16 May 2011

Guess I spoke too soon...

Stage 9

God, I dislike that fucking guy!

First stage of the Tour of Cali was canceled yesterday due to inclement weather. I'm no meteorologist, but common sense would dictate that there would be a chance of snow, in May, @ 9000+ feet elevation. Hell, years ago, we hiked to the snow line in Breckenridge in July!

There was talk of the Donner Pass, and the racers agreed that if they got stranded, they would eat Liquigas, since everyone likes Italian. The Spanish riders were spared because of the threat of failed drug tests for Clenbuterol.

Good ride yesterday morning. It was a bit breezy, but a 70 degree, low humidity morning shouldn't be wasted. Same loop as Saturday, only on purpose this time.
Wildlife count-
Baby pond slider turtle- 1 (saved him crossing the road. That's 3 in 3 weeks!)
Rat snake- 1 (6-7' long and sort of angry at being run over by a CX bike!)
Rabbit- 1 (dude was fast!)
Hog- 0 (didn't see the hog itself, but the tracks were fresh and NOT small!)
College Girls on walk of shame- 2

Have a good Monday!

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