04 January 2010

RIP Robin Hood 1992-2010

Robin Hood,

Writing this note pains me beyond measure.

Today was a hard, hard day. Today, you went to a far better place, where all of your aches and pains have ceased. Your sight has been returned to perfect and you can once again hear the food bag open from miles away. You can bark, roll, jump and chase what needs to be chased.

I called the rescue in late 2000, and told them that I wanted an older male Jack Russell as a companion for our female. A week later, we rode up to ‘look’ at you. The first time I saw your big brown face, you greeted me with a smile and wagging tail. I sat on the ground to watch you run and play with Bella. After a short time, you sidled over and plopped down on my lap. That was it for me. You’d come to the rescue from less than favorable circumstances. That day, I promised that you would never have another bad day.

When you came to us, you were already 8…old by some standards, but you were in your prime, full of life, energy and mischief. You and Bella became partners in crime, which was quite amusing to watch at times.

Life changed around here when the boys came along, but you took it all in stride. It seemed that you just knew that these crying little pink things were new members of your pack and it was your job to watch over them. You were patient when they pulled on you and chased you, yet ever vigilant and fierce when it came time to protect them.

You slowed down over the years, but still had the same spirit and smile. When it came time for you to cross into that better place, you looked at me. It was a look that I won’t ever forget. To the end, YOU comforted ME.

You passed at the ripe old age of 17. It is said that a man is lucky if he has one good dog during his lifetime. I was insanely lucky and blessed to be your person.

I buried you in your favorite spot in the flower bed, right against the stone wall. The spot where you slept away lazy afternoons in the sun. That big, warm sun will shine on you forever. You will be in my heart for the rest of my days.

Rest well old man…rest well! I Love You!


Toby Porter said...

Sorry to hear about Robin Hood. These dogs truly are like family.

NID said...

Sorry about your loss. I know you loved Robin Hood. Dogs are such loyal companions and vital parts of our families.

velocodger said...

I lost my dog Lucy about 1995. Said I'd never have another dog, couldn't bear the thought of losing a dog again, and I didn't think another dog could measure up anyway. Well, my wife lobbied me, and now we have another dog, but, you know, just thinking about Lucy still makes my eyes all wet. Grief is a strange thing. People say it gets better, but I don't think it does. You just learn do deal with it. I guess we're lucky to have had such great companions, eh? Peace.