21 October 2014

Serious time...

I know how not serious this little dirt road off the Information SuperHighway can be. It's by design. Cycling is, and should be, fun.
That's not to say that the data dorks don't have their place. To each his own.
Herein lies the beauty of cycling. There's something for everyone.

One common thread that runs through all of it, however, is the fact that we are all doing the same thing, and all place our very lives in the hands of people in two-ton metal cages every time we roll out of our houses.

It's dangerous stuff, this cycling life.

Two brothers were struck in Charlotte last week. Both are still in the hospital. One is expected to recover. The other is still unconscious, and unresponsive.
The driver simply turned in front of them.

And this hit me, and many others, like a ton of bricks yesterday. I implore you to sit down, and take the time to read it fully.
Then, take the time to pass it along to family, friends, and colleagues. Please remind those who are not cyclists to be vigilant, attentive, and PATIENT when driving. That call or text can wait. The perceived time savings gained by forcing themselves past a cyclist, or group of cyclists, just is not worth the risk to the cyclists, nor themselves.
And remind them to PLEASE not pull out in front of someone on a bike. Cyclists travel at speeds that are low, as compared to a motor vehicle, but easily high enough to strip flesh from bone, and/or kill the cyclist.

I do not know Kennett, nor Adelaide, but Kennett's story that follows is raw, gripping, and truly emotional. What occurred last Saturday in Boulder, could happen to any of us.

Keep your heads on a swivel. Look out for one another.


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