20 May 2011

Stage 12

Cav wins again, takes his ball, and goes home...

And by now, I'm sure everyone and his brother has seen this 60 Minutes interview with 2-time loser Tyler Hamilton. Yeah, like any of this is actual news. A jilted and jaded doper, who has been suspended for 8 years, with is a de-facto lifetime ban, making claims against Lance. Now, I have ZERO belief that LA won while racing 100% clean, but (and that's a Kardashian-sized but), he has been tested 500+ times in 20+ years of racing and never failed. Was LA clean? Probably not. Did he have his 'program' figured out? Looks like it. Did he work harder than everyone else ON the bike? Definitely!
None of the claims are new, nor are they surprising from ole TyTy. The guy is dead-ass broke, and reports are already circulating that he accepted nearly 7 figures for the interview. Yeah, that makes you even MORE believable Ty! Just when you Hamilton seemed to be coming out of the rabbit-hole, this surfaces. It's almost like he was sitting around and said, "People are starting to like me again...I don't want that! Where's the "How to be a Douchebag handbook?"

Let's be serious for a moment. Hamilton and Landis sell. People want to hear this shit. The problem? Both of them would make HORRIBLE witnesses under oath. In a Court of Law, Armstrong's lawyers would crucify both of them on the stand. Both admitted dopers, who are banned from the sport, and both with obvious mental health issues. Almost as good as jilted lovers...
The other problem? The Court of Public Opinion usually doesn't require actual facts, just accusations and name-calling.

I don't care if LA doped. ALL of the top riders from that period were on the AvGas, period! It was the environment of the sport.
Cycling in the U.S. of A is where it is today because Lance performed in Europe. This sport is built on the backs of giants. Stop trying to tear it down!
Funny part? All of the internet knobs who are crying for LA's head on a stake were sitting in front of their TVs in 2001, screaming at the top of their lungs for Lance to break everyone's legs. Selective amnesia is a MFer, ain't it!


Junk said...

Cav is a fat bastard. I have no idea how he drags his bike and his overweight self over the line with that kind of speed. Or at least that's what I hear.

MM said...

Hey, ease up on us fatties! Remember, fat and fast share 75% content!

Junk said...

Too bad for Friere at ToC. Woulda, coulda, shoulda been nice to see him pull it off solo.