18 May 2011

Stage 11

Great finish!

I haven't watched it yet (TiVo), but Horner blew UP the ToC today! 40 years old, clean, and showing how it's done! Yet, for some odd reason, he says he's still working for the angry, bald midget. I don't get it. Last year or so of your career Chris...grab it by the balls! Screw Levi. He can only follow wheels, and just doesn't have the balls to attack. He's proven this over and over...for years.

If you follow me on the Twitter, I had an interesting, if not odd and completely random, exchange with Vaughters last night. That guy has some serious issues to work through, especially when one takes into consideration the fact that he's in charge of one of the biggest cycling teams on the planet! RW had a similar exchange two nights ago, except Vaughters went full retard on him. I won't go into specifics, but believe me when I tell you that JV's responses to RW where off the chart arrogant. Crazazy...

Last night, the TNWC kind of went off. The skies were DARK and ominous to the West. The 9 who bothered to show up warmed up, did the neutral lap, and then started. A few GIANT drops fell and I decided I wasn't excited about riding around in the circles in a thunderstorm. Chad joined me, and we bailed for home. As soon as we rode under I-77, lightning flashed. We rolled home quickly, with the storm following us like a feral dog. 5 minutes after I rolled into the yard, the sky went all Wizard of Oz, and all hell broke loose.
RW, DerKaiser, GW, and Flamingo stayed out and rode in the maelstrom. Good on you mates!

I missed a solid hour of riding last night, so I made up for it this morning with 2 good hours on the CX bike. The Salsa got the call today, for the first time in months. Discoveries of some good trails were made. Big fun!


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