27 February 2015

That last 8 minutes...

Now matter what one does in life, the last 8 minutes is always the worst.
Think about pretty much anything that takes time. Now think about the last 8 minutes.
Ok, there are a few things where the last 8 minutes are pretty cool, but this is a PG13 show...

Not in the mood to go out in the damp, cold darkness last night, I rode the Infernal Machine again. I had no urge to do anything that would take me near my vomit threshold, so I put my effort at about one notch above comfortable, and left it there for the better part of an hour.
2011 Flanders kept me company...

Now, one would think that 80-85% wouldn't be too tough, and it really isn't...except for that last 8 minutes. It really started to sting...

I'm riding outside this weekend. I don't care what the weather brings....

If I could only own ONE bike, it would look something like this...possibly even with the discs...

I'm riding like this from now on...

(Internal Combustion)
 Ducati Cafe?
 HD Scrambler?
Boat-tail 72 Riviera?

Yes...Yes...and Yes. Shut up and take my money. Probably better that I don't have money...

And some bold claims were made by a wheel builder yesterday. Something about a 50% savings in watts as it pertains to seal drag. Well, seeing as seal drag on a rear wheel is about 3w MAX, it's pretty inconsequential, and can be marked down as BS marketing hype. Your FTP will still suck.
That same amount of "speed" can be attained by putting good tires and latex tubes on the wheels you already own. AND you'll save $1000+.

And if you've ever wondered what would happen if a nuke went off over you town, there's a tool...

Go outside and play!

25 February 2015

Out like a lion?

WTF? This is SC, not the Midwest! Enough with the mid-30s and rain. I want to ride outside. I've ridden the trainer more thus far in 2015 than I did in ALL of 2014. Have I mentioned that I HATE the trainer?
I feel pretty sure I have...
Rode the infernal machine again last night. I'm approaching it differently now, however. No more just riding. If I'm on the turbo, there's a plan. Most of the plans involve making the time spent short, yet effective.
No, I have no plan to race...too old...too many kids...other things interest me far more.
The only objective is to get the time on the hamster wheel over with ASAFP.
Last night? Warm-up for 10 mins. 8x3 @ 90-94% w/1min. rest between. Yeah...it sucked, but it made the time pass really quickly.
10 minute spin down, and I was done. 50 minutes +/-. A good sweat. A little taste of pain.
People that ride the trainer for hours on end are a special sort. I really don't get it. I did 2 hours once. Thoughts of self harm were becoming pervasive. And don't say "base miles". If you need "base", you don't ride enough in the first damn place.
And the weather looks like it's going to be crap tomorrow night too. I guess I'll go back down to Service Course, and ride nowhere.
C'mon Spring...we're all pulling for you...

E3 Harelbeke's poster for this year's race.
It hearkens back to Sagan's little squeeze of the podium girl a couple of years ago. Kind of funny if you ask me. People are all foamed up though. I understand why, but many are using the term 'sexual assault'. Really? It's a poster for a bike race, and it's photoshopped. And Sagan immediately apologized for his transgression.
The very people who are all twisted up should Google "E3 Harelbeke poster". Where was their righteous indignation years ago?
Sure, I'll agree that using semi-naked women is bad form...not even going to argue that point, so keep it to yourselves.
The organizers of the race wanted people to talk about the race, and it seems that their marketing efforts have succeeded.


Missed it by THAT much...

Best. Looking. Felt. Ever.

Wait...Hincapie produced a design that doesn't suck? (JB reminded me that Hincapie only produced the kit.  The design was likely from the folks at Betty Designs.) <<<
Also, check out the guys at Zevlin. I especially like the Ti bar end plugs.

Happy Wednesday. You've made it halfway.

23 February 2015

Hey, Mother Nature....

Can you please figure out what you want to do? PLEASE?
Cold last week. Warm over the weekend. Rainy and cold today. Forecast to be in the 70s next week. And I wonder why my sinuses are staging a coup d'etat...

Tour of Oman $ list
And people wonder why sponsors leave cycling. It's not the doping. It's the fact that pro racing is largely a losing proposition.
After salaries are paid to riders and staff, fees and taxes are removed, and the UCI takes their chunk, going to Oman COST the teams money.

Meeusen showed some style over the barriers last weekend...

I wear my Road ID. Every ride...

Dean and I met Saturday for a road spin. On the way out of the 'wood, HWF, Chad and Timmy caught up with us. Kind of nice to have a little group on a Saturday morning.
Once out, Dean wanted to go long, and turned off. I had furniture shopping to do, so I rolled shorter with the others.
It was a nice little ride. Even turns on the front. Nice and steady...until we encountered a broken bottle...
Chad nailed it, and cut a Gatorskin. A GATORSKIN. At least our stopping spot was in the sun.

 And a couple of guys in an old truck stopped to make sure we were okay. Sorta random. Definitely cool.
 Once booted, we rolled on, and finished a nice 65km spin.
And instead of furniture shopping, I played futbol in the yard with Junior Management, and cleaned some mystery crust off the Ridley. Solid afternoon.
Sunday's wake-up call was met with rain, so I rolled over. After sleeping in until 8:30 (what?), and noticing the rain had stopped...for a while...I kitted up, and got out on the bike.
Funny how one has the road to one's self when it's 60 and damp.
I honestly don't think it rained at the far end of The Powerstation.
And where's Ricky when he's needed?
No moving this one. It's solid, and entirely too heavy. I did use my superior skills, and rode over it though. Doubt me? Chainring marks tell the tale.
Oh, and did I mention I rode in shorts? All that was needed was some Mad Alchemy Russian Tea...
It was 65 by the time I got back to Service Course, and the rain had begun again. Timed that ride just right!

And if you missed Lady Gaga on the Oscars last night, you missed something very special...

And she did it while Julie Andrews watched from stage left!!

Rainy Monday. Keep your heads down.

19 February 2015


The Boss got home late Tuesday, and to be honest, I wasn't terribly enthused by the prospect of a dark solo ride in damp, 35 degree temps. Yeah...yeah...Rule 5 and all that crap. I just didn't want to do it.
Instead, I got dressed, and went down to Service Course.
I hate the trainer, but there are times when it's the better choice.
It was 60 degrees, there was no wind, and I could ride bathed in the pale blue glow of the TV. 2012 Roubaix kept me company.
Instead of just rolling the legs around, I warmed up for 10 minutes. Knocked down 5x5s w/2 minutes between, and then spun down for 10 minutes. 53 minutes. No more...no less. Short and sharp.
It also worked out that the last 40km of Roubaix exactly that long. Things sometimes work out...even if part of the thing sucks...
Probably do the same thing tonight, as it's supposed to be 28 degrees at ride time. Warm and dry beats dark and cold. Not often...but it happens. at least that's how I'm justifiying it.


I'm all for flouro, but Sagan, and Saxo in general, are taking it to the extreme. The Ale/Cipo women's team though...

When team cars had style...
Proper fitment of a black and white skinsuit...
Not #blackfish...

You're probably riding your tires with too much pressure... (<<<
And if there was any doubt that James Garner was cool, this only serves to cement the fact that he was...

Ok kids...stay inside...stay warm...

16 February 2015


...or grey, depending on how you spell things.
It's Monday. It's not warm outside. The sky is colorless. Oh joy...

Someone asked me if I'd help them sell one of these monstrosities. I said no. I want NO part of it. They were a bad idea, and broke, when new. Used, it's litigation waiting to happen...

As we've established, I'm no fan of disc brake road bikes. It's just not needed, and will only lead to grief for a lot of people who buy them.
This DeRosa however, is beautiful. Gotta say...I'd rock it...

Another proper townie/urban assault bike. Rigid. Discs. Internal hub. All one needs...

Oh, do STFU about base miles, especially if you have NO idea what it means, nor how to go about it. Honestly, if one rides all year, and puts in any sort of actual miles, there's no need to even use the term anymore.

Four wheels good...
Giant, glowing, single turbo. No lag there...at all...
Better have that thing pointed in the desired direction when the boost comes on!

Euro CX from Saturday @ Middelkerke

And if you need a book to read, check out 'The Fast Times of Albert Champion'

As for yours truly, we rode Saturday morning. It was pleasant. Headwind out, and a ripping tailwind home. It's nice when you fall into that pocket where effort, speed, and wind all intersect, and one certain speed is correct.
Saturday, it was somewhere between 40-50kph. Twas nice. 2.5 hours, and I was back at Service Course.
Junior Management was at the LexCo office, so The Boss and I loaded up and went to Ikea.
We picked up a few things, and came to the realization that we couldn't live in Charlotte. Urban sprawl run amok.
Nice place to visit. Wouldn't want to live there.
And I took the idiot weatherpeople at their word, and decided to sleep in on Sunday morning. They said it was going to be 20 degrees. It wasn't. They said the wind was supposed to howl. It didn't.
Sunday was actually quite a nice day. I missed the opportunity to get out on the bike. Stupid...

No ridey today, as JM is home from school today. I WILL get out tomorrow night, even if it's solo...

I guess I should get the day started...at 10:45am...

13 February 2015

Bullet points

-Night Ride
-Not cold, but the wind was howling
-Lots of those little "gumdrop" things on the trails
-PowerStation in really good shape
-That little mudhole was deeper than I thought
-River trail was empty
-Climbing Gervais with a head/cross wind sucks
-Some drivers are mentally challenged (how does one miss 3000 lumens?)
-A guy in 5 Points said, "Man, those are some bright-ass lights"
-Home with two good hours in the dark...

-A properly done townie/urban assault rig...

That's about it around here. Nothing to rant, nor whinge about.
Get outside tomorrow, as Sunday is going to be COLD.

12 February 2015

Mid -week

Riding in the afternoon, on a Wednesday, is something of a rarity around here.
The Boss had a business dinner last night, so she came home early, which presented the opportunity to ride in the warmth of the afternoon sun. My first thought?

Nonetheless, when she came in the door. I headed out.
Seeing that the afternoon rush was beginning, I chose a loop that would present less of a chance to get popped by a car.
I've also come to the stunning realization that I really don't like to ride the road bike solo anymore. Herd mentality...safety in numbers...that whole thing.
Around the H.5oP loop, and back up Gervais, thru town, and into the 'hood.
Gervais was actually fun because of the traffic. I quite enjoy riding past the lines of cars. It also proved the need for a Law banning the use of handheld mobile devices while behind the wheel. A SOLID 30% of drivers were more intent on checking their phones than paying attention to piloting their 2 tons of steel and plastic.
Put them down people.
The ride was good though. An easy 90 minutes to loosen up and work out a few kinks.
Once back to Service Course, Junior Management #2 was out riding his bike around, so we did a few big loops around the 'wood. It was the best part of the ride.
The trade-off was that while The Boss got to go eat at Terra, I got to stay home with Junior Management. Such is my life...

Wiggo's Tour of Qatar F8. Not wholly unattractive...

Seems there might be some X-winds in Qatar as well...

Uh...don't stand so close to the implosion. And you might want to DUCK!

And if you're looking for deals on outdoor gear, cycling stuff included, check out Left Lane Sports.
They have some seriously cool framesets up right now...

How about a "Brazil" edition Look?
Or Japan?
Flip through their site. They have deals on all kinds of good stuff...

Now that I've destroyed your time management for the rest of the morning...have a good Thursday!