05 March 2010

12 off/2 on

So after 12 days off the bike, most of it with a haggard head/chest cold, I've ridden 2x in the past 24 hours. The action of it is just weird. I think I lost a little bit and still think I have some residual sickness. Long rides tomorrow and Sunday will either sort me out, or I'll be under the bed next week!

Spring is definitely on the way though. On the loop this morning, I chased a half dozen deer down the trail for about 600 meters. Kind of cool...other than the powers that be closed the pass through gate, so the poor animals just ran headlong into the 8 foot fence, more than once. I finally turned around and herded them back up the trail and out into the green spaces off of Old State Road.

Ride tomorrow @ 9 from the gate, and 9 @ OSB on Sunday.

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