15 March 2010

No rides

Never threw a leg over the top tube last weekend, and you know what? I really didn't care.
Saturday morning, I was up early and headed to Blythewood for the road/circuit race. The dirt section was removed (bah!), but the weather conditions were such that the dirt really wasn't needed. It was 55 degrees, but the wind was HOWLING. 10km laps with 2 nice little kicker climbs and a bloc headwind on the finish stretch made it a race for the hardmen.
Fortunately, I was warm and secure in the follow truck, which was actually more fun that it sounds. You get to actually see the races develop and change. 2 of the 3 races I followed were shattered quickly after the start. The juniors blew apart on the first lap and some skinny, unassuming 15 year old soloed for the win. The 35+ field made it to the second lap before shattering and blowing apart. It finished in FOUR separate groups. Brutal! Team OSB did well with a 4th (JC) and a 6th (LL).
The 4s stayed together, but the cream rose to the top @ halfway. A group of almost 50 started...15 finished in the front group. GW took a flyer @ 1500m to go and was caught @ 250m, but still finished in the top 10.
Sunday, the H.O., MTs and I loaded up and went over to watch the 35+ crit in Forest Acres. A smaller field was there, but the horsepower was serious. RW attacked on lap 2, and the race was on. The break changed shape a couple of laps later and ended up being 7 guys...and then the shit hit the fan. John Patterson took a flyer and soloed away for the win. If you don't know who he is, Google him. And did I mentioned he also won the 45+ race that was immediately prior to the 35+ race? Yeah, he's a card carrying Certified Badass! JC and LL repeated their finishes from Saturday with RW bringing home 8th. Another good show!
We bailed shortly thereafter...two days of cold and wind were enough for me.
Tom Sunday promoted both races and did a great job. Good attendance and relatively good weather made for a nice weekend of racing.

On another riding tip, #1 MT rode his 'big boy bike' for the first time. I gave him a push, and he was gone! He never rode a day w/training wheels!


Kimi said...

bet you got your fill of driving around in circles for a while!!...

MM said...

I ran over a giant nail on Saturday too! Got a freaking flat tire!