31 March 2010


If you read last week's race report, you'd have the general framework of what happened last night.
4 got away again and stayed out, until the last lap. The chase group stayed together and actually brought the break back on the last lap...well, except for RW and GW. They diced it out for the win with GW taking it by a tire. 2 in a row! I guess doing intervals @ 0530 makes you strong! Who knew?

I had to jump out @ 10 minutes for an "I'm a dumbass" mechanical. I changed wheels right before I left the house, and in my haste, I obviously didn't tighten the rear skewer enough. Once properly torqued to resist my massive power, it stayed put until the end.
I actually felt okay last night. The back and legs are getting better. I really didn't feel any sort of cramp or pain until 41 minutes. It wasn't enough to stop, so I guess getting Renick'd and doing McKenzie every night is helping. My fitness has taken a hit though. Sitting in and hiding isn't an issue, but taking longs pulls just isn't in the cards right now. Sick 2x and hurt since the end of January doesn't exactly breed speed of any kind!

I have Friday off and am planning to do a 3-ish hour ride...if anyone would like to join me.

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