17 March 2010


I felt like crap all afternoon and it came to crescendo once I got on the bike. I made it to the crit course, rode 5 warmup laps and decided that the urge to vomit at home was stronger than my urge to vomit on the crit course.
I asked RW if he could keep time, and he obliged...(thanks man!)
The ride home was a slow, nausea/vomit filled affair. It usually takes @ 15 minutes to get to/from the course. It took me 35 minutes last night.
I came home...got sick...too a cold shower...got sick...went to bed...got sick...anyone see a pattern here? I don't know if it was bad food or a little bug, but it was equivalent to getting a cleanse.
Thankfully, the fluid loss has stopped, but I am just wrecked. I'm stiff and sore, my head hurts and I'm so sleepy that typing this is a struggle. I can say with some certainty that I probably won't ride until at least Friday morning. Upside? I've lost 4 pounds since lunchtime yesterday!
Now, on to the show...
The group was small last night...15-20 guys, which is odd for the first TNCWC of the year. From what has made it's way to me, the bunch spent most of the night chasing on person around. And I can say that I agree with RW's take on tactics at the TNCWC. Go and ride as hard as you can. If you have to chase your 'teammate', chase him. It's a practice race for Pete's sake.
I will say that I was guilty of it last year, but I've seen the error of my ways. If I can chase, I will...
Hopefully, turnout will be bigger next week. The TNCWC needs to be big and continue on as it's the only ride in town that truly transcends all of the fractured little groups that have developed.
This is my hope...

How the F did Cav's wheel completely come out of the fork?

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