We're riding tomorrow (NYD) from the shop @ 1pm and Saturday from Lexington HS @ 10am. Sunday, who knows...it's supposed to be cold, which automatically precludes 90% of folks from showing up for a ride.

Happy New Year folks!

30 December 2009


The 10th Annual Toby Porter day after New Years Day ride (we gotta shorten that...) is approaching quickly...Saturday actually. Be aware that this is a 'multi-surface' affair, meaning that there will be dirt and gravel involved. This will, of course, necessitate larger tires, or completely different bicycles. It will also be a bit too epic and difficult for some, which is fine. This is a ride that's supposed to be fun. If you plan to complain, or deem it beneath your 'training', keep your kilojoules at home.
It's gonna be cold and breezy as well, so plan accordingly.

Last Sunday, Il Prof and I were the only ones to show for the 'group' ride. No matter, as we rode slowly, two abreast for a bit over 2.5 hours. It was quite a pleasant trip through Lower Richland. Nothing is better than a bike ride on a beautiful day.

I went out solo on the Salsa last night. It was a lovely night, albeit a bit chilly. In the 90 minutes I was out, the temp dropped 7 degrees.
I did the normal HoP+ loop. Once I dropped down to the river, the temp seemed to drop immediately. I had no plan to ride with anything remotely resembling effort last night, but I was cold, so the hammer went down. According to the HRM, my little 20 minute effort to warm up was @ 95% of MHR. It stung, but kinda of felt good...pushed out some bad stuff and cleared my mind of the stuff I'd been dealing with all day. I was, in fact, toasty when I finished.
I rolled up Gervais, through campus and home. Good ride...

I also saw something sad up on campus. A LOT of forgotten, forlorn bicycles, shunned by their owners. Some where Wal-Mart junk, while a few were nice, including an older steel frame with Ultegra 600 and CXP30 wheels, as well as a few OLD Schwinn Collegiates. There's a place inside me that wants to go up to campus and rescue the old horses. This begs questions? Which karma is worse? Locking a bike to a rack and forgetting about it, or liberating from it's shackles to live again as a loved conveyance?

Another night ride tonight...

26 December 2009


A couple of days ago, I ranted about the shop not wanting my money. I shot an email to a friend in England who works for Diadora UK, relaying the story. Since she's my hookup for my stellar Diadora road shoes, I figured she may be able to hook me up with a similar discount on a pair of mountain bike shoes, since they are exceedingly hard to find in the US.
In turn, she emailed my rant to her boss. (didn't really plan on that part...)
This afternoon, I got an email from her that Diadora would be sending me a FREE pair of white, size 46 ProTrail Carbon mountain shoes! Kickass!
My friend, who I now owe a kidney (or at least a wet, sloppy kiss on the mouth) if she needs it, looked in her files and saw that I wore their ProRacer carbon shoes. At this point, the wheels in her beautiful, brilliant Italian/English mind started turning. The ProTrails and the ProRacers are ostensibly the same shoe, built on the same last, with the same fit, so she made the decision to send me PTs. See! That's customer fucking service! From this point forward, I will NEVER wear any cycling shoes that do not say Diadora on them, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope the shop doesn't miss my $250...dicks!

Holiday wishes...

I hope everyone had a joyous holiday, regardless of who you pray to when you hit your knees at night.
Santa was very kind to my family, especially the MTs. The living room looked like Toys R Us opened a new facility in my house!
As much as I complain, they are good kids and I love them more than anything on this planet! the H.O., not so much...kidding, of course. I am insanely lucky to have such a beautiful and loving wife, and she doesn't let me forget it!

Now for the riding portion of this post...
I TRIED to get out and meet Bond and JB this morning for a ride in the NE. I left the house in plenty of time to get out there for the 10am roll out. About 1/2 to Bond's house, I felt really good, and was rolling right along at SST when I rolled over a section of steel banding. You know the kind that large, palletized parcels are bound with....
The front tire rolled right over, flipping the banding 90 degrees. The rear tire hit it flush and suffered a fatal laceration. Steel Banding: 1 Conti GP4000s: 0
The tire was cut from bead to bead and rendered useless in .1 seconds.
No booting this one kids!
Of course, I was in a hurry this morning and left my Blackberry on the table, so there was no calling anyone for rescue. I took off my shoes and started to walk home. I probably walked about a mile until a very pleasant old Mexican man stopped and took pity on me. He gave me a ride home, which was completely out of his way. Nicest dude in Columbia right there! I thanked him and gave him the old $20 handshake. Worth every penny!
I feel like riding again, but should probably just stay in the house. It may not be my day!
I'll go out in the morning for a couple of hours!

23 December 2009

An open letter to bike shops...

I've been in the bike business. I know how it works. I realize that you cannot stock every bike, part, or accessory to make customers 100% happy. It's just not good business practice. Conversely, if a customer takes the time to come to your shop, don't treat them like they are jerkoffs, especially if they are good customers who spend copious amounts of cash at your store.
If that customer wants you to order an item, and you know they can pay for it, order the fucking thing! So what if it'll cost $12 to ship it! What's better, eating $12, or not getting a $250 sale?
I tried to go buy a $250 pair of mountain bike shoes this morning. I knew exactly what I wanted, the size and the color. Making the sale required nothing more than a phone call to place the order.
Instead, I got a ration of shit from the staff because they 'just did an order' with the company in question and didn't want to do another one, AND they didn't want to place the item into inventory.
Hey dumbasses, you won't have to keep the item in inventory. Once it shows up on the UPS truck, you make a call and inside of 30 minutes, I'll be there to throw $250 at you. Simple, easy, no fuss, no muss...
Now, I'm going to make a couple of phone calls to friends I have in the industry and get the shoes at a very deep discount (if not free!), and the shop will get jack shit!
It amazes me! Sometimes I think the shops just don't want the money customers are willing to give them. I know it's Christmas and the shops are flush with money from selling kid's bikes, but we'll see how business is in 6 weeks, when the doldrums of February have set in. You guys might just NEED my $250 then!
Oh, as an aside, I'm planning on dropping somewhere North of $5k in the spring on a new road bike. Any guesses where I'll be shopping?

19 December 2009

Saturday tip...(Sunday update)

Here's a tip I'll pass on to my cycling brethren...
When it's 38 degrees, damp, and the wind is blowing, ride AROUND the big body of standing water!!!
About an hour into my little jaunt into the woods this morning, I came to one of the many firebreaks that intersect the trail. The break had been freshly cut, and whoever was operating the grater cut it a bit too deep right where the trail crosses. There's normally water in this particular spot, so I thought nothing of it. I bombed across the break and was promptly hub/BB deep in very muddy, VERY cold water. No choice...ride through and out the other side. Thankfully, I installed the rear fender this morning, so my hiney stayed clean and dry. My feet? Not so much!
I rode one more section of trail and decided that my feet were important to me, so I turned around (avoiding the waterhole) and rode hard to get home.
The last 30 minutes are on the road, so the wind REALLY started cutting through the wet shoe covers. I got home and promptly stripped off my covers, shoes, and socks, revealing some hot pink toe-cicles. Oh, how they hurt and itched when the warm air hit them!
I still got two hours this morning though...
I may actually pull the Ridley out of the ManHole(tm) tomorrow...first time on it in 3-ish weeks. Big gears and skinny tires will feel weird!

Sunday update-
The road bike felt WEIRD this morning, after pushing the cross bike around for the last 3 weeks. I guess 42 and sunny is too cold for folks, so it was just New Guy Steve and I this morning. We did a convoluted version of the old Tuesday loop in an effort to A)stay in the sun and B) out of the headwind. It worked for the most part. I feel bad for the folks who didn't ride, or waited to ride today. It was really nice this morning and only warmed up 6 degrees all day.
Oh well, their loss...we had a good ride and some good conversation. 2:30 ride time and 70km.

Then, the H.O. and I took the MTs to see Santa. We got their 45 minutes before opening and were 2nd in line. I feel bad for the poor schmoes that were 20+ deep! Nothing wastes a Sunday afternoon more than standing in line to see Santa for 2+ hours!

17 December 2009

16 December 2009

Hump Day!

Okay snapperheads...time to the time to HTFU is coming. The 10th Annual Toby Porter New Year's Day ride is approaching. This one will not be for the timid, or the aerobars. Rumor has it that there will be somewhere between 12-15 'Roubaix' sections. TP says that all bikes are welcome, but fat tires are suggested, so figure out if 28s will fit between the stays and brakes and c'mon out. Me? I'll be riding the Salsa with 700x30 Michelin Jet S tires...maybe even something bigger! This is an all-weather event, so if it's wet, you may get dirty!

I rode yesterday...it was slick and dirty on (and off) the roads. Halfway through my ride, I got a call from the MT's school. #2 evidently had a fever, so I put my head down to get home so I could go get him. An 8-minute turnaround, including shower, and I was on my way to pick up the pitiful little fella. He laid around all afternoon. Not often that the little shark stops swimming, so I knew something was amiss. He was mopey all day, then it was like a switch went off. @ 6 p.m., he perked up and was perfectly normal. This morning, he's perfectly fine...no fever...no nothing! Kids are strange little beasts. Personally, I think his weekend caught up with him! Back to school for the little grommet tomorrow!

Who's really shocked that Tiger Woods is a doper? He got on the Barry Bonds program, and started to get big as he got older. Funny how he just got big all of the sudden. Don't tell me you didn't notice! Funny how sharp the double-edged sword can be! Cyclists are impuned daily, and accused of doping, but when Tiger flies a Doctor from Canada to Florida 4x in a year, no one blinks. Did I mention that the Doc just got popped at the border with Canada with HgH and Activegin?
Hey Tiger, you're a scumbag! I mean, you just can't be happy inside. You're a billionaire, the best golfer alive, annd you're married to a supermodel...WTF man? You are the most recognizable athlete on the planet! Did you think that banging every stipper/escort/waitress in Vegas would go unnoticed? Hell, your smoking hot wife has a TWIN sister. A smart man would have worked that angle...if you know what I'm sayin'! Keep that shizz in the family!

It's gonna be cold again this weekend, so the road rides will be non-existent...at least before noon. Since I cannot bring myself to waste the day by waiting that long to ride, I'll probably be getting in the woods on the cross bike. If anyone wants to get in on the fun, let me know.

14 December 2009

Breaking News

Glory Cycles is closing their retail location in Orlando!!! Ward Bates is opening a new shop called 'Winter Park Cycles'. The new shop will open it's doors sometime in early January...likely @ the 10th.
It will be a brick and mortar store only...no online sales.

Give the guys down there a shout. They have a pro staff who all know their stuff!

13 December 2009

And now...Weekend Update

So I ranted a bit on Thursday...
I think the combo of a caffeine deficiency and hitting the ground for the upteenth time this year got me a bit riled up...I still think the RadioShack kits are bone-ugly though!
Friday morning, I went out in the COLD and rode the cross bike for 90 minutes. It was considerably less slick than the days prior, but the cold and wind more than made up for it. I warmed up, quickly, and proceeded to pound out a little 5x5 session. That was followed by an ugly, ugly climb and @ 15 minutes of SST to get me through the Northside. I came home with frozen toes, but the rest of me was pretty comfy. The right clothes are essential in 35 degrees!
Saturday, I knew no one would show for the group ride, so I kitted up and did another 2 hours on the Salsa. I had no real plan, just to ride with some pace and and spend a solid two hours in the saddle. I did the original HoP backwards, and explored some paved streets and trails that looked like they were laid out for a neighborhood that never came to fruition. Lots of possibilities back there! Then, a quick trip through some parking garages and up through campus. It's funny how the college kids are all about being outside when the sun is high in the sky and the air is warm, but whhen it's 35 degrees and the windy is blowing, USC looks like a ghost town. The rest of my day was spent trying not to blow $2500 on that badass 58" plasma @ BestBuy! Believe me when I tell you that I had real trouble deciding whether to drop 2.5 stacks on the flat-screen, or save the cash for my 40th b-day present!
I pissed my entire Sunday away going to a 'family reunion' with the H.O.
It was more like a family free lunch. The majority showed up 5 minutes before the scheduled start time and bugged out after they'd sucked down multiple plates of the finest, non-nutrative southern cooking around. What a joke! First and last for the the kid...first and last! I did placate the H.O. by eating a little bit, but could feel my chest tightening with every bite. There were three kinds of ham, fried chicken and myriad casseroles. Did I mention the preponderance of biscuits produced with love...and lard?
I came home and immediately consumed a Mix1 Anti-Ox. I'm hoping that the drink, a salad and a large apple will be enough to feep my digestive system from attacking itself!
Going to make an effort to ride at least 5 days next week...Peace!

10 December 2009

Thursday news

Wow, the UCI and IOC have confirmed that they both suck...

It seems, in their finite wisdom, that the IOC has taken the recommendation of the UCI and eliminated the pursuit in the Olympics. In an effort to make sure that the playing field is level for both sexes, they killed the 4k pursuit and implemented an 'omnium', basically making track cycling into a decathalon-style competition, on wheels. This was done to increase the number of events for women. I'm all for a level palying field, but what level of competition will there be? Track racing is split up into several disciplines that sometimes just do not overlap. Taylor Phinney is the WC in the pursuit right now, but is he a great 200m sprinter? He's better than you and me, but he's not going to beat Theo Bos or Chris Hoy...just not gonna happen! IMO, it will lead to a watering down of the competition because it will isolate those folks, both male and female, that devote singular focus to their particular discipline.

God forbid that the IOC try to keep some sort of tradition involved in the Olympics. They eliminate sports that have been a part of the games for generations, yet add silly sports. Golf as an Olympic sport...please. Any sport that you can drink while you compete, and have it not affect the flow of the game, nor your ability, is not an Olympic caliber choice! Think they'll have the beer cart girl driving around during the Olympics?

Brad Wiggins is leaving Garmin for Team Sky. Well no shit...! It's been conjecture for months, but anyone who didn't see this one coming needs to adjust the prescription on their rose-colored glasses...(cough...Vaughters...cough...)! He's British, the team is the first British ProTour team...did you think he wasn't going to go? Wake up! Team Sky is owned by Rupert Murdoch. That means deep pockets, so let it go Vaughters! Garmin got paid for Wiggins. It was a trade, just like in other pro sports! JV said that legal action "wouldn't have been good for either side". Really? It wouldn't have been good for you JV. Rupert Murdoch likely pays his barristers a yearly rate that equals Garmin's entire budget.

I showed you the new TeamRadioShack jersey in my last post. Here's the new Madone team bike...

Hey, Lance, get the guy who designed this paint scheme to hack something together for a team strip. I don't like a Trek, but that paint scheme is damn hot and very imaginative. It just doesn't fit with the uber-plain kit...sorry, but that's the hard truth. Mimic the bike design with the same colors and graphics. Do some gray ghost logos on black. Accent with red and white. Hell, I have the picture in my empty head right now! I have the artisitc ability of a capuchin monkey and could knock out a better design.

As for me, I rode in the wind and wet yesterday. I slid out on a wet, leaf covered downhill left, and promptly hit the ground. Fortunately, my big ass took the impact. I got up, brushed off the accumulated gunk, and continued on my happy way. No harm, no foul!


08 December 2009

Quick hit...

Okay, so images of an 'early' version of TeamRadioShack's jersey have been released. For all of the money that Lance and the new team have, you would think that they'd hire a graphic artist to do a proper design.I mean, it's okay, but not a lot of imagination went into the design. Be bold...do something different and edgy. For all of the shit that people give Rock Racing, they have cool kits. Hell, I did our kits last year and they were cooler than Radio Shack's new strip!

And I got a special package from my boys at Mix1 yesterday. A jersey (bibs are on the way), a tshirt, decals and a smattering of flavors. All of the flavors are great. They actually taste like the flavors indicated on the bottle. Shocking, I know...! As opposed to other 'recovery' drinks that taste like wallpaper paste, or the can in which they are contained (cough...Slim-Fast...cough)!

I know that some of you drink Slim-Fast for recovery, but it's been recalled because, well, it can KILL you. Go buy a 4-pack of Mix1 and try it! Surf around on their site...watch the videos...read the info provided...! It's all-natural, tastes really good and you're helping some dudes get a company off the ground! They support cycling, as well as just about every other outdoor activity, so why not support them?

06 December 2009

You do what you can

So Saturday was supposed to be a loss. The shit-for-brains weather guys in this town don't know their collective ass from a hole in the ground. After years in Columbia, you'd think some of them would figure out that Columbia sits in a hole and the weather is affected by it. Rarely does weather from Texas, or the Gulf, make here without changing dramatically. Usually, the whatever-is-coming-this-way weakens, or dissipates completely once it hits Aiken.
What was supposed to be a 45 degree, rainy, shithouse of a day, turned 55 and sunny by 11 a.m.
Instead of riding outside, I chose continue a cycle that's repeating itself much too often these days. I went to the ManHole and rode the trainer. As you all know, I hate that little bastard, but I figured, as long as I was riding it, I should make it count.
A 10 minute warm-up was followed by 1x20 @ 90%...five minutes off. 1x15 @ 92-93%...five minutes off. I should have quit there, but felt good, so the 3rd effort was 1X8 @ 98%...ten minute spin down. For those following along @ home, the 98% number resides somewhere between 180 and 185bpm. And yes, I felt a little pukey for a short while after!
I then decorated the house, set-up the tree, cleaned and tuned the Ridley, and helped the H.O. put the lights on the tree.
The day ended with the GT/Clemson game, which was quite good, although, if Clemson didn't have CJ Spiller, they'd be far less of a team. He carried them on his back last night, turf toe and all.

This morning, I had every intention of going up to the Il Prof ride, but seeing the 35 degree temps, I knew in my heart that no one would show up. Instead, I bundled up and headed out on the cross bike for a two hour thrash. I didn't try to kill it the entire time, but I rode hard enough to have the 'cold-air cough' for the rest of the day. I also found an alternate route that I can add to the original HoP loop. It doesn't add much time or mileage, but throws in a climb that forced me to stand and mash the 38/27 to get up it! I also found some oddball greenspace that may need to be explored one day.

The plan is to finish Christmas shopping tomorrow morning...or I may blow it off and ride!

03 December 2009

I like it when you call me Big Poppa!

Evidently, there's a charity cross race coming up soon in Belge.
Boonen lends even more credence to the fact that he's a fucking BALLER! The S-Works cross bike is no big deal, but rocking a set of Lightweights, is, in fact, bringing it STRONG!
Speaking of bringing it strong, check out TCOTBR's own Ali Goulet on Velonews.

02 December 2009

Hump Day

It's only Wednesday? Jesus, this week has been long already! I have a ripper of a head cold too! I'm not sure exactly HOW I was infected with this virulent strain of crud, but I'll hazard a guess and say that one of the MTs brought it into our home. Have either of them been under the weather? NOPE! The H.O.? NOPE! Meanwhile, I'm coughing up shit that looks like banana pudding. To add insult to injury, it's raining and 48 degrees outside. The MTs may get a dose of the 'sleepy juice' this afternoon! (Kidding! Just in case anyone from DSS is reading this...)

Last night, the H.O. and I went to a double secret holiday party. Can't tell you the who, where, how, but I can tell you that it was fun and we were very appreciative for having been invited. It was nice to put on big boy clothes and have the opportunity to have actual adult conversations that didn't include references to all things toddler related!

I didn't get to ride last night, but made up for it this morning by riding the infernal machine down in The ManHole(tm) for 70 minutes. Sure, it doesn't sound like a long time, but after a 5 minute spin-up, I sat my HR @ 90% and left it there for 60 minutes. It sucked, but my legs actually felt okay. The lungs, well, they protested for the first 15 minutes or so. It felt like I was breathing through a snorkel! I think it was good for me to sweat and cough though. I feel better for the effort.

And the window at Cycle Center has been painted for Christmas again...more proof of my theory that the line between artistic and autistic is, indeed, very fine!

30 November 2009


Carolina should start scouting this kid NOW!

Pursuit AND a huge hit!

29 November 2009

Nice winter pace ride

It was a perfect day outside, especially when you take into consideration that it's November 29th!! 45 degrees when we left and 60+ when we rolled in 3-1/2 hours later. I still cannot understand how people don't ride on days like today...we only had 5 this morning.

We meandered out through LR, into the Swamp and back in on Airbase. A nice, easy 100km at 30kmh.

It was good to ride with DL this morning too. I may roll out to Dutch Fork and ride with those guys in the near future. A change of scenery is always a good thing. We came up with a novel idea...

I know everyone is stuck in their own staid little routines, but there needs to be a ride in Columbia that folks from every corner of town show up for, especially in winter. I'm not saying that it has to be a weekly traveling circus, but a big ride once in a while would be fun (remember that?) and would foster a little more of a 'community' in Columbia.

Last week, a liittle bird broke some news about the Toby J. Porter Annual New Years' Ride. It seems that this year's edition may be a 'multi-surface' affair. Not quite sure exactly what that means, but I'm betting tires wider than 23c will be advantageous! There are a plethora of dirt roads out around the lake! Don't be scared buttercups, a little dirt and rough stuff is good for you. Big gears and a high-ish pace will get you to the other end w/o drama!

28 November 2009

Gobble, gobble

Even though the weather was, well, gray, 7 intrepid souls rolled out @ 7:30 Thanksgiving morning. Back in the day, we used to have a huge T-day ride, but children and family responsibilities put the kibosh on it years ago. For the last four or five years, I've just gone out on the cross bike and either done a BIG urban assault loop, or banged around in the woods. It was nice to ride with people in the middle of the week!

To say that it was foggy would be the understatement of the month. Visibility was about 100m and the moisture was just settling on arm and kneewarmers.

As it normally happens, the fog and low clouds stayed with us for our entire 3:15 on the bike. Only when I rolled my big ass into the yard did I see blue sky. By the time I'd showered and gotten dressed, it was beautiful outside...

The entire corporation, all four of us, rolled out to the hell hole that is Lexington for a pleasant Thanksgiving lunch at my mom's house. A wonderful smoked turkey, all the fixins and pumpkin pie followed. Sleep came easy shortly thereafter...

Friday, I did a 90 miute spin on the cross bike and came home to an empty house. The H.O. and MTs headed to Chesterfield for a couple of days...sweeeet!

This morning, I chose to sleep in since I knew no one would bother to show up for the group ride. It's been anorexic lately anyway, and the 38 degree temps wouldn't exactly help that situation. The plan was to ride the cross bike again, but I bailed. Instead, I raked, blew, mowed and cursed at the leaves for an hour and a half. Cross training!

On the bike again tomorrow...9:00 at Outspokin'. 60 miles...winter pace...be there...!

Oh, and I have seen the future...his name is Thibaut Nys and he's 6! That's right, Sven Nys' son!

25 November 2009

When did we move to Portland?

I'm not one to complain about the weather, especially since we live in SC, where it never really gets too cold...or too anything, for that matter. I am getting a bit weary of the days like we've had since Sunday. 50 degrees and dreary is fine to ride in, but just sucks the life clean out of a brother. I need some sunshine on my face!

I went out last night and rode the cross bike for 2 hours. Dry when I left...light drizzle started 15 minutes in...real drizzle for the next hour...and light rain to finish off the evening. Wonder why my throat hurts this morning? It beat the hell out of riding the trainer though!

I was perusing Ebay last, looking for nothing in particular, and found a guy selling stuff who understands marketing. Eyes on the product baby...make it sell!

Somebody needs to put this guy in their marketing department, 'cuz he's a bright one!

Ride in the morning @ 730 from Outspokin'...be there!

23 November 2009

I guess I needed rest...

I rode a whopping three times last week. After a great Tuesday ride, I went downhill in a hurry. The rest of the week, I felt like hammered shit, so I just stayed off the bike until Friday.
Even when I did get back on the bike, I felt bad. I rode the cross bike for 90 minutes Friday morning, doing nothing more than farting around downtown. No efforts, no nothing...just spinning my legs around.
Bond invited me to a double secret Saturday morning ride, so I went, still feeling pretty flat and empty. Gary Smith, of Fox News fame, Bond, NCA (National Champion Aaron) and I went out for a couple of hours. Did I mention we left at 7:30? I'm wired differently than some. I like to ride early, but 7:30 is EARLY! Gary had to do a couple of 30 minute efforts, so we just sat in while he turned himself inside out.
In the middle of his second effort, my urge to stop for a break naturel far outweighed pretty much anything ellse on the planet, so I stopped and watered the flora. I didn't want to disrupt Gary, ot the other guys, so I didn't even bother to yell. I knew they'd sit up after his effort...
I chased, was picked up by Bond and we rode back to NCA and Gary.
It was a good ride, and it was nice to be home by 10am, but I just felt bad when I got home. It didn't get better as the day progressed.
I awoke Sunday and decided that the bike would stay in The ManHole(tm) for the day.
The H.O. and I loaded up the MTs and headed to Ikea in Charlotte instead. Huge place, a lot of cool stuff and quite a good in-house cafe. Felt lucky that we got out only dropping a Franklin!

I'm feeling better today and plan on doing the Tri-City ride again tomorrow night...maybe even do a double tomorrow.
Turkey Day ride @ 7:30 on Thursday. Meet @ Outspokin'. I don't know the route, as it isn't my ride. C'mon out, do 3 hours early and feel no guilt later when you're throwing that 2nd, or 5th, slice of pie down your neck!
Friday ride too, if anyone wants to go out. Probably @ 9 or so...3 hours...no real plan...I'll send an email as well...

Peace...Hope everyone has a good Monday!

18 November 2009

Fun, fun, fun

So I did another really fun ride last night.

Tri-City Schwinn is long gone, but the night ride remains. 30+ folks met behind the strip center on 12th Street in Cayce last night @ 6:30. That's right, I said 30+! No racers, no egos, no pretense, no testosterone driven ass-sniffing, just a bunch of folks who like to ride. It about the purity of the ride. Other than being safe, nothing was really taken all that seriously, kinda the way riding should be...

We rode through the Avenues, down to the river trail. The trail wasn't open, per se, but we still, somehow, made it to the end of trail. I won't say that we snuck around a couple of gates, but certain things may, or may not, have occured that allowed us access to parts of the trail...just sayin'! We traversed all of the river trail, went up into Governer's Hill, through downtown, the State House and campus. At this point, I peeled off and headed home. I ended up with 2.5 hours on the bike. Not many miles, but a lot of smiles! Wow, that last statement was borderline...

I did get a good effort last night though. I didn't want to be late, as I was instructed the ride left AT 6:30. I blew out of the house @ 6:02 and made it to the meeting spot @ 6:18. 16 minutes from Rosewood to Cayce/West Cola on 38c tires is no mean feat. If I recall correctly, the dots were blue.

The H.O. is out of town, so I'm forced to ride in the morning. Oh, how I HATE riding in the sunshine...(can you feel the cynicism?)

The weather outside is supposed to be iffy this weekend, but I'll be out anyway. Are you listening Wiseman?

Oh, and if you think your bike is light, it isn't...

11.7 pounds complete...

17 November 2009

Yes please....

New body Camaro turned into the iconic Trans-Am...screaming chicken and all! I'll take it!

15 November 2009

Ah...that's the weather we've missed!

What a glorious weekend!! As our favorite over-educated hillibilly would say, "It's beautiful!"
Yesterday, we rolled out into LR in 60 degrees and sun. Not much exciting happened on the ride. We rolled around into Eastover and back the normal way. I felt like crap for pretty much the entire ride. The feelings just weren't there after being off the bike for a week, and off the ROAD bike for almost two weeks. No issues with pace or pulling through, just issues with comfort on the bike after a little layoff. The day more than made up for it! 3 hours and 90km in the bright, warm sun was NICE!
The H.O. and I spent the afternoon looking for houses in Blythewood, which led to the revelation that we're probably going to move out there when the time comes. More house for the $, good schools and it's not Lexington! I'd rather take several dozen shots to the nuts than live in that festering shithole.
A nice dinner @ Carabba's and some shopping made sleep come early and easy.
This morning, it was even nicer! Warmer and almost zero wind. The irony? No one bothered to show up for the standing 'Il Prof' ride...other than Il Prof and yours truly. No worries though! We rolled out Bluff, meandered around the long way through the Swamp and back in. Another 3 hours and 90km in 65 degrees and sun. We rode two up for the entire ride and conversations ranged from HDTV to the tenement in Beijing that his son calls home to why people ride their bikes.
I felt much better sitting on the bike today though. It wasn't a totally foreign feeling like Saturday. Back to back long rides on the weekend are goooood, plus...
I REALLY like having fresh tanlines from weekend rides, especially in November!

Off the bike tomorrow, but my cross-training will consist of raking leaves for most of the morning!

13 November 2009

The tide is high

I rode outside today! The bad wing got taped up, boxer style, and I got on the cross bike for a tour of downtown and the over-flowing river. No plan today, other than getting some fresh air, trying out the injured wrist and checking out the flooding. And flooding there be...
The dam out at the end of the the canal had just a little bit of overflow! The walkway shown is the end of the fish run. No fishies getting upstream today!
This is part of the trail that goes under the River Drive bridge. I ran into a guy from the USGS down there who was taking flow measurements. In the middle of the river, under the bridge, the flow was 36,000 cu. ft per SECOND!!! You can see the top of a guide sign in the picture. It's @ 4 feet tall and normally about 4-6 above the level of the river, on the side of the trail.

This in on the Cayce side. Believe it or not, this is a high spot on the river trail! The water was right at 3 feet deep on the walkway pictured. By the looks of the water line on the trail where I was standing, the water level had dropped about a foot or so.

This walkway goes over one of the truly low/swampy spots of the trail. I've ridden this part dozens of times and NEVER seen more than a foot of water here. This portion is elevated and approximately 8-10 feet of the dry ground in the spot shown in the picture!

I made an effort to wind around to the far side of the trail to grab some shots of the old locks and the other portion of elevated trail, but the gate was closed and locked. Climbing an 8 foot fence in cycling clothes, while shouldering a cyclocross bike, next to a roaring river didn't seem like a horribly intelligent thing to do, so I headed home. I got a nice 90 minute spin and saw the river higher than I'd seen it in my 20 years in Columbia. I'd be interested in seeing the Swamp, but seeing as I have an aversion to large snakes and alligators, I'll just assume the water is high!

I think I see blue sky and sunshine...weird!

11 November 2009

Have I mentioned...

...that I hate the trainer?
The weather wasn't as biblical as the worthless 'meteorologists' in town predicted, but I wasn't about to go outside in the wet and risk sliding out and crashing on an already bunged up wing, so I swallowed my hatred for riding indoors and hit the ManHole(tm) for an hour on the turbo this morning.
The trainer has it's place, but I just can't fathom how in the hell folks ride it for more than 90 minutes or so. That's my absolute limit!
I popped in the 2004 Tour and set my HR @ 170...60 minutes later, I was soaked...the bike was soaked...the floor was soaked, and my spirit was somehow diminished. Riding the trainer is a double-edged sword. Even though I hold it in such low esteem, I know that it's an effective way to get a fast, focused workout. I know for a fact that I wouldn't have ridden that hard outside, in the wet, this morning.
The positive from the ride? Watching the 2004 Tour. I'm a Lance homer. Sure, I know a lot of folks bash him and call him a doper, but haters are as haters do. The one thing that you can't discount is the fact that Ekimov and Hincapie flat fucking KILLED the other teams in Stage 3 of the 2004 Tour, when they got to the cobbled sections. If you don't like that, then you just don't like anything!

Peace...gotta go to Target with the fam!

08 November 2009


Well, I get a few days of forced rest.
I schlepped up to Charlotte yesterday to do the 35+/45+ masters cyclocross race @ Veterans Park. Great course, well laid out and pretty fun.
We had a huge field...about 35 in 35+ and probably more in 45+.
I got a BAD start, but had 45 minutes to move up, or so I thought. About 20 minutes in, I had gained about a dozen spots and was sitting somewhere around 12th, about 30 seconds off the lead bunch of 6.
Entering the tougher part of the course, I tried to move around a couple of guys to have a clear shot at the downhill, but chose a really bad line. Now for some math...
Wet grass + off camber + downhill + too much speed + a bad line = M2 in a wrist immobilizer for 7-10 days!
Yep, the front wheel just went away and I went down. It wasn't hard crash, but my left arm somehow got pinned under my chest and bent my wrist in, towards my forearm. I knew it was jacked, but jumped up and continued on. After another 1/2 lap, the pain was too much to bear. I couldn't hold, or pull, on the bars and every bump shot a lightning bolt of pain through my body.
Done and done!
I packed up and headed home, injured and dejected. I called my personal Doc and told him I was inbound. After a wrist/hand X-Ray, and a lot of poking and squeezing, I was told that nothing was broken. Pretty much all of the ligaments in my left wrist are strained though, which makes it about as useful as actually being broken.
I guess I'll be off the bike for a few days. Of course, it's 60 degrees and sunny, with zero wind today...F&%#$R!
To add insult to injury, the buckle broke off my shoe in the crash...super!
I think it's time for some new MTB shoes anyway. My M221s are 4 years old and smell like a stray dog that's been living inside of the turkey vulture's carcass...

No riding until Thursday, so I'll do a couple of reviews early in the week. DZ-Nuts chamois creme and the MagicShine 900 light...stay tuned! Maybe I'll try to run...

06 November 2009

Friday commentary

I think all that frequent this place realize that I'm not a big fan of ball and stick sports. Out of all sports that involve throwing or catching, I dislike baseball the least. Sure, I still think that the vast majority of MLB players are di-anabol eating wankers, but every so often, I'll watch a baseball game. It's OK on TV, but actually quite fun to go to the park, especially a minor league park.

Anyway, Philadelphia just lost* the World Series to the Jankees. Let it be known from here to eternity...I HATE THE JANKEES! They are anti-thesis to what the game of baseball should be. Sure, maybe I'm a bit of a luddite. I quite enjoy watching the old documentaries about baseball with video sourced from decades gone by. A team was a team. The guys lived in the neighborhood. They didn't jet in for game day, and then catch another jet after the game to go home to their $7 million dollar, 12, 000 square foot, homage to too much money and bad taste.

I spent many formative years in the Philly 'burbs, and went to more baseball, football, basketball and hockey games than I care to remember, so I have a bit of nostalgia and love for those teams.

I watched the WS with rapt attention and was highly bummed when the Jankees took the series 4-2. The Phillies look, and play, like a TEAM. The Jankees look, and play, like a collection a high priced mercenaries, which is what they are...did I mention the Jankees payroll is $200 million!!!! That's $200,000,000! Eight fucking zeros people...

Again, Philadelphia sports teams have fans that don't exactly fit any mold, and can be huge douchebags, but they're homers. They aren't bandwagon jumpers or fair-weather fans. They come out in all sorts of horrendous climatic events and are there for the team, be it the Eagles, Phillies, Sixers, or Flyers. If the team sucks, they boo, jeer, and are generally nasty. If the team is good, they cheer with reckless abandon, but they are always there! Asses in the seats, beer in hand! It's endearing in a sick and twisted sort of way.

Yankees fans, well....they're New Jorkers...need I say more?

04 November 2009

Domestic duties call

So the H.O. is in NYC for a 'conference'. I'm talking to her on the phone as I write this and she's done nothing remotely resembling work, but she's walked the length of W. 34St. in Chelsea, hitting all of the stores. I have a sneaking suspicion that this 'all-day conference' with last until shortly after lunch, then our credit rating will take a small hit! I, of course, will receive no spoils from this 'trip'.
I'm single-parenting the boys, which is really nothing new. I would have enjoyed the trip to NYC, but my mother has to work for a living and it seems that my in-laws were 'too busy' to watch their grand-children. Did I mention the fact that they're both retired? Used pudding cups are more useful...

Anywho, I took Monday off the bike, went out last night in the dark and then spun my legs around early this morning.
Last night was a full moon, but it's still DAMN dark out in the middle of Ft. Jackson. I'd planned on just sort of riding, but felt remarkably good, so I pushed a little bit. I ended up doing a convoluted tour of the base that lasted nearly two hours. I was HORRIBLY over-dressed for a hard-ish ride in 60 degree temps and just couldn't figure out what to un-zip, remove, leave on, etc., so I just accepted that I would sweat like a mule for a while. The MagicShine 900 light was superb! I've used it enough now to have formulated an opinion, so I'll be doing a review in the next week or so.
This morning, I went out to the HoP2 loop and tried to make myself vomit. (10) 30/30s will, in fact, help remind one of the Kashi GoLean Crunch one had for breakfast. It wasn't a full body heave, but just enough to discern exactly which 7 grains they use to achieve the cereal's taste and texture. An hour on the bike and I was home. I returned the Salsa to it's cross/race form, went to the shop to hang out for a while and then started my dealings with the MTs.
Fortunately, I have good children who actually listen, so it's not all bad!
The H.O. is to return tomorrow night, LATE, so riding tomorrow is out of the question, unless I leave the boys here alone. Somehow, I think DSS would take issue with this, so a rest day it is.
I'll spin around Friday morning and try to loosen things up for Saturday. Drogalis (nickname pending) and I are leaving EARLY to go up and get our cross on...we'll see how that goes...

Colini out...(figure out that reference!)

03 November 2009

Monday review

Well, it's that time of year...time has changed and the temps are dropping. What do you do when/if you don't feel like pulling on knee warmers, or the temps will go up during the course of your ride? Slap on some embrocation, that's what you do!

I've tried a few different formulas over the years, some worked better than others, but hadn't found anything worth recommending to others...until now.

I tripped over Mad Alchemy after reading a review on the old BKW website. After reading all of Padraig's reviews, I went to Mad Alchemy's site and read of their propaganda. Let's just say that it's not a product that's made by some faceless, greedy, soul-less corporation. It's made by ONE guy...in his house! All of MA's products are 100% natural, meaning there's no bad stuff or preservatives to harm your skin, or the environment.

After brushing up on all of the different styles of embro they offer, I decided to pull down on the Cold Weather Warming in Medium Heat. MA makes three different levels of heat in this particular style, so I figured the medium would be the best choice for all-around use in SC, where a 50 degree day can either feel really warm and nice, or ass-biting cold. I made my order on a Monday night and had my little package of warmth delivered, from Massachusetts, on Thursday. In keeping with the theme, it came in a little, brown, hand-addressed box. Inside that box was a brown, recycleable plastic jar. No frills, no extraneous packaging...nice!
Now that I've ridden it several times, in widely varying conditions and temperatures, I can honestly say that it's GOOD stuff! It smells almost edible, and seeing that it's all-natural, it very well may be. The beauty of it is the consistency. It's not watery, nor is it peanut butter thick. Because of this 'just right' smoothness, it isn't messy, goes on easily, and gives good coverage. All you need to cover your knee, and the connective tissue around your knee, is a little blob, about the size of a pistachio (in shell). Slap it on and massage it in well. The warmth will start shortly thereafter. And it looks PRO on your legs. A slight tint and sheen are evident when rocking it.
I've ridden with it on my legs about 6 times at this point and could FEEL the difference, especially last Sunday in the 55 degree rain. It seems to excel in the wet. It actually felt warmer once I was soaked...maybe that's the idea! Once home and in the shower, it washes off easily with soap and water. There's no greasy feeling or residue. The warm feeling remains for a little while though, which isn't always a bad thing after a cold ride!
It can also be used on other parts of the body...it works WELL on stiff backs! And yes, I speak from experience on this one!
There's a time and place for kneewarmers, but if it's between 50-60 degrees, the embro is the way to go.
It ain't cheap($22 shipped for 4 ounces), but as with all things cycling, the cost is relative. If you ride a top-shelf road/tri/cross/mountain bike, $22 bucks on something that works, and increases comfort levels, shouldn't really be a concern!
Buy some, save the planet, be more comfortable on the bike and support the little guy!

01 November 2009

Post #666 (run away...run away...)

Well, if you missed Bond's Halloweener ride, you missed a good 110km loop through the country, North of Blythewood. The weather was borderline for the rollout, but got better as the ride progressed. A low, hanging fog followed us for the first hour or so, but cleared off. It never rained and the winds were light, but the humidity kept the roads nice and wet. This fact, coupled with the rural nature of the ride, made for a messy bike and kit. On the upside, the new Tide Stain Booster bombs work really well on cycling clothes! It was a really fun ride with a good group a guys. I really need to go out there to ride more often, for several reasons, with the biggest being that it will make me stronger on the bike.
We never really went all that hard, yet still averaged 33.5kmh for the 110km. It was just steady, for 3:15.
I got home, hit the mix1 (which if you don't know about, you should!) and spent a solid hour wiping road schmaltz and red clay mud off the bike. I also had to give the Ridley a fresh dose of handlebar tape, as the old tape was sullied by a rather large bird with an affinity for some sort of black berries, while attached to the roof rack on the ride home.
This morning, it was the same sort of day, with the added bonus of a light to moderate drizzle. I flatly refused to pull the Ridley out of the Manhole(tm), as it was fresh and clean, so I swapped road pedals and skinnies onto the Salsa, kitted up in my new TBR stuff, slapped on the
Mad Alchemy and headed out.
To say the ride was thin this morning would be generous...it was Kate Moss! Mrs. FK turned around before even making it to the meeting spot, so four of us rolled. That 4 became 3 about 2km later when TVH turned and headed home. FK and I turned off about an hour later and headed home, while Il Prof decided to stay out in the soup. More power to him!
I wasn't miserable or cold, just not quite in the mindset to wallow around in 55 degrees and drizzle for three hours. I ended up with 2 hours, just shy of 60km, and a realization. I really like riding the cross bike on the road during the winter. It fits just like the Ridley, yet isn't as twitchy, isn't as harsh and I don't mind getting it filthy. Everyone should have a cross bike...it's like a Swiss Army knife with wheels!

I have a couple of reviews to post up next week...DZNuts, Mad Alchemy, MagicShine light...stay tuned!

29 October 2009


I figured out a new Hour of Power(tm) loop. It's got everything you can fit into an hour. A couple of long sections for tempo/efforts, a couple of short hills to big ring up, and options to make it longer, if necessary. If the prevailing wind is blowing, it's also headwind out and tailwind home, which is nice! It will known as HoP2 from here on out.
I didn't try to kill it yesterday, as it was wet, but I did the loop in 1:07. That time can, and will, be easily eclipsed with little effort. Everyone should have a loop like this...

I'll be out on the bike tonight and tomorrow morning, somewhere, if anyone wants to join me. Don't forget Bond's Halloweener ride on Saturday morning. 8:15 at the Food Lion in Blythewood. 8:15 is ROLL OUT! If you show up late, you're chasing us up 21! The planned loop is @ 110km and the pace should be tolerable...30-35kmh.

And if you're following it, the douchebag driver in L.A. took the stand finally. If ever there was a person who truly needed a Kershaw, he's it!

Dumb shit of the day: Courtesy of The Great State of Texas
So asshole prisoners get preferential treatment over children, the elderly and pregnant women? Nice! Stay classy Texas!

And Contadork has to stay with Astana...ha-ha! Good luck winning Le Tour next year! He and Vino should be good roomies throughout the year. The "tension" between Vino and Alberto will make LeMond/Hinault or Lance/Alberto look like arguments between JV cheerleaders!

Whoa, look at the clock...it's nap time!

26 October 2009

Jokey Monday

Courtesy of JB...

Here's a truly heartwarming story about the bond formed between a little 5-year-old girl and some construction workers that will make you believe that we all can make a difference when we give a child the gift of our time:
A young family moved into a house, next to a vacant lot. One day, a construction crew turned up to start building a house on the empty lot. The young family's 5-year-old daughter naturally took an interest in all the activity going on next door and spent much of each day observing the workers.
Eventually the construction crew, all of them "gems-in-the-rough," more or less, adopted her as a kind of project mascot. They chatted with her, let her sit with them while they had coffee and lunch breaks, and gave her little jobs to do here and there to make her feel important. At the end of the first week, they even presented her with a pay envelope containing ten dollars.
The little girl took this home to her mother who suggested that she take her ten dollars "pay" she'd received to the bank the next day to start a savings account.
When the girl and her mom got to the bank, the teller was equally impressed and asked the little girl how she had come by her very own pay check at such a young age.
The little girl proudly replied, "I worked last week with a real construction crew building the new house next door to us."
"Oh my goodness gracious," said the teller, "and will you be working on the house again this week, too?"
The little girl replied, "I will, if those assholes at Home Depot ever deliver the fuckin' sheet rock..."
Kind of brings a tear to the eye - doesn't it?

25 October 2009

I discovered something...

I've ridden more this week than I thought...
I gathered up all of my clothes to do a load of laundry and noticed that most of my riding stuff was in the pile. 5 jerseys, 5 bibs and 5 baselayers...did I ride 5 days this week? Yes, yes I did...
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Today!
I didn't race Saturday in Augusta, and feel moderately guilty about it, but I really didn't feel like driving almost 4 hours, roundtrip, solo. Instead, I got up and went out to do a 2 hour solo ride with some tempo-ish efforts. It was 70 and drizzley when I left the house. It was actually quite nice outside, especially the 300% humidity.
I did my normal 2 hour loop, but completely forgot that the State Fair is still in town. If the fair where you live is like the one here in South Crackalacky, then you'll know that it attracts the flotsam and jetsam of society.
Anyway, once I got down within about a mile of the stadium and fairgrounds, the weather changed, and not for the better. The aforementioned 70 degree drizzle turned angry. The wind shifted from a cross/tail to a bloc headwind...and the RAIN picked up. And by 'picked up', I mean that it began to come down in sheets, at a 45 degree angle. The temperature probably dropped 10-15 degrees in the course of 800 meters. It got epic in a hurry!
I decided then and there that I was ready to get the hell home, so I put my head down and went as hard I as I my big ass could go.
Between the weather, the fair/football traffic and the dumbf*ck Columbia cop that stepped out in front of me, it was the closest I've come to death in a long while! I made it home, kissed the Ridley for making it through, and said a small prayer to La Madonna Del Ghisallo.
I figure that my penance for not racing had been paid in full.

This morning, we rolled out on the Il Prof ride and met Ward and Clive from Glory Cycles at the gate. For there, the bunch rolled out on a meandering tour of Lower Richland. It was a really good, uneventful, drama-free ride. It wasn't a deathmarch, but we didn't exactly fiddle-dick around either.
It was nice to talk to Clive a greater length as well. We've ridden together before, but never had the chance to really talk about bikes, life, and all of the other BS that come up on a ride. AND he was riding a completely BADASS carbon Merckx. I'm getting a new bike for my 40th birthday in the spring, and had planned on just getting another Ridley Helium until I saw Clive's Merckx, and talking to him about it. Thanks for throwing that spanner in the works man...!!!

Time to go to the Merckx website and start figuring out geometries...

22 October 2009


Okay, I've gotten some schwag in the past few weeks and I feel the need to share it with you. Mind you, it's not as cool as the bike stuff that Bond has acquired (cough...Di2...cough...), so take that for what it's worth!
First- Easton EA70X tubular wheels. These are marketed by Easton as cyclocross/crit wheels, but I can tell you that the vast majority of folks who buy these hoops glue knobbies on them and rock them through the fall and winter fun that is cross season. This was my intention as well.
The good- Semi-aero rims laced to Easton's C3 hubset using Sapim DB, straight pull spokes. They were dead true and round out of the box. The wheels are handbuilt at Easton and even feature a small touch usually reserved for custom builds...alu NDS and brass DS nips on the rear wheel. You can actually see marks on the nipples where they received their final touch-up before shipping!
I decided that the subtleties of a $100+, cotton cased Challenge, Dugust or FMB tires would be lost of me, so I went with a set of 220 tpi Vittoria Evo XGs. Three thin coats of Conti tubular glue on the hoops, and two on the tires, the setup was ready to rock.
I did my initial shakedown at Owens Field and was impressed. The wheels roll extremely well and are VERY stiff, yet not at all harsh. The tires are handle very predictably, have plenty of give, and even though I was riding them with a bit too much pressure, they gripped the wet grass to the point that I could HEAR the grass tearing while I turned.
Cost for the whole setup? Less than $500!!!
The bad- Easton slams waaaay too much grease in the freehub. It seemed to be dragging when I gave them their first, out of the box tickle. Fortunately, the freehub is VERY easy to remove/service. I cleaned out about 75% of the sticky, Shimano-like grease and SHAZAM, the freehub spun smoothly! I'm quite sure they'll get even better once the break in a little.

I raced the Easton/Vittoria setup last weekend in Greenville and was dutifully satisfied with it's performance. The course was ROUGH and I crashed the living shit out of them, yet they are still arrow true! I like them alot!
They will be my main cross race wheels for the season, and will be under me in Augusta on Saturday...unless it's REALLY shitty and muddy...
I'll probably slap some nice Vittoria Evo CX road tubs on them in the spring and race them on the road as well. I may do a little spoke upgrade though...maybe some straight-pull CX-Rays...hmmm...

For the money, they're pretty hard to beat. Sure, you can buy lighter, fancier, more expensive wheels, but are they necessary? NOPE! Maybe I'll sell out and race some carbon tubs if I ever get super-fit and start kicking ass, but for now, these will be just fine!

Up next week...the Magicshine 900 LED light....

21 October 2009

Gordon's garage sale


This is GW's TT bike. Carbon P2C in great shape.
Also up for grabs:
08 HED tubular disc w/Tufo tubular
-(2) 10 mile TTs and (1) 40k on it
-will throw in a new Conti tub tire
$400!!! No, that's not a typo!
04/05 Zipp 303 tubs (non-dimpled)
Northwave Aerator road shoes
-Size 44
-worn once (pics available)(I've seen them...they're basically new)

Contact me if you want more pics...

20 October 2009

Good help is hard to find...

My painting contractor showed up today...

She's expensive, slow and does sloppy work, but there are some things I can see past!

Trying out the new 900 lumen light tonight...

18 October 2009


So you saw the race number. Best race number ever, period!
Anyway, Doog and I rolled up to Greenville bright and GD early on Saturday morning for a little cross action. Nothing says cross like 48 degrees, mist and wind...great...
We got there early, got kitted up and went out to ride the course. The race was at the old Millstone Golf club, which has obviously been closed for quite a while. To call it overgrown would be an understatement. The course was great, but NOT built for big bodies like me. I was okay, but the fact that it had two homely climbs and one just plain UGLY climb dictated that I would not be dicing for the W.
Once the gun went off, the front 8 stayed together until BIG UGLY. The front three, including our diminitive friend, rode away at this point. I was in the second group...spots 4 through 8. I was riding comfortably, biding my time, secure in the knowledge that I could go harder and maybe get away from the guys I was with. On the second approach to the double barriers, I chose to make a little move, went into the wet grass with entirely too much speed and ate a big, steaming pile of shit. I grabbed too much rear brake and the bike just came out from under me. I crashed HARD on my left hip, elbow and shoulder, which didn't scrub off as much speed as I expected. My forward momentum was finally arrested by the 20" high barrier. It looked a little like I was trying to break up a double play...while still attached to a cross bike! I laid there for a long moment, taking inventory of what, if anything was hurt, bleeding, and/or protruding. Luckily, I was okay, and continued on my happy way about 60 seconds later.
By this point, my little group had vanished, and I was 14th. The fight was pretty much taken out of me at that point, but I still managed to pass a couple of guys and ended up 12th.
As for Doog, he rode away and won solo, about 30 seconds up. It was a course that was tailor made for him and he flat killed it! Nice ride midget!
This morning, I woke up with a stiff neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist and back. I have nice, softball-sized strawberry on my hip, even though I went down in the grass.
Doog and I met, with little fanfare, @ 9 to ride. We rolled through campus and across to 12th street. One big effort later and we decided, in unison, that dead legs and sore bodies were in abundance, so we turned and rolled home. A big 90 minutes on the bike!
As if I'm not stiff and sore enough, I proceeded to cut up, and split (BY HAND!) and entire oak tree. The chainsaw part was about 10 minutes. The balance of the 2 hours was filled with me swinging an axe. Several wheelbarrow trips later, the wood was stacked in a tidy pile and equaled about 1/2 cord. Rocky training MFer!

I have nothing left...empty...

17 October 2009

Today's race number...race report to follow in tomorrow's weekend update!

15 October 2009

Random Shite

I did another fun ride Tuesday with the CC boys...after I forced myself to suffer through a prolonged cross effort. Everything was good, except for my choice of route. Not thinking about the fact that it was 75 degrees, and that people are fair-weather exercisers, I dropped down to the canal trail. It was polluted with walkers, shufflers, dog walkers and others who only 'workout' when the sun is out and the temps are over 70. I did my effort in the gravel nonetheless. I'm coming, get the F out of the way!
I continued out of the park and did an effort up Washington until I ran into the bunch. We fiddled around down by the baseball stadium and river for a while, then rolled through campus and back to the shop.
I tried out my new Michelin Mud 2 tires as well. They work really well in pea gravel, wet grass, loose dirt and mud. The are for shit on tarmac, but then again, that's not exactly their intended use. The casing is tall and fat which likely allows them to be run at low pressures. The tread is narrow and doesn't venture far down onto the casing sidewall, so leaning the bike over into a corner was a little hinky. I don't think the fact that I was running them @ 50+ psi was helping matters either. Maybe 10 psi lower, but then they would virtually useless on pavement. They were soft and washy @ 50 psi...do the math...! These are definitely soft/wet condition RACE tires only.
Riding tonight and tomorrow morning and then Doog and I are going to G'ville Saturday morning for a little cross action. There's a seat open in the battle wagon, if anyone wants to go race, or just wants to go and take in the madness.


The Dems can spend $800+ billion on healthcare 'reform', another $1 trillion+ on various 'bailouts', but can't give folks on Social Security a cost of living increase. Douchebags! My 92 year old grandmother thanks you!

Bandwagon Jumpers of the Week: Those who have 'discovered' night rides. I've been driving that bus for more than 10 years. Welcome aboard...

If there was ever a GUY'S movie, this may be it...

12 October 2009


VDB passed today. Frankie was, without a doubt, filled to the brim with talent, but as it happens all too often, he was also consumed by his demons.
A pro since 1994, he kicked everyone's ass in 1999. If you doubt this statement, please go watch Flanders, LBL, absolutely BROKE legs on the climb to Avila in the 1999 Vuelta, including Ullrich's!! There were ups and downs in his cycling career, yet teams kept signing him because the directors all hoped that the past flashes of brilliance would return. Unfortunately, those flashes were fewer and farther between.
Frank rode with style, suplesse and confidence that we all wish we could harness. Troubled or not, doper or not, he was always one of my favorites.

VDB was found dead today in his hotel room in Senegal, while on holiday. He was only 34!

The roads in heaven are freshly paved, the wind is always at your back and it's always a no chain day!

11 October 2009

Okay, break's over...

I was feeling a bit punky last week, so I took it a little easier on the bike...that ended Friday.
Friday, I rode the Salsa and did a true, 30 minute cross simulation, including dismounts and mounts and a few run-ups. I concentrated on maintained a consistent effort and metering that effort at certain different points of my double secret practice loop. A certain very strong Cat1/Masters racer from out West turned me on to this idea. Figure out where on the course you NEED to go balls out and where you can recover a bit. It was a good effort, though I think I could have gone harder.
After that, I fiddled around on some singletrack down by the river. I found a KILLER, old-school, W121 Mercedes 190 that's crying out to made into a street-rod. And by old-school, I mean early-60s...! It begging for a ladder frame, tubs and a SBF. Makes me warm thinking about it!
Saturday, I rolled to the gate to see if anyone would show. Lo and behold, there was actually a good group. We did Double Elon across to the flats. On the transition into the flats, we traversed the Straits of Chihuahua. A completely different rodent, er, chihuahua ran out and attempted to remove TVH from his bike. I could have sworn I heard the little pup say his name was Inigo Montoya.

It was a fun ride with a good group. It was also punctuated by a couple of very crisp and painful efforts, courtesy of FK and BenJ. On, and BenJ got a new bike...I know, fucking SHOCKING! AND it's carbon!!!

This morning, the weather was crap. Breezy, overcast and low-60s. The MTs wanted to go to the Airshow @ McEntire ANG base, so I choose to do the road version of the HoP(tm). I did a Bond-style warm-up* and clicked it into the 52. I kept it in the 52 and the pace between 35-40kph until a passed Crusty's house 50 minutes later. A quick turnover and we were on our way to see some firepower!

Unfortunately, the ceiling was @ 1000ft, so the planes couldn't go up. The helicopters put on a good show and the MTs lost their collective shit when the tanks started bombing around on the field. The static displays were very cool as well. I got a special, one-on-one tour of a P-51D fighter. Un-GD-believeable warbird! The old fella that owned it was hella cool as well...how could you own a P-51 and not be?

Yoga and foam roller tomorrow....

*Bond-style warmup is the little ring to the end of the street...

07 October 2009

A ride that was fun? Who knew?

In an effort to do something different, and fun, I went out for a little Urban Assault action with the crew from Cycle Center last night. And a motley crew it was...no two bikes were alike, but it didn't matter.
We went up through campus, down through the Vista, hit some of the Hobo trails, meandered over past the new USC baseball stadium and into Granby park. A big loop through Granby and back up into campus and home. All told, it was leg busting 20km, but it was FUN! There were a few crashes...cough, Shrews, cough...and many, many laughs. Truth be told, I had one near miss on the concrete path. Let's just say that wet leaves, a 90 degree corner and high speed create a high pucker factor. I need to get my 'night-ride-eyes' in shape too...

As a whole, there was virtually no training value, but to think of it that way would be missing the point. I came home with a clear head and considerably less stress than I had when leaving the house.

Sometimes a simple bike ride is needed. No plan, no BS, just a RIDE. There is joy in just going out and farting around for an hour or two. I think this fact is way lost on a lot of people these days...

Wait for it...

04 October 2009

3 mo days

3rd day out of this 5 day stack is done and I'm starting to feel better.
Friday- Doog and and I did 2 hours at a relaxed pace, much like last week. Nothing big to report...
Saturday- Great ride! I went off into Calhoun County all by my little self. I rode out to the 176 split, climbed the big, very ugly hill up to the plateau and out to the cut-through. I stopped at the store in Sanday Run on the way back, yet did NOT partake in the World Famous Blondies that are sold out there. If you don't know what that is, you're missing out! Anywho, I kept the pace @ 35kmh for the entire ride and was tired, yet felt really good when I got home. The riding out there is perfect. 2.5 hours for 80 km...I'll take it.
Sunday- I planned on rolling out solo but ran into Il Prof, TVH and the Kaisers. Instead of another monotonous 3 hours alone with my own thoughts (scary!), I rode with them and had a really nice, pleasant ride. It was the kind of ride that is needed this time of year...an even pace, some good conversation, and a few laughs, punctuated by a couple of 5 to 10 minute sharp efforts to remind you that the business of riding a bike is supposed to hurt now and again. And what a beautiful day!!! 60 when I left and 70 when I got home, and no wind. Pretty damn perfect in my book! Oh, and Mrs. Kaiser's new Colnago is very nice...
It's supposed to rain tomorrow...we'll see where my motivation lies. Trainer in the dry of the ManHole(tm), or the cross unit in the wet...

As an aside, GW is selling his Cervelo P2C time trial bike. It's full Dura-Ace with an Ultegra crankset (he had a SRM on it). It comes with a FSA aerobar setup and Ksyrium SL3 wheels (the silver ones)...you can provide your own aero wheelset...or better yet, buy some of Bond's wheels at his "Everything Must Go, Super-Spectacular, Zipp Wheel Blowout Sale". Pics of the bike to follow...lemme know if you want more details...
He's asking $2k.

30 September 2009

Two new links

Check out CX Republic and Velothreads

Both are subsidiaries of TCOTBR and produced by The Rev and Blaze Rippington. Real names will not be revealed to protect the innocent!

CX Republic is up and running. Velothreads will be up and full of product very soon.

If you have any questions about any of the above, give me a shout.

Tired and in need of a stretch

5 days on the bike has made this old man stiff. I feel okay, but my back and legs are protesting this morning.
I will be partaking in an hour of yoga as soon as I punch out this entry.
Friday- Doog and I rode for 2 hours at a pretty relaxed pace.
Saturday- I was supposed to go out with the fellas, but woke up feeling like crap, so I bailed. Yeah, I know, it was a pussy move, but the idea of 60+ miles of Calhoun/Lexington county roads, in the wet, while not feeling great, didn't exact light my fire. I ended up doing two hours on my cross bike. It didn't help the way I felt. My rear Ksyrium finally gave up on me about 20 minutes from home too. Of course, it's a 1st generation SL, I've beaten the shit out of it, and it's had multiple sessions of repair at the shop, so it's not surprising that it finally succumbed to the abuse.
Sunday- I went out solo again and felt shocking okay. I planned on going on and doing a 20 minute effort. That effort went from 20 to 30 to 45 to 60 minutes and I found myself all the way out in Gadsden. It was quite easy rolling along at 40-42kmh with the tailwind. I paid full retail when I made the turn home. A lovely head/cross to full headwind was the cost. My 40+kmh speed got knocked down to 32-35kmh on the run down Airbase. Our worthless weatherguy said the wind was 5-10mph...well, he's full of shit. It was easy 15mph with gusts to 25+. It made for a long slog home. I still ended up with almost 75km and a 35kmh average speed.
Monday- Something different. I did my road HoP(tm) loop on the cross bike with skinnies on it. I got to test the new Thorne 46t big ring that I got from Cyclocrossworld.com. It's a nice gear to roll over and very usable on the hills. It was windy...again!
Tuesday- 2.5 hours at the zoo w/the MTs will, in fact, make legs tired. The last TNCWC of the season went off and the turnout was light. I'm batting around the idea of mixing it up a bit next year by throwing in a road race or two and possibly even a time trial once in a while. I think the repetitive nature of doing the crit every week burns a lot of folks out by the end of the season. I know I'm tired of doing it...and I missed a bunch because of illness and my crash. Coco is the unofficial 'WC' since he won a third of the races and finish top 5 a few more times.
I'll have to come up with some sort of logo to put on his kit for next year...
Dr. LP's little one made an appearance last night as well...she's a cute, little, fat thing!

Thanks to everyone for coming out all summer! See you guys over the winter!

Yoga time...

28 September 2009

For sale

Bond is lightening his load of Zipps...hit me up if you want more info about the wheels.

Zipp 404. Dimpled. Bought 2 seasons ago used. Very low mileage Continental Tubulars: $1,000

Zipp 808. Dimpled. New in the box, mid season 2008. Light mileage Continental Tubulars: $1,200

Zipp 900 Disc. Dimpled. Bought, used, in 2008. Vittoria Tubular: $900

Front Zipp 1080. Dimpled. New in the box, end of season 2009. 40 miles. Very, very low mileage Continental Tubular: $950

These are all in excellent shape and a race wheels ONLY. Bond doesn't believe in riding carbon wheels for anything other than racing!

24 September 2009

When does time change?

All of the rides have dried up. People are tired and a bit over it all...

The Thursday rides have all but disappeared and the TNCWC had a less than stellar turnout this week. Next week will be the last one until next spring, so get off your dead asses and come out.

Of the people that showed, the HP went up the road early and stayed out. Although they had a bunch of big power, they got some help when some dumbass in a little white pickup decided to drive straight into the course. I/we were about halfway across the gap when we were forced to scatter and slow down. I went into the corner first and had to turn it in HARD to keep from running into this chucklehead. After this excitement, I just sat up.

The break of 6 stayed away and Coco and JC went 1-2 pretty easily.

Doog and I are riding in the morning @ 915, from the gate. Saturday/Sunday are up in the air, but I'm sure we'll be out both days. I'm planning on doing a 5 day stack, starting tomorrow, to jumpstart my fat ass into some sort of fitness for cyclocross.

Speaking of, the Salsa is finally finshed. Same old scandium frame, but pretty much everything else is new. I even drank the Kool-Aid and went with a set of tubies for race wheels. Easton EA70X wheels wrapped in Vittoria EVO XG cross tubs.

Sub-18 pounds w/cages...

I was going to pop for a carbon cross frame, but since I'm a schmoe, beat the living shit out of a cross bike and actually have to PAY for my stuff, the life-span of a carbon frame would probably be very limited. My carbon road bike, I take care of...the cross bike, well...not so much!

The only thing I'm waiting for is my Thorne 46T big ring...

21 September 2009


Hey Chris King...

If you are going to completely shit on a derivation of a product, it's probably better NOT to start making that product after the fact...

Yet another reason NOT to buy King's over-priced, heavy shit...I hope you enjoy writing that patent royalty check to Cane Creek every month!

20 September 2009

(insert title here)

Nothing real witty to put up in the title so...
After three days on the bike, I'm ready to go take a nap.
Friday- rode the cross bike for a bit over an hour. I felt like complete shit, but was within 90 seconds of the average time for the HoP(tm) loop. The cross bike needed some tickling too. Bars needed to be rolled up and the saddle needed to be raised a bit. I'm trying to replicate my road fit as closely as possible. the low saddle gave me a bit of knee pain...dammit!
Saturday- Met Doog out and we did a bit over 2 hours easy through LR. When we turned, I spun down past the football stadium. There were people out tailgating @ 1030! The game was @ 7pm! Nothing like being shit-faced ALL DAY!
The H.O. was painting, so I ate lunch w/Doog and then went down to the shop. I'd planned on hanging out for an hour or so, but the floodgates opened and I was pressed into service on the floor and turning wrenches. 3 hours passed quickly!
I came home, rested a bit and then took the H.O. to Mr. Friendly's for dinner. That ish was gooood! Blackened chicken and creamy grits...mmmmmmm!
Sunday- Meat, Doog and I met for a little tempo work out through Lexington/Calhoun county. We did the normal 90km loop and got in a really good ride. Doog is extremely strong/fit right now, which is great. The downside is the fact that he's a little fucker, and when he's on the front, there's not a whole lot of draft behind his narrow, 130 pound ass for widebodies like Meat and myself.
I'd planned on riding tomorrow morning, but I need to pack up and ship all of the Ebay stuff that I just sold. Nothing like selling off crap that's just laying around and making an easy $600.
The penultimate TNCWC is this Tuesday. Still starting @ 630, but will probably only run for 40 minutes+2.

Nap time...peace!

17 September 2009

A note:

Evidently, my tweet about Cadel Evans was re-tweeted by Cadel himself and caused more than a few grains of sand to work their way into more than a few Aussie vaginas.
Here's what I say:

Cadel is the...

The Aussies who need the vagina wash should call the:

And feel free to fill this out:

Thanks for playing:

15 September 2009

Almost over

I think the TNCWC has just about run it's course for the season. We did the normal 50 + 2 again tonight and it just seemed like everyone was just going through the motions. And turnout was light...maybe 20 at the start. We'll shorten it to 40 minutes for the next two weeks and that'll be it for the year.
Derek and FK diced it out for the win and Derek took it by a tire. There was very little excitement to speak of...

And I had to watch this a few times to make sure I was hearing Big George correctly...

Yes, he said he was doing right at, or just above threshold work @ 500-540w! And his 'medium' effort up Caesars' Head was 385w!!
More proof that we ALL suck and take it way too seriously!

My new Easton tubulars and Vittoria EVO XG cross tubs are in transit...

14 September 2009

Douchebaggery run amok!

WTF? Was there a polar shift over the weekend that caused people to lose their minds?
First, let's deal with Serena Williams...
Yeah, it was a bad call, but mistakes happen. There's a human element to tennis line judging. She went after the line judge and threatened her with bodily harm. Did I mention that the line judge was a very diminutive Asian woman? I'm willing to bet that if the line judge was 6' tall black man, nothing would have been said...
And I know that certain people who read this will immediately call me a racist, but it just isn't so. A dumbass is a dumbass, regardless of race.
And PLEASE, do not bring up McEnroe and Connors. Neither of them EVER went after an individual line judge. They ALWAYS argued with the chair umpire. And neither of them were EVER profane when arguing/shouting/ranting. Serena dropped the F bomb multiple times in front of a packed crowd and on live TV. She also went after the line judge TWICE! She had also been warned for a conduct violation for smashing her racquet after losing the first set! Not our fault that Kim Clijsters was kicking your ass and you had trouble handling that fact!

Second, Kanye West...
If there was ever a 'man' that deserved a beating of biblical proportions, it's this douche. so Taylor Swift wins a MTV video award and this talentless dickweed jumps up on stage, takes the mic and proceeds to ruin her moment. Did I mention that Miss Swift is a diminutive 19 year old GIRL? Way to go you big knob! It's only about the fifth time he's pulled this kind of bullshit. Betting it wouldn't have happened if Toby Keith's big redneck ass was standing up there! And as much as I hate Beyonce, she showed absolute class after her own win last night by handing the mic over to Miss Swift so that she was able to give the acceptance speech that Captain Dickweed interrupted. Let's all hope that Kanye gets MRSA somewhere near his taint...

Third, Cadel Evans...
What a fucking whiney crybaby! God man, tone that shit down. It's getting really old and tired.
Yeah, Shimano neutral support was slow, but they gave you the correct wheel. When your team car finally arrived, they wasted more time by stopping you again and switching bikes. Sure, it was a mistake, but you lost approximately 45 seconds. Where were your teammates? Oh, yeah, I forgot, Silence-Lotto has basically given up on you after your collapse at the Tour. Maybe you should look at switching teams, or learning how to replace a wheel yourself! Man up, take the wheel from the fumbling Shimano guy and do it yourself!
It isn't the first time Cadel has had a meltdown either...
You know what Lance would have done? Gotten pissed off and ridden across the gap. It wasn't like it happened with 4 km to go! In the mountains, 45 seconds is 500-600m and you were 15km from the finish!
Let's see how 'useless' neutral support is the next time you get a flat.

Rant over!

I went out to the crit course this morning and swept turn 4. And there was, indeed, some glass in the short chute between turns 3 and 4. Looked like a broken Bud bottle on the outside of the racing line, near the gutter. My apologies to those who flatted. I haven't been as attentive to the condition of the course this year.
See you guys Tuesday night.

Oh, and JB kicked ass @ IMMOO yesterday! 10:12!! Nice job Jeff!