17 April 2017

Ride, or fish?

Junior Management was on Spring Break last week, so it was a bit random around here.
I rode Tuesday night. It was fun...until it wasn't. It was slow, so the group was BIG...and squirrely. Once on Gator, CC and I sat up, and rode in together.
Evidently, there was a crash. Hope everyone came out okay, but it's not too surprising. Too much speed, and not enough skill. Nowhere is it written that you must rush to the front when the ride slows.
Stay in line. Watch and listen. Learn how to ride in a pack. Some of us have been doing this for decades, not months...
Some of the speed > skill bunch got to see what fast actually was on Thursday night. The groups got mixed up, and false pride got a bunch of people popped off. By the time we got past Amazon, the group was already down to 8.
Did I mention I was on the CX bike? Knobbies @ 55psi and a 46 chainring? LOLZ.
I bid the group adieu, and headed in on the dirt. I could see the remnants of the bunch...spread out in 1s and 2s all the way down 12th.
It was damn nice out on the dirt. It's in good shape. Pretty fast too.

Corpo got up Friday, and headed to the farm. A little work was done....
...then we decided to drown some crickets...
The body count was 2 smallmouth bass (one flopped out of the bucket & escaped), and a half dozen bream.
JM had a good time. In all of the baiting hooks, taking fish off hooks, and cleaning fish, I didn't eat/drink much.
The plan was to ride Saturday morning, but that quickly got shot in the ass. I woke up at the crack of 9:30, and felt like I'd spent the previous evening face down on the bar. Feeling that poorly was one of the reasons I stopped drinking 16 years ago. Fuck...it was bad.
I drank a lot of water and Skratch, and ate everything that wasn't tied down.
Woke up Sunday, and still felt puny, but I knew I was hydrated and well fed, so I headed to meet The Heathens for Easter Sunday service.
We headed out to Kingville & back. As usual, service at The Church of The Big Ring was good stuff. Good group. Much conversation. Many laughs.
Plus, it was a brilliant day. 65 at the start. 80 at the end. Can't ask for better...except for MAYBE a moment of respite from the wind?
Sunday's reading was from the Gospel of Eddy. Book 53, Chapter 11, verse 110.64
"And so the wind will swirl, tailwinds be not at your back. Thus you shall become like the bull...robust and powerful."

And we end today on a sad note. Friend to many, friend to Columbia cycling, and my friend for 20+ years, Jim Leventis died suddenly last week. He was way too young to go. He was laid to rest today.
If you knew JL, and called him friend, you're better for it. I know I am.
Rest well my friend.

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