06 January 2010

A few things...

Thanks to everyone for the kind words about losing my dog. It isn't something that I really want to go through again anytime soon.

From the World of the pro-dog, Team Sky presented the other day. Pretty first class operation!
The kits are simple and clean...very old school Euro. The bikes, well, they're Pinarello Dogmas, so it's sort of hard to go wrong. And the team cars, Jaguar Estates...cool!
Sure, I'm a Lance homer, but this set-up makes 'The Shack' kits and bikes look like crap. Then again, they are riding Treks, so there you go...only so many ribbons you can put on a pig!

I found this pic of Boonen on Pez...in the Belge champ kit, riding a Merckx! WTF? Could it get any more Belgian? That should be framed, hung over the fireplace and admired while sipping a Chimay!

I'm waiting on the spring campaign like a gay kid waits on the Miss America Pageant!

As far as riding goes, I've been on the trainer twice since Saturday's big fun. Sunday I just spun out some stiffness for an hour.
Last night, I rode @ SST for 60 minutes and it didn't suck...weird! This morning, I did an hour of yoga and then some core work. That was followed up by the HoP+ loop tonight in the dark. It really wasn't all that cold. My little piggies were chilly, but that was it. I gotta figure out some better shoecovers that will fit over MTB shoes. Plus, I'll need to protect my new white Diadoras that are in transit. :)

Not much left in the tank, so I'm out! Peace!

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