10 April 2017

Not much...and you?

I took last week as an active rest week. Feeling tired and dinged up after a couple of big months.
Rode the CX bike on Tuesday. As usual, my frequently concussed brain forgot that it poured rain on Monday.
Yeah...this was clean when I left Service Course. I are smurt!
Still got a solid two hours. Felt better as the ride progressed, so there's that...
Didn't look at a bike for the rest of the week.
CC, TVH and I did a little CX ride on Saturday morning. It was quite enjoyable. Much fun was had. I think TVH even had fun. His bike got dirty, and he learned that one must keep momentum in the soft stuff lest one falls over.
Full on Arte Johnson-style...
Fortunately, the sand was very soft, and he's pretty close to the ground.
He even got his new CX bike dirty!!
Sunday, The Heathens were but two. I had to be home at a decent time for family stuff, so we did the Tues/Thurs. loop.
That got me home in time to go to the Fireflies game. The Duke got to go out on the field pre-game. He was chuffed.
We got to watch Jesus  Tebow hit a homerun too.
As an aside, you folks that call yourself Fireflies/baseball fans should cheer for EVERY player on the team as hard as you cheer for Tebow. Remember...Tebow is a millionaire. The other guys make @ $400 a week. Tebow is living in a $3000/mo. rental house. The other guys are bunking up 3 & 4 to an apartment.
They deserve your adoration a bit more.

Funny stuff :

I've seen this very scenario before...

Sexy aero things...

I'll take both. My birthday is in two weeks. That gives you time...

Roubaix was yesterday. I did not watch...YET. I know who won, but not how...SO SHUT UP!!

And Boom Boom called it a career...
Merci Tommeke! #Legend

Spring Break for Junior Management this week, so my plan is to appear at the group rides. We all know what happens when one makes plans....
Hopefully see you guys there.

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