24 January 2010

Weekend and some vids...

Saturday- We had a really good group and a really good ride. Nice steady pace with a few portions requiring some effort, which actually didn't feel too bad considering I've been on the road bike less than a dozen times since Thanksgiving. The weather was supposed to be decent, but we rode in 45 degrees and overcast skies...at least the rain held off.
Sunday- This morning I hadn't planned to ride, but needed to get the hell out of the house, so I kitted up and went out on the cross bike. I had no plan other than to explore a little bit. The first area I wanted to roam in was a complete bust, so I moved on. I rolled through the Hampton neighborhoods and ended up at the Hammond Academy sports practice complex. At first blush, there wasn't much there...and then it was as if the cross Gods shined a light from above and led me to the backside of the facility. What looked like little more than some double track access roads turned out to be the school's cross country practice course...and the absolute PERFECT place to do a cyclocross race. The course is full-on, Euro-style. Big descent, a chippy little climb out, a few slick turns, a short drop into a mudhole and a sand pit. This WILL happen next winter!!!!!! Emails and phone calls are going to be made, strings pulled, juice used, palms greased...whatever!

Here are a couple of vids to keep you occupied:
TDU Stage 6 highlights:

Hoogerheide Cross final lap:

Off day tomorrow...yoga! I rode 5 this week...Peace!

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