08 October 2014


It seems the the Risk/Reward graph needs another axis that includes the size of cojones.

Along this same vein, my ride last night was sort of the same.
Nice and easy, then decided to blow out some cobwebs. It seems the Cycling Gods wanted me to ride nice and easy, so they forced a small piece of wire thru my tire, and gave me a flat.
Of course, it didn't get flat enough to notice until I'd washed out in a corner, nearly eating poo.
Stop...let the group go.
Thankfully, I knew I could bust out a quick change, take a small shortcut, and catch back on.
Unfortunately, I forgot to change the tube in the saddlebag back to a CX tube, and only had a very skinny road tube. 18/23c tube in a 33c tire never works out for me. I know it does for some, but not this kid.
I put enough CO2 in to prevent pinch flats, and chased back on.
Two notes : If you flat somewhere out near The PowerStation, you will get eaten alive by mosquitoes in the 4-5 minutes spent changing the tube. I counted 17 bites when I hit Service Course. And those were the ones I could see.
These are the times weighing 185 isn't a bad thing. Some of you skinny folks would have been carried off. Something else much larger got me on the low back too. Hurt like a MFer. And iiiitched...

The remainder of my ride was on the back, with about 35psi in the rear Clement. It was plenty for riding around, and probably perfect for a race pressure. For bombing around the concrete twisties, is wasn't enough.
Oppo was applied a few times.

Either way, I still got in a nice spin, on a pretty damn nice evening! Reward.

YOU carry a lock. This guy has figured out bike security when he runs into Starbucks.

And the new 7900 lever came in. It'll be on the Ridley tonight.

Time to go take a little inventory down in Service Course. Some stuff needs to get Ebay'd...details to follow...
One thing is a Burley Solo kid trailer. I used it MAYBE 10 times. It's taking up space. I'll post pictures soon.

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