27 October 2014

Weekends should really be three days...

Two is just not enough to pack in all of the crap one wants to do. Of course, if one is a lazy sot, then it might be too many...
Saturday was a day of soccer. It began early with team pictures, then progressed into games. I was at the soccer fields from 10:30 until after 2. Doesn't sound like a long time to you? See you next Saturday. I'll ask you the same question...
#1 played well. He's starting to figure it out. It's his first season on the pitch, so the finer points are taking time.
#2 played like scouts from Real Madrid were there watching. 12 saves on 13 shots...one was a ricochet straight of his dome. AND he showed some real aggression, and initiative. For this, he received high praise...and a yellow card.
A player from the other side was on a break. No defense. Just attacker and #2 in goal. The boy came out of goal, rushed the kid on the break, and knowing he couldn't use his hands, as he was out of the box, executed a text book slide tackle.
We're not talking about a normal, kid's soccer tackle either. It was a tackle taken straight from Premier League play.
The kid on the break flew about 10 feet before hitting the ground...in a pile...not moving.
Rarely do cards come out in youth soccer, but #2 got a yellow. Sure, he got the ball, but he definitely got the kid too.
I asked where he learned it, and he said from watching BPL on TV. A sponge, that one...
I told him it was okay. Sometimes, you need to take the man, and the card.

Once home, and Junior Management had left for the Lexington office, I got one the CX bike for a short spin to get the legs going around.
Perfect afternoon, and the PowerStation couldn't be much better right now. 90 easy minutes, and I was back. It was plenty.
Sunday was a fantastic ride, on a Chamber of Commerce day. Big loop out through LexCal, including going UP Big Beaver Creek. And honestly, it's really not a big deal. I sort of liked it in that direction. Then across to Swansea, and back in.
110km for the day...AND tightened up the tanlines...at the end of October. Tell me again how nice it is to ride up North...
Roxy said she hated me for dragging her out that far. Sorry. You buy the ticket, you ride the ride.

 Gotta be a certain age to get the funny in this one...
 The organizers of the Tour really missed it this time.  Can you see it?
 Oh Mario, when do you tease so?
Is it bad that I want the attractive female to get the hell out of the way, so I can see the road?

As an aside, Outspokin' is looking good inside. The remodel is still on going, but the extra space, and the glassed-in fitting area will complete the shop. Good effort guys/gals!

And the word for the the day? #blackfish

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