10 October 2014


Last weekend flew by...
The week? Not so much...
I know it's perception, but DAMN!

The first Svenness of the season has dropped...

SVENNESS 3.1 from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.

And from the "I'll take one in a 56cm" File

Lapierre is being distributed in the US by Raleigh now, so...

Uh...I guess we're running Moonshine in this one...426 Hemi with a 4spd and tall gears. The words "Stabbed Rat" come to mind...

Fun ride last night.
I'm out of contacts, as I have "special eyes", I was forced to order new ones. 3 to 5 days. Perfect.
I got out of Service Course @ 5:30, and busted ass to get home before dark. I hit the door, after doing the normal PowerStation loop, @ 7:00. It was dark.
The Darkness is motivation though. Normally, the trip from the front door to the stop sign at the end of The Powerstation takes 55-ish minutes. As I rode though the canopy, through which very little sunlight passes, the pace quickened, and I hit the end of the road in 53 minutes.
If I participated in Strava shenanigans, the KoM would now be far, far out of reach.
A quick trip through Cayce, and up Gervais, then through Five Points and Shandon, brought me back to SC at the very cusp of darkness, and blindness.
And thanks to the asshole who honked at me in Five Points, for riding the speed limit (which is 25mph btw).
And I saw Chief Justice Toal headed to her house on Wheat St. Needless to say, I took another route to avoid getting run down.

Full day of Futbol tomorrow with one match at 9 and another at noon. Probably only do the HoP Loop in between.  Then my afternoon will be filled with clearing the yard of leaves for the first time of the season. I feel a bit like Sisyphus until about Christmas.
Normal ride Sunday morning. 90-100km. No 140km craziness like last weekend. Colonial Center @ 9.

A Target run is on the horizon. Oh joy!  And Happy Birthday to Bond!

The storms are over, and El Sol is out. Go get some sun on your face today!

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