19 September 2014

This and that

Fun ride last night. Went out SLOW, and the pace picked up as we rolled. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is seemingly a little burned out.
Time to start changing up the routine a bit methinks...
As I was saying...or typing, as it were, the pace picked up greatly on the run back into town.
As the normal jackass couldn't take a pull...well, he could, but chose not to so he wouldn't get blown out the back, Dr. Jones nailed it, young Mathis followed, and I chased the gap. Did I mention all of this happened at 65kmh?
Yeah...the shit hurt...
Dr. Jones nailed it again under the airport bridge, and split the group. Once again, it was the three of us...but...
The shifting on the Ridley has been suspect for a few weeks. I know I need new cables all around, as I haven't changed them since I built the Noah last June. That's 15 months, probably 15k kilometers (or more). and untold shifts.
On the way TO the ride last night, my shifting ostensibly stopped. A little jiggle of the housing, and everything was seemingly back to normal.  Seemingly...
Once onto the flat after the airport bridge, I went to shift, and that was that. Cable failure.
I tried to stay in the group with 2 gears (39/12 or 52/12), but seeing as suplesse is something lacking in my skillset, I sat up, and mashed it alone.
No sense endangering the group...
The Noah will be getting new cables today/tomorrow. Just need to go get some new bar tape.  I should probably drop the fork too, as the headset feels a little crunchy. Maybe a partial overhaul?

Jens broke The Hour record yesterday. It was pretty cool to watch the effort, even if one isn't a Jens fanboy...which I am decidedly not.
51.115km in The Hour.
The UCI has changed the rules of The Hour more times that an OCD diaper changer washes his/her hands, so comparing Jens' effort to Merckx, Moser, Indurain, or Sosenka is little comparing apples to fungo bats.
His position was closer to Boardman and Obree than Merckx and Sosenka.
The effort was outstanding anyway. 204 laps of a 250m track? Made me dizzy watching. The physical effort is admirable, but the mental toughness is astonishing.
And begs the questions...
Will assaults on The Hour begin? Will Wiggins, Cancellara, and Martin put it WAY out there?
Consider this...
In the last TT of the 2014 Tour, which was 54km, Tony Martin put 9:32 into Voigt. NINE THIRTY TWO.
If one were to run the math, that comes out to 32 laps of a 250m track @ 17.7 seconds per lap, which was Voigt's average. Or 8km!!
Martin averaged 49kmh in the Tour TT, and Voigt averaged 43kmh, so Voigt rode 87% as fast as Martin.
Yeah, I know it's purely hypothetical, but if the gap were to be the same on the track, Martin would put The Hour out to around 57kmh.
Ruminate on THAT for a moment...
I know the guys at Specialized have run the numbers, and will likely cut the rear end off of a Shiv to fit 120mm track ends in the near future.
Trek got A LOT of marketing out of Jens' effort, and Specialized is nothing if not marketing savvy. Or whores...potato/potatoe

Other stuff...

Victoria Pendleton. British Track Cycling star. Winner of the British version of Dancing with The Stars. I'll let you guys come up with your own comment(s)...

Custom Buell. Sort of reminds me of an A-10 fighter jet. The A-10 is a plane built around a gun. This custom is a moto built around a 1203cc modified Harley motor. Wonder if it's fast?
I'd be dead the afternoon it got delivered...

And I picked up a Giant Numen Aero blinky light. If you have an aero bike, with a teardrop shaped post/mast, this is really the only answer.
It fits the Noah post perfectly, is plenty bright, and just doesn't move, nor bounce around.
And it looks far more elegant ON the bike than other lights. No ugly brackets, no exposed screws/bolts...just a rubber attachment, and the light. Clean and simple.
I bought the battery version. It takes (2) CR2032 batteries. Giant also makes a USB rechargeable version. 
I got mine from the guys at Summit....

Time to make a Publix run, and go get some new bar tape....

This rain should end today, and the weekend looks outstanding. Go outside and play!

17 September 2014

Not much

It's gonna be a little thin today...
No ridey last night, as I'm single parenting at the point. Such is the life of the stay-at-home parent, when the wife is a high-powered corpo type.
Then again, I got to stay here, while she traveled to...Mississippi.
Nothing says romance like Jackson in Autumn.
Oh, the glamour...

Two wheels good...
A custom Triumph Bonneville...
I know I've linked Deus Ex Machina before, but these guys simply know how to take something old, and possibly worn past it's prime, and make it simple and cool. 

The guys from BreadWinner take "riding to the ride" next level. Plus, they make really nice stuff!

Sorry, but this is just funny...

And don't forget, Jens is making an assault on 'The Hour' tomorrow.  Cyclingfans will have live streams, and I believe Trek will be streaming it on their corpo website as well. 
The bike...

The Boss is coming home today, and I should probably make it appear as though a troupe of orangutans hasn't been living in the house.

Fall is falling...get outside.

15 September 2014


First thing this morning, let's go back to the beer spraying at Cross Vegas.
The guys who actually threw the beer, and generally acted like assholes, well, they sacked up, and apologized. It was sincere, and to the point.
I honestly believe them, and they seem like good dudes who genuinely love cycling, and cyclocross.
I respect that. Own your fuck up, and move on.
On the other end of the spectrum were both the photographer that documented the events, and the organizers of Cross Vegas themselves.
The photog, whom I will not name, as he does need any more attention than that he is already given, actually tweeted out that he wanted an apology for being blamed for instigating the situation.
We're sorry! Sorry you're a dick!
And the organizers went on Twitter and, in the words of some very Southern gentlemen I happen to know, shit and fell back in it.
They had the Everest-sized balls to say the racers themselves shared in the blame. WHAT? Are you serious? How the FUCK do the pros, who were out there killing themselves in 100 degree heat, bear ANY responsibility for having beer, among other things, thrown on them?
That's as stupid as trying to put your pants on over your head.
The organizers' argument was that the racers who participated in some early races took the beer handups, and this behavior led to the beer spraying.
That's in the same vein of, "She was wearing a short skirt, so...." (And don't take umbrage to this statement! If you can't figure out the VERY loose association, then it's a YOU problem!)
Handups don't lead to beer throwing. I've been to myriad races that haven't devolved into fraternity parties. Hell, I've been to myriad Frat parties that didn't involve the base behavior that occurred at CXVegas.
One argument was that the racers should "Stop taking it so seriously...", in reference to the racing, and the beer throwing. Really? Top level pros should just lighten the fuck up?
I guess these folks won't mind in Sven Nys, Lars Van Der Har, and Katie Compton come to their jobs, and spray beer all over their cubicle...
It's little more than an attempt by Cross Vegas organizers to defer blame.

They said the would be releasing a "statement" today.
If they have a brain in their Vegas desert, sun-baked, little brains, it should be a very sincere apology, and an admission that they should have acted to end the abhorrent and disrespectful behavior as soon as possible after it began. (It didn't happen for 5 or 10 minutes. It went on thru the entire evening.)
Admit more security, and less booze, were needed, and move on.

Blaming the very folks who were wronged doesn't help ANYONE!


TVH and I met Saturday morning, and did a ride that could only be consider damp, and muggy.
It never rained, but between the wet roads, and the 439% humidity, we were both soaked once the 70km was complete.
And the dumb was strong Saturday morning. Between the fat women in the minivan, and the FratBro in his daddy's Infinti, who ran the stop sign in the middle of the neighborhood, I'm shocked we made it home in one piece. Or two, as it were...
I guess gameday brings out the DERP in people...
Once back to SC, I worked in the yard for a while, then took a nice nap. It was good.

A nice little group met Sunday, on a cool morning. It was spitting rain, but not enough to be concerned with...until...
Once on 12th, the actual rain started, and grew stronger as we pushed South. Kevin and Tim had planned to turn around at the end, as it was Kevin's first ride outside since being nearly smushed by a car a month ago, and they did. TVH turned with them.
The rest of us went about 250m further.
Once we saw that there was an entire crew working on the bridge, and took the rain and wind into account, it was decided that The Cycling Gods were sending us a sign to go home.
So we did.
We chased back the other three, and we all rode in together.
A planned 100km turned into 40km. I was cool with that.
And as normally happens, the rain stopped, and the sky cleared about 30 minutes later.

 Firefly CX bike. All top shelf and custom...but FSA cranks...?
 Firefly road. Plain, clean, simple...what else is needed?
 Adam Hansen from Lotto Belisol finished his 10th straight Grand Tour. Hardman...
 I'm liking this LaPierre! And Raleigh is distributing them for 2015, so they are actually attainable!
And the Vuelta ended Sunday. Yawn. I watched about 15 minutes of it. Sorry...just couldn't get interested.  A guy who broke his knee at the Tour won. A guy who broke his wrist at the Tour came second. And a former Classics rider, turned GT rider rounded out the podium.  Okaaaay....

Have a solid Monday! I have stuff to do...

12 September 2014

What's wrong with you?

So it seems that CX is approaching the shark tank.
At Cross Vegas, several morons decided that it was cool to spray beer at the pros as the rode under the Shimano fly-over.

No, it's not cool. No it's not funny. It's disrespectful, and makes you, and American CX fans in general, look like asshole soccer hooligans.
Good natured heckling is cool...Always. Throwing beer on racers? Nope...Never.
I don't care if the racers are Euro pros, or the lowliest of category schmoes.
If I'm racing, and someone throws something at me, I'm going to get off, come through the barrier, and beat them into a puddle. Same applies to if I'm merely watching a race.
I will walk over to you, ask politely if you threw something at the racers. If the answer is in the affirmative, expect a punch in the throat.
And if you think I'm blowing hot air, try me...
As for CX Vegas, the assholes in question seem to be involved with The Radavist. It seems they had a good time, and up until LATE last night, even published pictures of themselves throwing beer on the racers. The pictures have since been taken down.
What's wrong guys? The Courage of your Convictions weaken overnight? Or did you figure out, once sober, and once you got called out on the Internet, that what you did was asshole FratBro behavior?
The worst part? People defended the behavior. Of course, it was probably the same people who Columbus things, and didn't know what CX was 5 years ago.

The Rev may have summed it up best

CX is fun. CX is cool. CX is a relaxed atmosphere. Disrespect under the auspices of "we're just having a good time" is still disrespect.

I remember going to the Athens Twilight in the mid-90s, and some FratBro decided it would be funny to start throwing things at the racers as they streaked by at 30mph. It's didn't work out so well for him after a certain well-known SC racer (who used to race for Outspokin'), punched the guy squarely in the side of the head.
After the FratBros took umbrage, and took a small beating from a bunch of dudes with shaved legs, nothing else was thrown.

Just don't do it! Sven might come after you...


Fun ride last night. Methinks the rides are petering out, as the group was pretty small.
Chasing the sun has picked the pace up as well.
It was a decent ride, except for the shite riding of the usual suspect. I'd be embarrassed if I rode in that manner, but I surmise that he's as clueless about his riding as he is about most things.
The "attack" through the red light in South Congaree was the best. Can't put a nose to the breeze, but will stomp through a red light that everyone else slowed for...

I guess I should dig the lights out, as it was DARK by the time I hit Service Course last night...@ 7:45. 

Time to get my Friday started...with a trip to Target. Oh joy...

11 September 2014


Never Forget...


Fun ride Tuesday night. Smaller group, but still pretty quick, and generally steady.
There were a couple of incidences of dumbassery, but we've all pretty much come to expect them from certain folks.
Although I will say that fouling up the rotation of the line when one isn't even in THAT line is some next level stuff.  Yeah...sure...just jerk it left into the line that's passing you 5kph faster.  It's cool.  No one will mind.
And the guy who decided to join us at the end of the ride, even though he had NO idea of how to ride with other people...
As Big John said, it turned into a shitshow over the 26 overpass.

If you don't know what you're doing, please stay out of the dynamic.

As an aside, and a bit of a pro-tip, please bring out your blinky lights.  Darkness is falling quickly, and the long shadows create difficulty for drivers.

Not many more of these evening rides left until it's just too dark.

A couple of Cipo's bikes from Eurobike.  Interbike is happening in Vegas right now, so we'll all get to see some cool stuff very soon.

Follow Peloton Magazine on Instagram for an early peek...and just generally cool photos.

Video for the new Cipo TT bike. Only Cipo...

And profi CX has started in earnest with CrossVegas going off last night. I would have enjoyed watching it had the pro races not started after 11 Eastern time.  Some of us have to get up in the morning...
Here's the last 2 laps of the men's race.  Feel free to mute Dave Towle. (I did)

Have a good Thursday...

08 September 2014

You can go now...

Talking to YOU head cold!
Just a simple, little, allergy-related cold that has been living with me for a week now. Feeling better every day, but damn! Enough already...

Want to see how professional neutral service guys work?

Those Shimano cameras make pretty pictures...

The new Swobo Scofflaw. Reynolds 531 steel. 44mm headtube.  Comes as a singlespeed, but will include a slider drop out to run gears.  Yeah, it has discs, but that's the way things are headed. Upside? The wheels are 30mm tall and 23mm wide. Should make for some cushy Clements.
In talking to El Jefe, it won't be blue though. They'll be a lime green color.
Pricing is very kind to one's wallet as well. $1199 as shown. No, that's not a typo...
I've already reserved mine.

If you're gonna Rep, Rep hard...

Two Wheels Good.
Custom. BMW. 
Not really feeling the front fairing/light cover. Needs a simple, round headlight, or a couple of small, round LED headlights.

Fun rides this weekend.
Saturday was my normal CX loop, as I have things to do that pertain to life. 2 hours, including a couple of traverses of The PowerStation, which is fabulous shape these days.
I decided to do a hard effort, just to blow some of the snot carbon out of the pipes. It was going swimmingly until I shellaced one of the three washouts at about 35kph.
Hitting it was no big deal, and quite easily survived. My phone, however, was lashed to my stem so I could run MyTracks for GPS.
Upon striking the washout, my homemade Garmin mount decided to lay down on the job, and the MotoX took a flyer of into the trees.
Thankfully, it was easy to find.
Up through campus, down to the stadium to see who was tail-gating 8 hours before the USC game, and back to SC. Two hours on the ladder followed, which hurt my legs far more...
Sunday was the normal Lex/Cal route...or one of them at least. Good group too. And the heat didn't crop up and smash us until the very end.
I had a small, easily rectified mechanical towards the end, and rode home with greasy hands. It was new kit day, so there was no wiping them on the bibs, nor jersey. The white tape took a small hit however.
It was good 100km...except for the headwind. All day. In every direction. Whichever way we turned, the wind shifted.
We all felt a little like Grandpa Simpson...

It's a bleh day out there today. Stay inside. Get some things done. I'm out...