20 October 2014

Been a few days...

Sorry...but the whole "trying to ride" thing, coupled with family time, sometimes makes pecking at the keyboard like a over-caffeinated chicken, hit or miss.
Fun Urban Ride Thursday. Nice easy spin in the dark. 2 hours...no big efforts.
Friday was spent chasing children, and getting my crap together to head to the mountains Saturday morning.
And speaking of, 0430 is WAY too early to wake up unless I'm going on vacation, or the house is on fire. But as I was channeling my inner John Muir, the mountains were calling, so I had to go.
Plus, I was driving, so even if I had felt like it, bailing wasn't an option.
I picked up the crew, and we headed to Tryon to do the Tour de Leaves. I will say though, getting there about an hour early was nice. No rushing around. Plenty of time to get dressed, embro'd up, and on the bike.
110km, 6000+ feet of climbing, and 4 hours later, we were all back at the car. Well, Dean got back first, as one of his aged Michelins decided to fail in a fairly spectacular manner on the decent that leads to Green Cove Springs.
Thankfully, he whoa'd it down, fixed the rupture, and gingerly pedaled himself back to the car.
And yes, it took 4 hours. Seeing that it's October, and there's no podium back at the parking lot, we decided to just ride, and enjoy it. And don't get confused, the loop for the ride is no bullshit. Yeah, I/we could have gone faster/harder, but A) there was no point, and B) it's a harder ride than people think. There are few places that are LONELY, and not the spot to come apart.
There are ups, and downs...no in between.
And why people freak out over Green Cove Springs is a little baffling. Yeah, it's hard. Yeah, it's steep in places. It's short though, and if one has the correct gearing on the bike, or doesn't fuck with the rear derailleur the night before (Taylor), it's really not bad.
If I can drag my big ass up it in a 39/24-28, most can do it. I will say though, a couple of guys passed me on the climb, spinning circus monkey gears, and it looked wonderful. I may pick up a 38 chainring, just for occasions like this...
No compact yet, or "mid-compact" as TVH kept reminding us. Still 110bcd and a 36 chainring my friend...
Honestly, I thought the climb out from the valley, back up to 176, was the hardest climb. It's long, and hits you @ mile 50, right when climbing isn't high on the old "To-Do List".
The descent back into Tryon is getting fun too. Some of the frost heaves are sphincter-tightening when traveling at speed that will strip flesh from bone. Nothing like the bike jumping sideways at 70kmh.
If one hasn't done the Tour de Leaves, put it one of the list. Fun ride...easy to get to...well organized...and beautiful scenery.
A good group met Sunday morning, and spun out into Lower Richland (no hills, thank you very much!), on a Chamber of Commerce day.
Another 80km fell under wheels, and I think that those of us who rode in the mountains the day before felt better than expected.
Bristol and I even hit a dirt road. A really GOOD dirt road. No, I'm not telling you where it is, but you've all likely passed it, and scoffed. I'm sure someone will "discover" it soon enough. #Columbus
Back to Service Course, and quick turnaround, and The Boss and I took Junior Management to The Fair.
Nothing to really report, other than some "Gamecock" roosters truly are ill-tempered fowl. I got too close to one of the cages, and the damn thing came after me. He had ZERO fear.
After a few hours, we were all DONE, and came home for our Silkwood scrubdowns.
Busy weekends seem to be de rigeur lately...

Svenness 3.2

SVENNESS 3.2 from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.

Valkenburg CX


 Women's race. Katie Compton crashed on lap one, fell behind, fought back, and won alone. She's badass...period...I hear she bakes a hell of a GF cookie too!

Sorry again...I took NO pictures this weekend. I've gotten out of the habit. Need to start carrying the camera again...

Hope everyone had as good of a weekend as I. Guess I should get my Monday started...

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Jeezus, dude. Why do I come to your blog anymore if you have no pictures? Slackitude.