20 March 2017

Back on the horse

After a couple weeks of relative inactivity...3 days a week...I remounted the horse(s) last week.
I even rode the turbo...WHAAAAT?
Tuesday was a shit morning, and being wet and cold didn't hold much romance, so I rode in Service Course for an hour. Once again, it showed me that I cannot live at any Latitude further North than the one at which we currently reside.
No way in Hell I could ride inside all Winter. I'd be homicidal.
Anyway, after an hour at tempo, some good sweat, and a viewing of 'Road to Roubaix', I climbing off. Of course, as it happens, by the time I got out of the shower, the Sun was out. Whatevs....
Thursday was a CX ride. It was cold. 28F cold. The waterholes on the dirt were frozen. No pictures were taken as I really didn't want to take off my giant gloves. No matter. 2 hours in the book.
Friday was a "not as cold" ride. Plus, the sun was out, and it got warm pretty quickly. Another two hours with a ramping up of effort.
Saturday morning was junk. Dark. Cold. Rain. I went out anyway. Hey...I'll RIDE in the rain, but I won't LEAVE in the rain. Wasn't raining when I left. Got a solid hour before it started.
Once it did start, I had two choices. One was to turn for SC. The other was the finish the loop. Wet either way. Bike dirty either way. Fuck it. Finish the loop.
50 degree rain is fun...sort of.
Same story as Tuesday. Out of the shower. Sun out. Oh well...
Went down Beckham Swamp. Spooky ass road.
Good Heathen ride Sunday. CRAZY wind out in the country. Felt reasonably okay, considering it was the 4th day in a row on the bike. We struggled home together, and got a good 3 hours.
I'm tired today. Legs and back are toast. Legs from riding. Back from TVH trying to knock me off at a light. Only my catlike reflexes kept me from hitting the ground. No harm, no foul.
 Speaking of, he goes pretty well for an old guy. :)
Obligatory product placement shot. Diadora. TwinSix. Ridley. Williams. Vittoria. Stuff that just works.

Stuff :
 McGovern bike from NAHBS. Handbuilt carbon. ALL handbuilt! No pre-made lugs, nor tubes.
 Sagan, Kwiatkowski and Alaphillipe bike throw from MSR. Take a look at Sagan's chain...
Shut. Up. And. Take. My. Money.


Yeah...Peto didn't win, but in a post-race interview, he went all Maximus from "Gladiator".
He said something to the effect of, "...it's not always important to win. It's important to put on a show..."

Okay...get to work...
I need to do the same.

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