01 October 2014

I love it when a plan comes together...or not...

So remember when BikeStreet USA came onto the scene? An "investment" group, bent on taking over bike shops all over the country?
Well, they bought a couple of the underperforming shops here in town. Lo and behold, just a short 18 months later, both shops are closing down. And it's not just those shops.
BikeStreet USA is bankrupt. They are liquidating inventory at cost. That's right. There are deals to be had people.
I know several folks in town who have already gotten some crazy discounts on bikes. A $3200 Scott F/S for $1700? Sure, why not?
50% off accessories? Listen, I'm pretty loyal when it comes to the times I shop at the LBS, and yes, I DO spend $ at the shop. Am I too good to go pick at the bones of a bad business decision? Nope.
As a matter of fact, I'm headed to BikeStreet very shortly. THEN, to my LBS of choice.
Now to the business side of this...
I feel bad for the employees of BS USA. Those guys/gals did nothing, nd got hosed. I feel bad for the vendors who are probably going to take a hit b/c BS USA will be leaving many holding the bag. It's bad for the bike business.
Do I feel bad for the Venture Capital jerk-offs would thought they would waltz into all of these markets and shut down the shops that had been around for decades? Nope.
The bad part is that these DBags were using other people's money.
There are three shops in town now. Two are worthy of your business. One, well...my momma told me if I didn't have anything nice to say...

Decent first Urban Ride last night. Pretty good turnout. Some were conspicuous by their absence. Others were not missed.
The new trails out off The PowerStation are WAY different in the dark. Some hard turns caught some folks out, including me.
I will say, in my defense, I know the trails pretty well, as I've ridden them several times with Junior Management.
I also take the blame for two-wheel drifting through a hard right, and ending up in the trees. I went in too hot, and had too much pressure in the Clements. Fortunately, the LAS tires broke traction at the same time, and in a very progressive manner. I felt them going, had time to adjust, and saved it.
My superior skill kept me from eating shit. I'm also quietly confident that the vacuum created by my sphincter slamming shut probably played a part too.
Got 2 good hours in the dark last night. Beats the trainer 100x out of 100...maybe 102x.

Don't know exactly where these guys went to ride this terrain, but I know we should go there...

Roadtripping Tirol from Szymon Bike on Vimeo.

Speaking of mountains, there's banter about going up to do The Tour de Leaves next weekend.  Hmmm....

And from the "How not to build a Better Mousetrap" File : Full carbon Eastons. Tubular carbon spokes. Guess they didn't get the memo from Mavic on these?  And $3800?

Time to get going. Seems there are some dirt roads that need explorin', and some shops that needs visiting. Busy, productive morning...


Gregg said...

there are still 4 shops i believe

MM said...

True...I forgot the shop in Irmo, but then again, so do most people.

Bryan said...

Woah, I just stumbled upon this blog. I worked for the bikestreet that used to be Bike to Nature part time for the discounts. I hope someone opens up something good in Lexington. That's probably what hurts the most is knowing I have to drive into the city or to Harbison (I shudder to do that on a weekend). Northeast is too far for me. It is a shame, really. Some good people are soon to be out of a job