12 March 2010

Single parenting

So the H.O. has been gone since yesterday for some bullshit meeting that her company seems to do once a quarter. They always go to Myrtle Beach, and MB for me is akin to going to WalMart, so I stay here. Plus, it just creates havoc for me and the MTs. It uproots them from their schedules and does nothing but change the location of my responsibilities to them. It's easier to just stay home where everything is located, rather than chase around crap in MB, and get zero sleep in some 'luxury resort'.
I had shit to do anyway. Il Prof's Colnago is finished. A bunch of new parts and an overhaul. If you know the Professor, you have been regaled with the stories of his borderline caustic sweat (he actually sweat THROUGH a DeBernardi steel frame!). Taking parts off his bike takes more care and time than diffusing a bomb. It's actually more like a SuperFund cleanup. I wore coveralls and latex gloves, if that tells you anything. There are places on his Colnago CLX that his sweat has undermined the clearcoat and has caused it to bubble. The amount of dried sweat/salt under his bar tape was epic. I probably should have been wearing some sort of protective mask. Maybe this would have done the job.
Anyway, it's done.
After the lovely sunset last night, I awoke early this fine morning, expecting a pleasant day. The temps were lovely, but the grey sky is becoming downright depressing! Once again, I climbed aboard the Salsa and headed out for a wet and dirty ride. Instead of the usual HoP, I turned down a road that I'd spied several times before, just because...
Well, it went nowhere and was sloppy red clay mud...great...
Once I'd doubled back, I got back on the normal HoP loop. It was very wet on the dirt sections this morning...VERY wet! My new Diadora ProCarbon shoes are now slightly less white. And the Salsa is slightly more orange and brown.
On the ride, some dim-witted douche decided to crowd me. I whistled, he flew the bird and called me female lady parts. I was about a block back when I saw him turn into a parking lot...so I followed. He was considerably less aggressive once out of his douche-grey Taurus. I offered to place the aforementioned Diadora shoe within the confines of his buttocks, but he declined. Who's the female lady part now?
Overall, I had a good ride. You know it's good when you come home with tan lines or dirt lines.
Mine were the latter today!

See you guys at the race tomorrow...

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