31 October 2014

A simple request

I just cannot understand why some people feel the need to make riding a bicycle harder than it needs to be. It's simple. There are two ways to go on a bicycle ride.
1) Get your bike. Get dressed. Go ride by yourself.
2) Get your bike. Get dressed. Meet at a pre-determined time, at a pre-determined spot, and ride with a group of like-minded individuals.

Not hard. So here's my request...
If you do not do the ride(s), or do not participate in the main body of the ride(s), please do not take it upon yourself to make the effort to control the ride(s). Please do not send out emails concerning the ride(s), especially when the email concerns changing the ride time. And not everyone is on the 'double secret' email list.
The folks who actually DO the ride(s) will talk amongst themselves, and get it figured out. Last I checked, the vast majority of the group in question are fully grown adults.
Treating people like small, dull children only serves to piss them off.

That being said, after the confusion of yesterday, the Urban Rides will now leave @ 6pm. It's being done in an effort to be able to do a full loop, and not get back to the parking lot @ 9pm.


The ride last night was pretty good. No lolly-gagging. We rode, stayed together, and had a good time.
And the first chill in the air was felt.
2 good hours in the dark.
Except for when I got back into the neighborhood, and got pinched by some moron in a Lexus SUV on Wheat St. Dog forbid she wait until I get past the parked car before she passed.
Thankfully, I sensed it coming, so I slowed down, and waited on her to pass. And it was a parent from Junior Management's school.
I'll see them again...

A while ago, Peloton did a good mini-doc on Keith Bontrager...

And speaking of current/former Trek partners, it seems LeMond has introduced a want-worthy steel frameset...
The 'Washoe'. Yeah, the name is questionable, but the frame is swank. 853 tubing. 44mm headtube. Over-sized front triangle. Enve fork. Old school LeMond/Euro geometry.
$1799! Yes...$1799. Buy a similar frame from IF, Donhou, or whoever, and it'll be 2x that money.
Not a big fan of the paint/graphics, but I could probably live with it.

And Jens Voigt's one month Hour Record fell yesterday...

Can't wait to see what the big dogs can do with the Hour. Cancellara, Wiggo, Martin...

Weather is gonna be shit tomorrow...be prepared...

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