29 September 2014

Wait...did we have a weekend?

It's Monday already?
I guess that happens when the days are full speed...

Men's WC highlights...

Funny that the #fauxperts on Twitter were so quiet yesterday. Is it b/c they didn't know who Kwiatkowski is, or is it that they couldn't spell Kwiatkowski?
The conditions looked lovely in Spain too, eh?  One year from yesterday, these same guys will be in Richmond.

Women's WC "highlights"

As Phil and Paul are wont to say, it seems a lot of the ladies crashed out of sympathy. And Dean's GF won!

Now usually, the TT isn't terribly exciting. Not this year...

Good stuff!

And finally, some Euro CX action kicked off in Neerpelt. And Nys won w/o discs (gasp!) and sprinting from the tops (double gasp!). Heads are gonna asplode!!
As for yours truly...
Saturday was an exercise in 'How fast can I get this loop done, and get back for soccer"?
Flew out of the house on the CX bike, did two big loops of The Powerstation, thru Cayce, up Gervais, across 5 Points/Shandon, and home.
2 hours hard.
Inhaled a sammich and a Coke, then loaded up to spend the following 2 hours at the soccer fields.
Upside? After soccer, Junior Management went to the Lexington Field Office for the remainder of the weekend!
Not that we did anything while they were gone...
Sunday rolled around, and the group deferred to Roxy for route choice. She chose flat. She chose poorly.
The ride was long. Out to Kingsville, around thru Eastover, and back home.
I hit the door with 117km. And to add insult to injury, it was done on the CX bike. Sure, I changed the wheels and pedals, but that thing is NOT what one would consider compliant. My upper extremities are less than happy with me this morning.
I learned a few things :
-Always have a enough spare parts in Service Course.
-Deda flouro bar tape looks cool, but has the cushioning properties of Quikrete.
-When riding the CX bike on the road, lower tire pressures...a lot...
The highlight of the ride? Getting right hooked by some old lady in a Kia. She just came on over, without a thought. TVH followed her into the BP to explain her transgression. Her response?
"I had my blinker on..."
Yeah, right before you almost ran down three people. Dumbass.

 I took two pictures yesterday. This one was taken inadvertently when trying to put my phone back in my jersey pocket.
This was parked on Heyward St.  I must have one of these...
It's called a Chinook Baja. It ain't inexpensive! But then again, what else does one really need?

Time to get the day started. Nothing says "Welcome to Monday" like driving out to Lexington to pick up a beloved stuffed animal that was left at Grandma's house!

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Junk said...

4th place Sweeck was the U23 Belgian champ last year and many before that. I don't think Wout Van Aert is taking the elite step this year, but when he does that's two to watch in the coming years: Sweeck and Van Aert. Thibaut Nys is racing his bike too so give that about seven years. And Albert's 'Golden Palace' team, that's just silly.