13 May 2011

WTF Google?

I guess the roundheads at Google finally got their shit figured out, after two days of Blogger being down...
Last night on The Fort, we got stopped by some random, pseudo-power hungry full bird Colonel. He explained to us that there were 'new rules' in effect for cyclists on the base. He stated that cyclists were to ride single file EVERYWHERE on Fort Jackson now. Il Prof and I asked when the rules changed, and Colonel Powertrip said new traffic rules went into effect when the new base commander took over.
Short story long?
Colonel Douchebag was 100% incorrect. I looked up rules for cyclists last night, and the old rules are still in effect. These rules were put into place in 2004, and remain as such. Thinking that I couldn't necessarily trust Google, and in an effort to do my due diligence, I called the MWR office @ HQ on Ft. Jackson this morning. I asked if the rules for cyclists had changed. The VERY nice Sergeant I talked to stated that nothing has changed. Thank you very much Sergeant, for the info, your service to this country!
You want even more info? After perusing the pages of US Military Code, I found out that traffic Laws on low/medium/moderate security posts, like Ft. Jackson, must follow the traffic Laws of the State in which they are located. Additional rules MAY be added in sensitive areas, but the Laws of each State take precedence.
So to that Prius-driving DB of an Officer who decided to TRY to throw his weight around last night, I say _________________________! (Fill in the blank with what YOU think I would say...)
Hell, there are articles written in the Ft. Jackson (on post) newspaper that call the base 'a great place to train', and show the Deputy base commander with guys from the Wounded Warrior/Ride to Recovery program.
End Rant./

Giro Stage 7

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