10 March 2010

Back to Portland weather

After a few glorious days of warm sunshine, this morning crept up with grey skies, a breeze and spotty rain. The real rain is on the way...according to The Weather Channel. If Stephanie Abrams says it's gonna rain, I'll believe it, 'cause she's HOT!
Anyway, I have consulted with Dr. JB and his PhD physical therapist wife, the lovely Dr. BB, and was given some advice for my back that seems to be working. Dr. BB suggested a regimen of back exercises called 'The McKenzie Protocol'. I've done the routine twice and it actually has taken a bit of the discomfort away. I've also mixed in some leg and hip flexor stretches from the Williams Plan.
I rode last night and felt quite good on the bike. No issues with pushing hard, but I could feel a little pulling in my back, so no all out efforts were attempted. Same thing this morning...
We'll try this and see how it works out. If everything goes to shit, I'll make the trek to Emory and see Emily's neurosurgeon.
Brown Santa is supposed to deliver the new arrow for the quiver today...waiting with baited breath. Il Prof's Colnago is getting is makeover tonight. No dumb handlebar tape this time...just white Lizard Skins DSP.

Don't forget....
Blythewood RR Saturday
Forest Acres Crit Sunday
TNCWC starts next Tuesday (16th) @ 6:30
-We'll adjust times, both race and start, if necessary.

I'll be out at the course in the next couple of days to clean....

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