13 January 2010


That's right, somehow, I've cobbled together 701 posts of this dumb little pill party! I've been accused of running off at the mouth, but in this case, would it be considered running off at the fingers?
Anyway, I'm going to make an effort to be somewhat more entertaining and informative this year. More links, more videos and more pics.
So here we go...

2010 Dutch Cross Championships summary...(subtitle: Don't bitch about the weather here!)

I'm planning a Roubaix-esque ride again for the near future. I realize that people are on training programs, but God forbid that a bike ride should be fun and interesting. I have several loops ranging from 45 miles and 8 sections all the way up to 111 miles and 22 sections. I'll send out an email and post here when the time is nigh.

If anyone knows someone looking for a house, the H.O. and I are about to stick a sign in the yard of ours. It's been totally re-done and will need nothing upon move-in.

I did the HoP last night, just to spin my legs. It was really nice outside. 45 degrees feels balmy after banging around in the low-30s. It's supposed to be 60 tomorrow and Friday...I guess I'll be riding as it's supposed to be shitty again this weekend. It's kind of a rest week anyway...

Tine to go order some Defeet DeCompressor socks...

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