08 May 2011

Giro Stage 2 (or Petacchi shows how to sprint)

I've come 180 degrees on this one. When I watched the stage this morning, I thought Cav had been wronged in some cosmic way, but now that I've seen it several times, and read other opinions, my view has changed.
Cav started to late, and Ale-Jet taught a master class in Euro-Dog bunch sprinting. He got the clean air and slammed the fucking door! Class dismissed!
Sure, Cav was/is pissed, but he's aiming his ire at the UCI officials in Italy. Time for a geography lesson Mark.
You're racing IN Italy. Petacchi IS Italian and universally loved by the tifosi. Ergo, he's gonna get the call. The ONLY way a relegation would have happened is if Ale-Jet would have ejected from the cockpit of his Wilier and tackled you off the bike at 70kmh.
We can all agree that the UCI is stupid, but they aren't suicidal!

Good ride Saturday with Corbett and the Kaisers. Beautiful morning thru LR. We did the old Thursday Bunky's loop and it had been the first time out that way in a great while for all of us. It's a great loop, and we should ride it once in a while on Thursday nights.

No ride this morning. Got up and cooked brekkie for the H.O. Happy Momma's Day! She's a good wife, and a great mother! A nice family walk at the river followed. Can't do much better...

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