29 January 2010

It's Friday...

...you ain't got no job, and you ain't got shit to do!

So I tried to ride last night. I say tried simply because I made it 28 minutes before the back tire on the cross bike decided to evac all of it's air. Fortunately, I was down on the canal trail, so I rode it as far as possible, which turns out was about 600 more meters. I stopped at a bench and started the quick change process. Over the years, through working in shops and riding, I've become quite adept at changing tubes. I had the wheel out and the tire stripped off in about 30 seconds. Upon putting the new tube back into the tire, it quickly became apparent that there was an issue. The brand new, just out of the box, tube that was in my flat kit had a fucking hole in it. QC @ whatever backwater Chinese plant Specialized procures their tubes from is lackluster at best! I wish I'd held onto the damn tube, so I could go down to the shop and demand a replacement!
So as I'm standing there, calling the H.O. for pickup, the entire Harrell's Thursday Night Race ride goes by, completely lined out in a single file paceline...on 29ers...on the river trail...you guys are CORE!
No one so much as slowed down to see if a fellow cyclist was in need of anything. Yeah, sure, I know I'm a prick sometimes, but I ALWAYS check on someone who is stopped on a bike to make sure they're okay. It's just good cycling juju! The cycling Gods will smite them at some point in the future, that I'm sure of!
Anyway, I hiked my happy ass about 2 miles to the ultra-creepy River Drive parking area to wait on my extraction. Walking that distance is uber-stiff, carbon soled MTB shoes is NOT something I would recommend. My feet hurt like a BITCH!
Back on the horse this morning...
90 minutes on the cross bike. Not a bad ride, but didn't have a lot of gas. Just sort of spun around and fought the wind. Figured out the cross course @ Hammond Academy too. Right at 7:30 per lap and spectators will be able to see about 75% of the course! Time to start looking for dates...
Weather looks like a wash out for tomorrow...turbo here I come! The entire corporation was supposed to load up and go to the NC mountains this weekend, but the impending winter storm and the threat of 12"+ of snow made it seems like a poor choice and bad parenting! The way my luck runs, we'd get stuck on I-40 for a couple of days...in my truck!

Oh, and cross Worlds 2013 will be in Louisville! I'm there like stink on a Phish fan! They have three years to learn how to make proper frites!

Gotta jet...peace!

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