02 March 2015

One week...

Just one short week until time changes. Now if the weather would just cooperate...please...I'm getting tired of these big swings, and ripping headaches...

Secure in the knowledge that Sunday would be a wash, we met Saturday morning, and did a big, seemingly backwards loop through LR. I didn't really notice it until Dean said something, but the loop we ended up doing was basically a reverse of what the old loops used to be, years ago. The point was also made that there was little wonder as to why the rides were so bloody fast back then. They were mostly downhill!
We also knocked down a couple of roads that we, literally, hadn't been on in years. Roads that are favorites...and need to be ridden more.
The ride had a bit of everything. Sun, wind, dirt, mini-horses, and ended with a relatively sharp effort.
 Love this section. We even had...gasp...a tailwind for a moment.
 This section was pretty good. There was one soft spot, but easily manageable.
See? Mini-horses! Did you think I was kidding?

Sunday, I didn't even bother to wake up. Well, I woke up, but later then usual.
KBK was on the intarwebs, so most of my morning was spent watching a pirate feed of the race...on the 50" Samsung. The whole WiFi TV thing is so cool.

Speaking of...here are some quick videos of Het Nieuwsblad and KBK.



And how about Etixx-Quickstep screwing the proverbial pooch @ OHN? 3 on 1? Really? Not taking anything away from Stannard...not even close. He was a beast. Etixx rode like a bunch of locals. Then Lefevre whinged like a big, whiny baby about Stannard not working with his guys. Hey...Pat...it's the job of your guys to get rid of him. You fucked up...not him.
And honestly, they didn't do much better on Sunday. Cav was the odd-on favorite, and the team worked, but there was no leadout. Cav surfed that one to the finish.
I wonder if Lefevre had any issues with Cav sitting on the back, then taking out the win? Hypocrite...
I like Boonen and Stybar, but I have real trouble pulling for Etixx.

And a now I strap the rat-cage to your face...

For Sale:
2014 KindHuman Krest 52cm with a 53.5cm TT. The frame weighs an observed 910gr. Fork is 341gr. The included Ritchey Superlogic post is 132gr. Geometry is HERE.
The frameset is constructed of Torayca T1000 and T700 carbon. BB30. Full metal retail is $1795.

This was ridden for a whopping 8 months. Never raced, abused, nor put on the ground. There's a bit of paint missing from the stay/dropout, as shown, but the the carbon underneath is 100% undamaged.
If you've been to this page more than once, you know I'm a bit of a bike snob. I can honestly say, if this was a 56cm, we wouldn't be having this conversation, as I would have already hung parts on it.
First $850obo takes it home. We can discuss delivery/shipping. Please feel free to ask questions in the comments. I'll get back to you ASAP.
And I spoke to the HMFIC in charge at KindHuman about warranty. While "technically", there wouldn't be one, he said that if there was a problem that was a manufacturing issue, they would work with the new owner on a remedy. Can't really say that about 99.999% of used framesets.
I have a few more photos, and will be glad to take any photos of the frame that one may request.

I also put new shoes on the Ridley yesterday...
Let's face it. Natural sidewalls make any bike look better. If they don't make your bike look better, you bought the wrong bike.

Now...get to work...

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The Southern Warhost said...

The Ridley looks Ridleyculosly hot with those tires.