25 October 2014

Cramping my style

This "parenting" thing is beginning to cut into my ride time.
Haven't been on the bike since Tuesday due to varying responsibilities. I'm getting itchy.
Between The Boss working a couple of events, and a week that has been filled with U8 and U10 futbol, the bike has been lonely...
I might be able to sneak in a ride this afternoon, as Junior Management is going to the Lexington County office for the evening, and into Sunday. It'll likely be little more than a short spin out through the PowerStation to get the legs going around.
I'll be out in the morning though...

Quick hit on the whole Armstrong/Hincapie Fondo thing...
The fact that Lance doped and lied...yeah...I get that. Do I really give a shit anymore? Nope.

Lance got invited to do the Hincapie Fondo. It's been public knowledge for weeks. Only a few short days ago did USAC and USADA decide to hike up their man pants, and decide to enforce Lance's ban from sanctioned events.
A few things...
IT'S A FUCKING COOKIE RIDE! The only reason it's "sanctioned" under USAC is for the insurance. Period.
The "ban" from the ride has more to do with Travis Tygart's ego than it does Lance, and that's sad.
If USAC is banning Lance from riding, then under USAC's own rules, everyone participating this weekend should be required to by a USAC racing license. What's good for the goose, and all that...
And how, exactly, would they stop him from riding. Free country...open roads.
If I was Lance, I'd have a car take me out of the hotel grounds, to the base of the Watershed. And I'd wait...
When the group came over the last crest before the climb, I'd blend in seemlessly.
Just a dude out for a ride, who met up with some other dudes out on the road.
What's USAC gonna do, hire mercenaries to stop him? Or will Tygart and Betsy link arms, start singing "We Shall Overcome", and block the road?
Bandit the ride Lance. It's cool with me...and most other folks. Or Hincapie, and the organizers of the ride could just tell Tygart to GFY, and ride anyway. That would be even cooler with me.
Maybe USAC and USADA would get the point that they are both ineffectual governing bodies.
And let's be clear about USAC and USADA, they were complicit in all of the doping in the late 90's/early 2000s. They knew. They supported it.
If you doubt this, just use the Google search tab in your browser, and get some education.

And FWIW, I know LA follows me on Twitter, and I've seen some traffic from both Austin, and Aspen, so maybe he visits this little dog-and-pony show.
If that's the case, I throw this out there...
We ride @ 9 on Sunday mornings. Usually 100km or so. You're always welcome to ride with us, and enjoy some SC countryside.


As an aside, how about USAC, USADA, and WADA worry about the guys that are doping NOW, instead of the guys who are retired?
I've said it before, and I'll bang the drum forever...
Cycling is the only sport that will dig up it's dead, and re-hang them in the town square.

Here endeth the rant...

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