10 May 2011

Stage 4 finish...tribute to WW

Much respect to the Giro, the riders, the Tifosi and to Trek-Leopard today! If the above video doesn't move you, even a little, then you have a lump of charcoal residing in your chest!

As an aside, I'm going to inject my personal opinion here...

These guys are gladiators, plain and simple. They put themselves, mind and body, through more punishment and suffering than should be allowed. If you made a normal human being do what they do on a daily basis, it would violate the Geneva Convention.
Sports 'experts' can thump their collective chest about how tough other athletes may be, but pro cyclists lay it out there EVERY time they throw a leg over the top tube.
When is the last time you did something that was as inherently dangerous as riding a bicycle, at high speed, and did it while ostensibly naked?

Doping, race radios, the UCI...it all goes away on days like the last two. Cycling is a sport of history, beauty, speed, finesse, violence, panache, pain, and sometimes even sadness. This is the reason that those who partake are drawn to it, for better or worse. It fills voids on every emotional level. Watching the end of today's stage was simultaneously heart-wrenching and uplifting...

Don't stop riding, as that would mean that the fear has taken hold of you, and won the battle! Ride your bike, love your family, be good to your friends, and enjoy the time on Earth that you were given!

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