21 March 2010

MSR 2010

Friere showed Booen and Petacchi CLEAN wheels. It really wasn't even close. Those rainbow stripes on his sleeves aren't just for decoration!

Good ride yesterday. Steady 75km with the bunch. Felt surprisingly okay. Legs were fine, lungs were okay and my back, even though it was a crooked as a dog's hind leg, didn't protest.

I switched out the saddle again though. The old Flite that I'd gone back to was bent and twist, thus forcing my hips and back into an un-natural position. I also put a little effort into the seatmast, in an effort to make sure the original cut was square and level. Unfortunately, in my haste to build it, my cut was NOT even. One side was about 2-3 mm higher than the other. I put the cutting guide back on and hit it with the sander...it's even now!

I'm feeling a bit empty today. A few days of stomach virus will do that to you. I may go ride anyway. Nothing wrong with just rolling around for a couple of hours. It beats sitting on the couch.


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