26 March 2010

It's Friday...finally...

Has it been a long week for anyone else?
On the upside, my back seems to be coming around, thanks to Dr. Renick....and the McKenzie Protocol exercises suggested to me by Drs. JB and BB.
I was considerably more comfortable on the bike this morning. Of course, part of the comfort was due to the demo Fizik Arione saddle that I'm riding. I felt pretty good, and seemed to fit my anatomy well. Of course, I only did a 90 minute spin this morning, so we'll see how I feel after 3+ hours tomorrow.


Taylor Phinney wins GOLD in WC Pursuit

(Sorry for the bad edit and annoying music...it's all I could fine for now. If I find the whole race, I'll post it.)

Sarah Hammer smashes the field in the Women's Pursuit!

That's all for today...Peace!

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