10 January 2010

Enough cold already!

Here's the last 20-ish minutes of the Belgian National Cross championship. Nys came from waaay back to pull the leaders in and then just rode away. Card carrying BadAss!
The weather looked pleasant too...

Speaking of, it's been blue cold here for the past several mornings. Sure, it's not Duluth cold, but I'm not taking my thinned blood out in 25 degrees and breezy. Sorry, there's a fine line between hard and stupid. Plus, I can make it a balmy 50 down in the ManHole(tm) in just 90 short minutes with the heat running at full steam...and there's zero wind!
Saturday, I rode the turbo for the last 70km or so of the 08 Ronde. Nothing special as my knee was STIFF, but I tried to stay @ 80-85%.
This morning, it was 22 outside, so it was into the cave again for another go round with the turbo. The media was the last 50km of the 08 Fleche. I felt a bit better today, so I actually wore the HRM. 60' @ 90-ish% will, in fact, make the room you are in VERY warm. About 20 minutes in, I had a bad patch...weird, but rode through it and felt better after. You know you went hard when the sweat causes the dried mud on the bike to re-liquify and drip off.

Oooh, looky, it's nap time! Peace!

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