20 January 2010

TDU Stage 2 highlights

I went out last night for a road ride and it was a bit of an adventure...
First, a 911 Cab rolled up next to me in the neighborhood. I expected some dumbass to start jawing at me about riding on the road, or some other jibberish. The trigger was cocked on my F YOU gun. Thankfully, it was my old friend, former hammer and current legal counsel, Rob Ransom. We yapped for a while rolling through the hood. He took off and I caught him at the light. I tried to pace him. I say tried simply because there is NO draft behind a Porsche 911 Cab!
Once out in the Fort, I settled down into what I thought was a nice, SST pace. Well, I'll admit I'm a big pussy when it comes to the dark. Didn't like it when I was little, don't like it now as I'm tipping 40! Once I got to the end of Dixie and made the turn onto Wildcat, I saw little, red, beady eyes standing in the middle of the road, about 100m ahead of me. Don't know the eyes belonged to and wasn't hanging around to find out. Might have been a dog, a coyote or a chupacabra...who knows...I hit the GAS! I, literally, went as hard as I could all the way back to Hilton Field. It amounted to a 15 minute effort at, or above, threshold. I can say, with some degree of certainty, that I was blue-dotting and over-riding the light. My crazy, little kid imagination, and the thought of some mutant, Army experiment chasing me was all the motivation I needed! Once back into the relative civilization of the middle part of the base, I throttled back to SST and did the beer loop. I ended with right @ 2 hours in the dark, one really good effort and somehow lost a waterbottle...weird.
This morning, I got on the bike and had NO legs. I guess I went harder than I thought last night. I did a nice 90 minute spin out through West Columbia, trying to push the garbage out of my legs. It really didn't work! I'm stiff, sore and dehydrated today. Instead of relaxing once I got home, I went out and raked the front yard....for an hour! Cross-training bitches! At least it looks like respectable people live here again!

The H.O. is taking off tomorrow and Friday to get the house ready for her sister's baby shower on Saturday. Nothing like cleaning up and cooking for a bunch of people who won't appreciate it. I have a few projects to complete before Saturday as well, so it'll give me time. I'm clearing the fuck out on Saturday. A long ride, regardless of weather, and then I'm going to channel my inner redneck and take #1 MT to the Monster Truck show @ 2pm. It should be an exciting day...

Saturday...9am at the gate. Sunday, don't know, but guessing 9am @ OSB for Il Prof's ride.


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