09 January 2010

Dr. Fucknut gets 5 years


5 years is a gift for what was tantamount to attempted murder. When coupled with the fact that he'd done it before, he should have gotten up and dance a fucking jig for the sentence that he was given.
He'll probably serve 6-9 months, but that's fine because he'll be put in the poor house by the civil suit. If I was admitted to the Bar in Cali, I'd take the case pro-bono...and bury the guy.
Don't drop the soap!

Ride content:
Muddy/Frozen roots are SLICK when it's 30 degrees outside. I slipped a gear on a section that I've cleared, literally, 50 times in the past and whacked the ever-living shit out of my knee. Not so much the knee, as the vastus medialis muscle that lives just above the knee. I sort of just stopped and fell over, a la Arte Johnson on "Laugh-In". Fortunately, my big ass was along for the ride and protected me from any further damage by taking the fall. It's like a big, fleshy Secret Service Agent.
The remaining 60 minutes of the ride sucked. Windy, cold and pain do not exactly drive one on to ride hard after a crash.
It's 24 outside right now...not going out in that crap. TeamSky isn't tracking my progress...
The heat is running down in the ManHole(tm) and it should be a balmy 50 or so by the time I limp down there to ride.

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velocodger said...

The rest of the Dr Fucknut story is that he had already run cyclists off the road, and the district attorney did nothing! After he got away with the first, he thought what he did was OK by the DA. A stern phone call by the police to his arrogant ass might have prevented the second incident, and saved a lot of pain and suffering.