17 January 2010

A quiet weekend...kinda...

The MTs were out @ the spa this weekend, so it was relatively quiet and subdued around here. If I could have gotten rid of the H.O., it would have truly wonderous. She's in 'project mode', which is fine and well...if she would stick to a project start to finish. Things get started around here, reach about 75% completion and then another project kicks off.
This weekend's main project was re-finishing the floors. My participation was not required, so I bailed the F out yesterday. Of course, being gone longer than management expects sometimes brings negative consequences, seeing as the H.O. said that I had things to do....
A bunch of us met @ the Fort at 9. Once we got out, Mrs. Kaiser, NGS and I split off to go a bit shorter. We ended with a nice 2:30 on the bike.
Following my little spin, I tackled the boxes of furniture that somehow made their way from India to our house. I just don't know how it happens! Anyway, I retired to the ManHole(tm) and built two of the heaviest mahogany end tables know to man. One would think that these things were made of some exotic material that was somehow differently affected by gravity. The box said the gross weight was 20kg, which is 45 pounds in old money. I think the stated weight was slightly pessimistic! These tables were followed by a couple of bar stools whose materials were obviously culled from the same off-planet mine.
I spent a solid two hours doing hard labor. It should count as cross-training!
The lovely scent of polyurethane is now permeating the house. I was awoken at 0430 with a blistering headache because of it.
It was raining pretty good this morning, but I needed fresh, clean air, so I saddled up and went out on the road. I knew that the off and on rain, the wet road and the winds would knock down the plans to ride @ 2, so I just went solo.
I made the smart play and headed southwest, into the teeth of the wind. I got to Gaston, refilled the bottle and turned for home...in the rain. Fortunately, it was warm and the tailwind was RIPPING! Little effort was required to stay well above 40kmh for the entire trip home. It was glorious! Two more hours on the bike this morning were followed by an hour of cleaning the thing!
I wish I could do the Bond, ML(tha)King, day-off-for-no-good-reason ride tomorrow, but the H.O. works for a subsidiary of Southern Farm Bureau, thus, I'm am working too! Hope you guys have fun rolling around in the 65 degree sunshine...dicks! ;)

2010 TDU starts this weeks. Here's TeamSky and Hendy kicking everyone's ass in the prelude. Watch for Lance in the break...he's wearing WHITE shoes...gonna be a weird year!

Hope everyone had a good weekend...Peace!

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