14 January 2010

Rest week

I've ridden once this week and don't feel at all guilty about it! As I wrote last week, I had a slip-up and fell over last Friday, whacking my knee on the bars. Well, after pushing hard on the turbo over the weekend, my knee and Vastus Medialis were swollen and VERY sore, so I chose to go easy this week. And in this case, easy means only riding once so far...for 90 minutes. I'll ride tomorrow and over the weekend, so I'll still end up with 4 days, but the plan is not to make any sort of efforts. I'm good at sticking to those sort of plans!
I may even dig the Ridley out of the ManHole(tm) tomorrow!

Velosnooze did an article about the Mavic factory in France. They skipped an entire topic in the article...why do Mavic products suck so bad lately? I mean, pretty much everyone in town (or the World!) has broken spokes on their Ksyriums, and Mavic even recalled R-Sys wheels. I really feel bad for Garmin this year, as they switched from Zipp to Mavic. I'm betting Millar didn't negotiate the deal. Anyone remember his rear Mavic disc coming apart? Mavic probably gave Mr. Dandy a case of ascots to seal the deal. If I was DZ or the other team leaders, I'd be stocking up on Lightweights, or just strip the decals off the old Zipps and stock up on Mavic stickers!

Oh, and they didn't even mention the battle that was waged between Velonews and Mavic when a front R-Sys exploded in a race while a VN editor was in the middle of a turn. And the wheel in question was a post-recall wheel. A recall can't overcome a poor design...so Mavic blamed VN!
I guess ad revenue is important @ VN these days (rollseyes).

And a final thought...Pat Robertson is possibly the biggest asswipe on the planet...and that's saying something!

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