30 January 2010


Granted, Zipp beam bikes...hell, ALL beam bikes were/are really stupid, but whoever did THIS should be struck down in his skinny jeans as he stands in whatever hipster-douchebag coffee shop he frequents. I mean, for fuck's sake...

I didn't go out today as I'm not being watched by any pro teams, but I did decide to do a little exploring out in Ridgeway. Hackathorne sent me a map of a dirt ride out there, so I decided to check it out. No time like the tail end of a winter storm that dropped ice all over the place to go explore a bunch of unmarked dirt roads. As I was beginning my search, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a lone lunatic out of the corner of my eye, heading North out of Ridgeway. The only person that even threatened to ride today was MDro, and the general shape of the lone rider was remarkably similar to his, so I turned to check it out. As I rolled closer, I noticed the silver Salsa 29er...it was the crazy person himself. We spoke for a minute a I let him get back to his solo lunacy. In case anyone is interested, he wasn't out for a spin to get away from the house for 30 minutes! He ended with 5 hours, 120km (on knobbies!) and more spent KJ and TSS points than should be allowed on a 31 degree, freezing rain day! Fine line between hard and crazy...he was definitely tripping over that fucker today!

Anyway, the dirt roads out there are great and it would be VERY easy to put together a ride that hit all of them, and looped back to a central meet spot. Hell, one had a creek crossing! I would have driven across, but the water was bumper high on the truck, and moving pretty quickly. Seeing as #1 MT was with me, I decided to practice some discretion. Getting the truck swamped in a fast flowing, barely above freezing stream, in the middle of nowhere just smacks of bad parenting! Look for maps of some loops/routes very soon!

Cross Worlds tomorrow on Sporza or Universal Sports...12 noon. The cross was snowy, icy, muddy today for the Junior and u23 races. Tire choice and pressures will be very important tomorrow!

Turbo ride in the a.m. Too cold for my old bones outside...

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jmcswain said...

I got a pickup truck stuck in that creek once ( I assume you are talking west of US21 just above Ridgeway). That day it was just a gentle steam. Harrison's at RR/US21 made good money for years pulling people out of it. There are miles of dirt roads west of 21 and between River Road to north and SC34 to south. Also check out Flint Hill and Wateree Estates.