01 February 2010


After a trip that would make most frequent flyers blush, the new Diadora ProTrail Carbon shoes arrived at la casa this morning. So fresh...so clean...and they fit exactly like the Pro Carbon road shoes that I love so much. Now to set the badboys up...new cleats and new plates are waiting in the ManHole(tm). A review will follow later...

I channeled my inner-MDro yesterday and went outside for a ride in the cold. It was 29 when I left and 34 when I rolled in 1:45 later. The only thing that was at all cold were my feet, and I was wearing two sets of shoecovers. The rest of me was kept warm by Giordana's stellar Roubaix tights and Roubaix jersey. As for gloves, you can take all of the $50+ specialty winter BS gloves from all of the oh-so-Euro manufacturers, and stuff them! The $7 fleece/lined gloves from Kohl's made my hands sweaty...in 30 degrees...

I also mapped out a 45 mile ride that involves copious amounts of dirt. Blythewood/Ridgeway/Winnsboro/Blythewood is the loop. Cross bikes, or bikes with some sort of fat tire are not required, but wouldn't hurt. The skinniest tire I'd consider would be a 28...just sayin'...

Yoga and core work were on the calendar this morning. I need to do the yoga at least once or twice a week...man, it feels good the be nice and stretched out!

Cross Worlds were great yesterday...Stybar went horizon on the field. The course was angry and it took it's anger out on the racers. TJ finished a solid 14th, which is great considering he started in the 40s. The USA put two in the top ten, with Jamie Driscoll finishing 19th...freaking great results!

On the motorsports tip, The Daytona 24 was a freaking snoozefest. Small fields and too many car failures made it a little boring and seem a little jokey. Hell, the 'Porsche' engine that won wasn't even a Porsche Racing flat-6! It was a punched out V8 that was pulled from a Cayenne SUV. How I long for the halcyon days of IMSA GT/GTO/GTU cars, when balls and money ruled the day! Oh, and if you don't know who Derek Bell is, ask somebody!



Mike said...


The last Daytona 24 I went to was in 2000 so much for the DP cars all my friends quite going also.

Made alot of races there started in 1967 to 2000 missed about 6 races over the years miss it not the weather.

Seffner, Fl.

MM said...

The DP cars are just horribly boring to watch and should be a lot more dependable. I know racing at night, anywhere, is dangerous, but the race just seemed very vanilla this year. No rivalries in GT, the small fields and a small crowd kind of hurt the race. I know times are tough, but the France's should make an effort to make the race a LITTLE exciting!
Watching the Lowenbrau 962 or the Group 44 Jags blow through the GTU field at night was magical!
Thanks for the comment Mike!